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Reporter tries out PGFD mayday simulator. Another reason Dave's glad he retired.

More on the PGFD Mobile Mayday Simulator

My friend and former colleague Scott Broom at 9NEWS NOW in Washington, DC bravely let the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department run him through the paces yesterday on the department’s new Mobile Mayday Simulator. Scott did a nice job and gives the public a feel for what this is all about.

I imagine if I was still at the TV station the bosses would have made this my assignment. I would have been hiding and cowering in a corner somewhere refusing to go. Do you realize just how many people in PGFD would have loved to pull the lever with me above a trap door? Oops, sorry Dave. We forgot to put the mattress in this time. There would have been two people leaving the firehouse on stretchers (see the story). Photographer Greg Guise, after he got his laughing under control, would have been forced to take over the reporting role.

Reminds me very much of being invited by the late IAFF Local 1619 president, Ron Milor to the annual MDA softball tournament more than 20-years-ago and being told to bring a bathing suit. I ended up doing a stint in the dunk (notice there is no “r” in that word) tank alongside then fire chief Jim Estepp. Who knew that many firefighters had such good aim after a few beers?

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  • Barney Miller

    At least the paid men will get the training. Better some than none.

  • Anon

    Good point, Barney…is this simulator being offered to the volly companies as well? Seems like that would make sense…?
    (Disclaimer: No affiliation to PGFD whatsoever; just a fan of Statter’s blog…).

  • Anonymous

    Volunteers dont need it….hah!