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Raw video: Three fires early Monday in Gary, Indiana.

Edward Malik is back in operation shooting fire videos in Gary, Indiana. Early Monday there was plenty to shoot. He reports three fires in short order. Here is what he wrote:

1st call was for a box alarm at 1700 Polk, reported apartment building fire around 4am. At about 4:30am came the house fire call at 24th and Louisiana and while crews were fighting that fire came 800 East Ridge Road. All were with-in one hour and all were fully involved. I guess those 34 guys that got laid off are not needed. Crews were strapped beyond their means and mutual aid was used. Sad days in Gary Indiana.

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  • Ritt

    Dave – All things considered (your videos for today) give me a beat up Gary engine company any time.

  • oldhead

    I though EVERY day was a sad day in Gary…

  • 7Miller7

    Yeah that "Sad days in Gary Indiana" made me chuckle. It's sucked here since the 1960s!! The only hope for the city is that the city will declare bankruptcy and all the bosses (including the mayor & council) would be fired. Otherwise it will be business as usual with the upcoming election.