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Video: North Smithfield, Rhode Island chimney fire extends into house. Evacuation ordered.

Matt Gregoire has been busy. Besides the garage fire yesterday in Burrillville, Rhode Island that we ran earlier on Quick Takes  (click here and scroll down), he was up at 3:00 this morning for a chimney fire on Buxton Street in North Smithfield. In the video you will hear a crew on the second floor trying to get someone to remove windows. Later, the air horns sound. 

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  • Anonymous

    Thank god nobody needed to exit the second floor in a hurry i didnt see any ladders thrown

    • Tim Fitzhume

      I’m pretty sure they are trained to evacuate by sliding down the long pike pole that was being used from the ground level to break the 2nd floor windows. They could have thrown a ground ladder & used it to take out the glass while at the same time providing a secondary means of egress for the folks who were in on the 2nd floor. I just read a bunch of derogatory comments posted on the Nassau, Bahamas fire … sadly, there are way too many areas in our own country that aren’t any better at firefighting.