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Quick Takes: May 16, 2011.

First due video: This appears to be a fire in Jackson, Mississippi a month ago at an abandoned building that previously housed a cabinet shop. More about the fire.

TOP STORY Maryland firefighter charged with trying to set fire to home of seriously ill ATF agent: This is a bizarre and sad tale from Frederick. Independent Hose Company volunteer firefighter John Christopher Woods is now on suspension after his arrest last Thursday morning outside the home belonging to the female agent's parents. That's where the agent had been staying while recovering from an illness. Police say they caught Woods in the act and that he claims he did it because she wouldn't return his calls. Here's more.

In somewhat related news, the Frederick News Post reports on volunteer recruitment issues in Frederick County. Click here.

Virginia Firefighter charged with statutory rape: The Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Department says Chancellor VF&R Firefighter Justin Baber picked up the 13-year-old girl in a fire department vehicle. Here are the details.

TV station blew it on fire victim's complaints: Dave looks closely at TV news coverage from two cities in New York on recent fires where the citizens had complaints about the fire department. In one case the know-it-all ex-reporter who writes this blog thinks the TV station got it right, but not so in the other. Here's Dave's review

Layoffs at Pierce: looks at cut backs from Pierce. Click here.

Bashoor's name goes to PG council: Apparently Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker likes what he sees in PGFD Acting Chief Marc Bashoor. Bashoor's name has been forwarded to the County Council to remove the "acting" from his title. Read more at the PGFD PIO blog.

Funny stuff: Author, columnist, firefighter, humorist and regular reader of (he eats a lot of fiber) Will Wyatt has apparently lost it. Will is writing about visits in the middle of the night from a historical figure. They chat about the state of the fire service. Check it out at

The real house fires of Orange County: A stuntman working on a TV pilot a few doors away gets a woman out of a burning home in Sunset Beach, California. There is video of one of the burning beach houses collapsing. Read and watch the story.

Do as I say and not as I do: Criminal charges have been filed against a Montana chief (now former chief) who used on-duty firefighters for a repair job at his home and violating the very rules the chief set up. Now do as I say and check this one out at

Fireground audio & raw video from Buffalo: Don Murtha III got to this fire on Miller Avenue early. Exposures were a problem. Here's the story.

Video from two basement fires in Massachusetts: One was an old apartment building in Pittsfield that ended up going through the roof. Click here for extensive video coverage. The other was at the North Falmouth Pharmacy. Watch the video.

'Hero' from double fatal fire now charged with arson: Earlier in the week the man was thought to be a hero for trying rescue two people from a fire in Indianapolis. Now he's under arrest. Read more.

NY Post says retired FDNY firefighter owns buildings with repeated violations: The Post says FDNY officials refer to these type of buildings as death traps. Read the story.


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  • http://msn SC Retired

    Nice use of a fog nozzel, looks like they are going to get ready to but a third line in service, it also appears at  they do not have the pressure to supply the 2 lines they have in service now.

  • FF/EMT Bryant

    Lets see here.
    First of all I will say they had SOME common sense and didnt walk right into the structure.    Wait, they couldnt cause they forgot their tools!! No irons! I saw an attempt to smash an outward facing door in with a sledgehammer though.
    Minimal yardbreathing so thats a plus.
    Haha those had to be ISI packs, everyone heard those *microwaves* lol "Foods ready"
    Pressure seemed to be an issue so im going to say its a good thing they didnt have a 2 1/2", although that would have helped their attack greatly.
    A big bowl of spaghetti at the end, but it happens to everyone once and awhile.
    They put the fire out and no one got hurt so its a plus. Everyone had PPE, just get back to basics guys, have the proper tools with you!

  • driverfiresuv

    I like the tactic of when forcible entry fails just let the fire burn the door down for you.

  • Crowbar

    I realize we're only seeing a very narrow view of this job, but even so, it doesn't flatter the Jackson, Mississippi fire department.  If the camera was placed by someone on the job, which it looks like it might have been, I'd be reviewing the department's recording policy.

  • Fire21

    Only one comment…For the man who finally busted down the door, SCBA waist straps were installed for a reason.  Use them!!

  • careervolly

    Perhaps a forcible entry class would help or maybe just a Firefighter I class that covers the basics.  Besides the lineman and the chauffer, EVERYONE should come off the piece with a tool!  C'mon, guys!  Get it together! 

  • Brian McAllister

    it seems to me the lineman was the only one who showed up to do some work! The officer seemed to do everything he could to NOT do anything and the back up man touched the hose for about 30 seconds but was about 10 feet behind the lineman.
    Get it together guys. These are basic fire fighting tactics.
    Everyone has a bad day every once in a while but this one snow balled

  • Eng23Fire

    Don't get off the apparatus with out your tool(s). Basic Forcible entry..not that it wasn't mentioned before. I think I counted three drops by the nozzleman. If the other guy couldn't grab his set to begin with and the nozzleman started doing entry, I would be shocked if that nozzle didn't just somehow magically jumped into my hands…