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Video: Citizen wants to know why they break windows when firefighters are already in the apartment.

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  • Paul B

    It goes to show that the average citizen has no idea what these brave men and women do every day. A funny story from Newark NJ. About 12 years ago I was at a job in Newark. Pretty good house fire. I watch as a truck crew walked by the crowd headed towards the house. All the men with the proper tools. One kid about 15 years old turned to his friends and said "here come those Fireman with them breaking sticks". It was very funny to say the least.

  • Fyrecapt

    To make the fire bigger…..DUH!!!

  • Lizard

    Cause you see yo, we like ta break tings, yo…
    Gotta love the accents.  Interesting that those windows had bars on them four stories up.  How about the old school truck work, venting using the stick.  The bosses would have a cow down here if we did that.

  • TP

    "Day jus' throwin' sh!t out da wiiiiindowwww"

  • Truck 1

    Firemen want to know why you aren't at work, yet you have a video camera/cell phone? Merry Christmas from us, the taxpayers.
    Somebody's a ladder operator, put that bitch stick right through the window. That's the way its done.

  • Quickdraw

    The bars aren't security bars to keep people out; they're child safety bars to keep people in.  (I'm guessing this is probably the Bronx.)

  • news hound

    They probably work second shift!!! haahah yeah right.

  • Pat Russell

    The intelligence level of these 2 combined  can not equal much . What kind of lady talks like that ? Wow !!

  • EdG

    In the 70's, I rode on the busiest ladder truck in a major city department.   Because of the condition of many of the houses in our first due area, we didn't hesitate to quickly "open up" with an axe to the windows when there was smoke showing.  However, every once and a while would be a home that was actually owned by the residents and was well maintained.
    The previous shift had axed the windows in an owner owned home for food on a stove job.  Well the batallion chief had our crew go to the dwelling and spend a portion of our shift putting plastic on the windows/securing them – the chief said the crew should have gone in and opened the windows – in this particular case they did work up and down. 
    After that incident, we made sure we quickly checked out the need to axe a window for small fires like food on a stove.  Of course life safety took priority and if any doubt, do what you had to to ventilate the dwelling.

  • Anonymous

    It would seem as usual the average Taxpayer has absolutely no understanding nor concept of what,how,why,whynot,when,who the Firefighters do their job on the scene. The breaking windows serves but one critical purpose. (1) It helps ventilate the Fire/Smoke from inside where a superheated atmosphere is in place. (2) Yes there were Firefighters inside at the time. They were doing the Basics of Search and Rescue to effect a successful extrication of anyone inside. This is especially true and important if there is someone inside who just may be 'Unconscious" (3) While carrying out their search and Rescue efforts they have a charged Hose Line. This allows Firefighters to locate and extinguish the origin and source of the Fire without endangering anyone else including the Firefighters. In doing so this will invariably reduce and/or prevent "May Day May Day Dreaded Call" This situation would be the result of the integrity of the structure from Fire/Fire Spread. Yes the Firefighters broke windows to help the superheated Smoke/Gases from inside. The Taxpayer should stop and think and ask themselves what appears to be more Logical replace broken windows or mourn along with others the terrible loss of Life either by a Citizen and/or Firefighter (s). Also I am shocked and disgusted at some of the Language used in the comments and by the Citizen. Let us not forget we are all Human Beings Living in a Civilized Society. The comments by some of the FIRE and EMS Professionals here needs to be absolutely unacceptable. The Firefighters operating on the scene i this incident, most definitely were following their mandated/ established SOP'S with the ICS well in place functioning as it is supposed to do. The best Resolve here is "EDUCATE the PUBLIC in UNDERSTANDING the Job of the Fire and EMS Dept. and clean up the disgusting/ outrageous  vile words with no Facts and/or Foundation.
    Thank You

  • Anonymous


  • Fire21

    I'm curious why, at 5:30 on the video, the firefighter leans out the window, apparently to get fresh air…AND HE DOESN'T HAVE HIS MASK ON!!!  I guess that'd be why he needs air!!!  Geez, if you're gonna take a blow, do it outside, or on another floor!!  JMHO.

  • matrex187

    Wow. Some of the stuff you guys wrote.
    I’m the person that posted this video on FB yes I’m the "tax payer “as you call us. I had no idea it would end up here .I did not understand why the firefighter was breaking all the windows. thanks to some of you I am now more educated on the "concept of what,how.why.whynot.when.who" thank you … so ill tell my friends  (YO! it’s not b/c firefighters like to break things )I still think you guys like throwin things out da wiiiindowwwwww!! Why I was not at work I make websites from home. There safety bars it’s in NYC not the Bronx.. I didn’t post this vid on this site my intention was not to offend you. Ill say sry to all of you.. All but 1
     Pat Russell
    "The intelligence level of these 2 combined  can not equal much”
    A fast grammar class for you its cannot or can’t  not can not as 2 words ..
    Wow   thank you so much for taking the time to educate me.
    I hope most firefighter r not like you  (if you r a firefighter) god I hope not.

  • Anonymous

    In response to a previous statement about Firefighters liking to throw things out of a window.That statement is absolutely wrong. When Firefighters throw things out of a window it's because whatever the items are, ie;Furniture Chair/Sofa, Mattress, table etc may still be hot smoldering. By throwing them outside this reduces the potential of attempting to carry these items inside a structure possibly down a stairwell. these items could be heavy, and/or awkward to bring down to front entrance. This potential can cause injury and fill the building with additional smoke. These items also may block a safe exit for Firefighters bringing out other people who still may be inside. When these items are outside a charged Hose Line can be utilized to wet down and extinguish thye smoldering materials. As for the comment about  a Firefighter leaning out the window with his SCBA still on, he was trying to get a Breath of Fresh Air. Visualize yourself inside a superheated environment, wearing SCBA to Breathe. He was really just attempting to get some clean Fresh Air.  These things that were noticed and commented about are normal everyday Firefighting efforts to get some Fresh Breathing Air both inside a superheated atmosphere.The Firefighters do exert themselves in order to get the Fire Floor/Room etc. in an environment where Breathing becomes more normal for people. The next time a Firefighter is observed throwing furniture and other items out of a window stop and think how that Firefighter was able to survive an atmosphere where integrity of structure may have been compromised by Fire/Fire Spread, and/or possibly roof collaspe on top of them.
    Thank You