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Rescue raw video: Man's legs trapped by dough rolling machine in Washington, DC.

The video above was shot on Wednesday by DC Fire & EMS Department photographer Vito Maggiolo.

From Susan Phillips at

DC Firefighters and EMS personnel responded to an unusual call for help at a Northwest restaurant overnight.

Fire officials say rescue crews responded to Capital Pizza and Subs on 18th Street for a report of a man pinned.  Officials say the victim became trapped by a large dough rolling machine when it fell on one of his legs.

Firefighters were able to extricate the man and EMS transported him to a local hospital for treatment.

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  • news hound

    Well that wasnt worth watching…..and what freakin year model was the cot?? My god.

  • DCFD

    Another retard worried about ems equipment. My God.

    • Ralph

      DCFD…yeah buddy…..LOL….Another youtube battalion chief?

  • God

    You rang?

  • Brokenhearted

    Actually he brings up a great point.  The department likes to tell people on the outside looking in that EMS is a priority, however the membership has not received things like self lifting cots or stair chairs with tank tracks on them because the department is not willing to look our for the health of it's membership because that would be too damned expensive!

  • Me

    Tucking your shirt in is free.  Pride in your job starts with you, looking like a professional.

  • Anonymous

    Now riddle me this there's several comments about some stupid EMS stuff here, but there was a news clip that Dave put up about FIREMEN recovering from a fire where they were severly burned and no ocmments made about that?????? We see where your all's priorities are too. . . .

  • Brian

    Wow all this happened while wearring DCFD on their back. They looked clean and well kept. Oh wait except for the EMS guy who had his shirt untucked and was about 80lbs over wieght. Glad we are changing our history to make 100 members out of over 2000 feel equal even though they are the ones looking like crap.
    Hey Chief you have and EMS only guy breaking the rules ON VIDEO. You gonna discipline him or is it just the FF's that have to play by the rules?
    Oh yeah, how hard would it have been to lift the side gate up for the patient as well there guys.
    Good job DCFD. I can't say the same for the FEMS guys though.

  • You

    being an ASS that’s worried about shirts being tucked in is free too. The fire service is a unique profession. We are there for 24 hours! You have no idea what circumstance’s come up throughout the day. Maybe he just got done working out. I doubt that the people we are helping get through their emergency are concerned with our shirt tales. So stay behind your desk, orginize your paperclips or something! Please just keep your shirt tale comments to yourself and comment on something relevant about the incident.

  • news hound

    Ohh I could give a $**t less about EMS mr DCFD….as a matter of fact I hate it. I have nothing to do with it nor do I want anything to do with it…….just simply making an observation on the antique cot…..and wondering why DC would waste good internet space with this stupid viedo clip??

  • Sick of the BS

    Are we really bickering about this? Some people are not happy unless they find someone to argue with.

  • Anonymous

    Ok enough sarcasim thoughts and vile words. Yes the DC Fire and EMS may/or does need new up to date Basic EMS Equipment. Didnot the DC Fire and EMS Dept recently purchase new ambulances? Ford Chassis on Horton Bodies? These are quality products. EMS is a natural/definitive element of DC Fire and EMS as well other Emergency Service Agencies. Yes the video shows older type cots. The Fire Chief hasnot chosen to recognize this, nor think of EMS as a Priority. The recent tragic Fire where several highly Trained DC Fire and EMS Firefighters were seriously Burned. What would the comments be if EMS wasnot immediately available to provide EMS Care to these Brave Professionals. Suppose these guys went inside which they did, and found an unconscious person? Who would be the primary Health care Emergency Provider/ THe DC Fire and EMS personnel. Whether or not anyone likes EMS or doesnot like EMS it is a Primary Element within DC Fire and EMS Dept. Who among us can truthfully say, the people Transported by DC Fire and EMS would notice nor care whether or not the cots were aging or of the newer up to date equipment. The DCFD has a Time Honored Tradition of Firefighting with a separate EMS Element. Today However times and demographics of the enormous call load by DC Fire and EMS speaks volumes to the need and availability of EMS within DC Fire and EMS. Doesnot evary DC Firefighter must retain and certify in EMT?  Ok people let's not forget the Rosenbaum Tragic Incident. That should have been a wake up call. The IAFF Local 36 should entertain a specific effort and pursue throught the fire Chief and even the Political Authorities that DC Fire and EMS is overdue for an upgrade to continue to serve the People of District of Columbia. Come on people, where are the Priorities?
    Thank You

  • DCFD

    So sensitive. Try Midol.

  • Brokenhearted

    New cots and new chairs are not equipment for patients, they are for the health and welfare of the DCFD members riding the ambulance. Hence why they haven’t purchased anything for the members because they don’t care about us. If the FireChief’s visits to the burn center to visit his guys is any indication(he’s only visited twice for 15 minutes)…

  • Slim

    That’s because he thinks it’s dumb to run into burning buildings!

  • Ralph

    Feel the love here. Old cots….OK, pain in the a$$…Big deal.  Those "self lifting" cots? OK, yeah, I`d love to have them, we may actually be getting them soon. At over $12,000 a pop, and 110 rigs, I`d rather have better/newer/up to date monitors, benefits for employees and a whole other bunch of items before the power cots. But, yeah, I want the toys. Does an old cot really matter when it gets to pt care? Glad I don`t work in that area, they seem pretty hostile towards EMS from the comments here. Somewhere, folks forgot that this pt was STUCK under something heavy. Forgot that DCFD & EMS got this guy out and to me looked pretty much unharmed. Wasted video post?? It showed that even if you can`t stand the "other guys guts", you still work together and get the G-D job done.

  • Anonymous

    If Hookman got in on this one, it would all be Ruben's fault!