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Video: Glencoe, Kentucky house fire.

Click the image for the video from Gallatin County News.

This is a house fire from Glencoe in Gallatin County, Kentucky posted yesterday to YouTube. Other than the one firefighter injured that you see on the video, we have no further details.


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  • pete mitchell


  • Anonymous

    Ye hah!!

  • T-Bone

    Damn! It’s hard to believe there are fire departments still operating like this in America.

  • SFC

    LOL Pete.

  • Clark de Bear

    Ironically, it was the one wearing PPE that was injured.

  • Blue


  • Barney Miller

    Simply Magical!

  • kingnothing

    good job washing the siding off


    This is what I live for..Fire Department..Dave, was this episode 5 of Hosed…and nice to see the former Head Coach of the Cowboys making a guest appearance….

  • RESCUE 1

    WTF…. WAS THAT?????!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is one of the biggest jokes of a department I have ever seen

  • doogie45

    I guess modern fire fighting trainning is not in there budget.I hope all of the town managers did not see this video. So the could use this to lower there budget.

  • Jackson85

    You don’t need PPE when you have Tiger Blood!!! WINNING!!!

  • AMY

    You People Amaze Me! How dare you be so critical of this incident… Lets Review

    1) The person on the line was – the wagon driver, layout,officer, and lineman… Not to mention inside command attack group.

    2) Now as it was not to pretty, at least he WENT IN, this was a rather large structure, and the attack group could have been lost, oh, this kid was RIT also!

    3) The person with no gear, who 2 minutes before was driving a school bus, great job, I have been known myself for not have all my PPE…

    this ( BUDS ) is for you GUYS!!! Doin it

    Thats is all, Regards Amy

  • Anonymous

    That boy will be a hero for years.
    The best thing these guys could have done for the homeowner is not showed up.


    The nozzleman was in full PPE and the building was still standing on its own and repairable when they were done. Lot of departments out there can’t say the same on either account for their last fire.

  • Scooter

    At first I really thought this was some kid of prank video. WOW was I wrong. Such little fire and so much water I wonder how it would turn out if there was a little fire showing from one of the windows…. Back the tanker in and open the dump valve???? K

  • Anonymous

    AMY, I am not sure if were watching the same video, but if thats what Ya’ll call a big structure I hope nobody ever goes in. Doin it,PLEASE!!! don’t speak of things you don’t have a clue about.

  • Bob Meyer

    Do the words “Near Miss” come along and worry anyone!

  • Johnny O’Hearn

    ALthough tactics and skill may be somewhat lacking. I will give this guy (and I think its a young guy) credit for full PPE, SCBA use, pulling an 1 3/4″ line instead of a booster, attempting an interior attack until someone (probably the camera man), alerted him to the visible fire on the outside of the building which brought him outside the structure. Give him credit for being the only one fighting the fire at all!! Give the kid credit for making the attempt instead of standing outside the house waiting for a full complement for a 2 in 2 out rule. That might have taken until the building burned to the ground.
    FOr a young guy trying to put out a house fire BY HIMSELF..SINGLE HANDEDLY…he did have some success. Give the guy a little credit. Had he not intervened, it woulda looked like that sprinkler demonstration gone awry in MD where the firefighters self combusted!!

    Everyone is quick to point out what people didn’t do, but never give credit for what was done, maybe not done the best, but its better than nothin!!!
    I’m glad the kid didn’t get hurt and I hope he takes additional training, but he does have 1 part of the total firefighting package….A SET OF BALLS!!!!

  • AMY

    Anonymous says To Amy… (Doin it,PLEASE!!!)Hmmm, let me think, ok little whipper snapper You are a R-Tard. Lets get a few things straight, I am the best f/f that has ever walked. If you were not getting the Joke, then now its on you! I have dripped more yeast infections and put fires out, then u ever will – with a HOSE line…..

    And as, STATED, I don’t know anything about these, these, well, Rednecks, there I said it… But the shed is still standing. Go get em boys…Put another pinch between ur cheek and gums, pull up them pants, I will be ur wing man or woman any day.

    Carry On, AMY

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care about that video. I just wanted to say…..Amy, you’re gross.

  • Anonymous

    I must agree WOW. Its hard to beleive that this type of actions still go on in the US. I’m glad this was just a shed fire. I would hate to see how they fight a real fire. Volunteer or career dosent matter. We are all expected to use best practices. No PPE, No Excuse.

  • ShamrockDriver

    Everyone here seems to forget the one thing that made this possible. I just want to say thanks to the cameraman for not backing up your brother on a line with way too much pressure or for just backing him up. Not telling anyone to lower the hose pressure. Not grabbing a hook and taking the siding off for the kid. Not telling your brother in civies(red shirt) there’s a little bit of fire in the “attic” of this “house”. And last but not least….for being soooooooo dumb. It was posted for everyone to see….dumb.

  • John B

    can take most of this video and just blow it off….till the end.

    Laughing your ass off because you’re being treated for smoke inhalation?

    And we continue to wonder why big brother and safety nazi’s are taking over the fire service.

    Our own worst emeny.

  • R-Tard for AMY

    Sorry, I did kinda miss the joke. I had no idea I was addressing a fire goddess such as yourself. Maybe if you did wear your PPE at the appropriate times you wouldn’t get so many infections!

  • Amy

    R-Tard for AMY says: Yes, u did miss the JOKE – “DUH”, and my infections have nothing to do with my PPE, but all that moisture could be causing a problem. Most of my STD’S, cum from Fireman, or should I say FIREFIGHTERS…Do you want my cell? I am at home tonight, I was hoping to HOOK-UP with the brave soul that saved that SHED…He is having a Miller High Life right now I am sure.

    That is All. Amy

  • Kevin

    Fireman: Chief, this fire isn’t big enough!
    Chief: Hang on, let me get the PPV!

    I was going to start ranting, but then again… it is Kentucky.

  • Blue

    Amy: Seroiusly?

  • Jerome Smiff

    I’m bettin’ that “Amy” is an “Andy”. No girl talks like that!

  • Anonymous

    Well Dave once again you have the worlds greatest firefighters giving their always 100 percent correct opinions on the world of firefighting. Clearly Amy and and this All american firefighting hero fighting over why have no idea what the firefighting brotherhood is all about. Jonny O’Hearn I agree with you, clearly there are somethings that could have been done better. The guy one the should not have had the guy with no PPE in the building hopefully they have learned from this.

    As for Amy and the All American Firefighting God here, you two are clearly award winners, its great to know that we have firefighters like you in the world. Clearly the two of you need to learn some respect. If either of you are in the fire service at all clearly you have yet to learn about the true brotherhood. Which in tails pride respect and dignity. Hopefully some day both you learn what it truely means to be a firefighter. You both are the reason for the black cloud in the fire service big mouth hero’s with zero respect for the fire service. Please do all of us a favor, get the hell out of the fire service.