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Video: Cincinnati Bengal Antwan Odom's home destroyed by fire.

The Mason, Ohio home Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Antwan Odom was destroyed by fire early yesterday morning. The home is in the 4500 block of Raynor Court. Odom and his family were at their Alabama home where they spend the off-season. The fire was reported around 2:40 AM.

From’s Jennifer Baker:

“We are in the process of reaching Antwan to express our concern,” Bengals spokesman Jack Brennan said. “For just an expression of concern it’s OK to contact him. There is no business-related contact with players during lockout, but for a personal matter such as this we are at least able to try to reach him.”

Mason Deputy Fire Chief Craig Bryant said the house is a “total loss.”

Bryant said firefighters remained on the scene Tuesday trying to extinguish hot spots and investigators were there looking into the cause, which has not been determined.

Investigators for the State Fire Marshal will return to the scene of the fire Wednesday. At that time, it is likely that heavy equipment will be used to assist investigators in making a safe entry into the home. It was too dangerous for investigators to get a complete look inside the home Tuesday, said spokesman Shane Cartmill.

According to the Warren County Auditor’s Web site, the four-bedroom home is valued at $1.1 million.

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