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News chopper gets to fiery fatal plane crash first. Watch initial coverage from Miami-Dade County, Florida.

This is WSVN-TV's initial coverage moments after a plane crashed as it took off from Opa-Locka Airport yesterday morning. The plane hit trees and two vehicles and burst into flames as it made a path leading up to a home in Miami Gardens, a community adjacent to the airport. One person, apparently  the pilot, was killed.

The news chopper arrived over the scene before Miami-Dade firefighters pulled up. This coverage shows a combination of live video as the first firefighters go to work and video shot immediately after the crash. It also shows the fire department from the Opa-Locka Airport arriving and foaming down the wreckage. Click here for more coverage from WSVN-TV

Also, Firegeezer was on top of this story shortly after it occurred. Check out Bill's coverage

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  • mark

    Gotta love the cop blocking access for the crash truck, not that that surprises me.
    Should I make a comment about videoing a scene where a victim is still there?

    • dave statter

      Yes Mark. You are correct. The pilot is still there. Good point. But we aren’t likely to hear anything about it unless a police chopper came up and chased them away. Then the photographer would suddenly be a ghoul.