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UPDATED – Raw video: Garden hose & extinguisher keep Lake Forest, California house fire in check.

A house fire Monday in Lake Forest, California is tamed by a garden hose and an extinguisher. The description with the video by Kyle Mooney credits Orange County Fire Authority Fire Explorer Jake Kalin with saving the day.

The YouTube version of the video was killed. But LakeForestPatch has the videos below and a more complete story by Spencer Kornhaber

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  • Gerry Baroney

    VIDEO REMOVED BY USER,,,,, Hmmmmm,,,,,something smells fishy here.

  • Mike

    Dave, the video's been taken down by the user.

  • Spencer
  • Fyrecapt

    The fire was not "tamed" by the kids…but by the two adults with the garden hoses. When the first unit arrived, they reported heavy fire from both homes in the attic. The video does not show that part.
    For clarification, the explorers are NOT firefighters. They are kids under 18 being trained to future firefighters.

  • John
  • Scooter

    GOOD JOB! … saved a lot of damage to two houses just by knocking / cooling them down from a safe distance, from what the short video shows.  K

  • mark

    These kidsadults could show Columbus, GA fire dept a couple things.
    Here we have basically citizens extinguishing more fire in less time without gear and a million dollars worth of apparatus than a fully equipped ISO2 dept .