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Video: Firefighter in Vancouver gets slugged as distraught Canuck fans go wild.

Check out this video: Same jerk, or his twin, swings at cops

Pollice described them as criminals and anarchists disguised as Canucks' fans. But whatever they were they caused a bit of damage Wednesday night after their team lost  to the Boston Bruins in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. Most likely by now you have seen the burning police cars and other vehicles in stories from Vancouver. But have you seen the video above? After a confrontation around a fire truck a fan gets a shot in and connects with the jaw of a firefighter.

More details on the evening's events from (the site also has an interview with a fire captain)::

Vancouver firefighters say they were heckled and hit with debris as they tried to work during the riot.

Assistant Operations Chief Wade Pierlot tells us it was a situation his team isn't used to. Several firefighters were hurt; some were accosted and at one point even had to run to safety.

"The angry crowd is something we're not exposed to very often," says Pierlot. "(It is) certainly not a firefighter's way of being treated. It was new to many of us, a new experience for us. We also had rocks and bottles thrown at our trucks."

Pierlot adds getting to problem areas was hard because of crowds, but he thanks the many people who pushed garbage bin or dumpster fires away from buildings to prevent things from getting worse.

The website also posted an article on how police may use the large amount of video evidence available to prosecute rioters. Click here.


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  • Anonymous

    Police should have shot about a dozen of the assholes and the rest would have gone home! Downfall of society right before your eyes!

  • Think about it

    All the championships and losses in New York City an you never saw anything like this……..very sad for any city or country to have to go through this

  • Jason Low

    That lovely shining example of society was seen in another video taking a swipe at a riot cop. Needs a tune-up with a hydrant wrench, IMO.

  • Scooter

    I agree with Anonymous…. Shoot several and the rest will go home… K

  • Brent

    His composure is remarkable. Me… I think I would have choked him out… way to be brother… you are the epitome of professionalism in our career field. – Fir Na Tine.

  • Anonymous

    its a  freaking  game  geez get over it. Assault  of a firefighter. Im sorry but I would have  beat the hell out him.

  • No 1 Imprticular

    These people are idiots.  These very people are the reason why things are the way they are today.  These few idiots just cost someone a priveledge that they were acostom to I'm sure.  Imbarrissing to the City, and The United States!  U look like those DA's overseas that riot over soccer games.  What a disgrace!

    • Anonymous

      They aren't in the the United States there bright one

  • Anonymous

    I don't understand how someone could stay so calm after getting hit in the face like that. Good job to the firefighter for holding his composure and not unloading his this immature fool. What has siciety come to. Once again good job to the  Vancouver firefighters for keeping there cool in the situation thet were faced with.  

  • Anonymous

    i would of wrecked that guys world no need to hit us trying to help others. its bullshiut.

  • SFC

    Distraught THUGS, not fans.
    Where were the Police with the tear gas & pepper spray?  It's not like they never had a riot before.  

  • Kayce

    So what; these meatheads are going to slug a firefighter who comes to help put the fire out at their home? Geez! A team losing the championship is a sad thing, but it is NO reason to cause this much trouble. Go home and drink yourself into oblivion. Leave the other, law-abiding, citizens to their misery and peace.

  • NCFF

    Just another reason a FF shouldn't get off the truck without a tool in hand !

  • dcfireman

    no 1 impaticular,
    Why should the United States be embarressed?  Last time I checked Vancouver was in Canada. Hence, it was not Americans acting out. For as much as Americans get trashed worldwide you really don't see us acting this stupid like you do in other countries. No doubt we love sports as much as soccer hooligans and Canadian hockey fans but incidents like college park are few and far between compared to other countries.
    I really don't know how I would of reacted but i doubt I would of been able to not "defend myself." Maybe the firefighter saw all the cameras and was able to control himself. I would be very interesting to of seen the reaction had the firefighter hit the guy back. I say once you strike a public servant you get what you get but I'm sure many people, including many posters on this site would be condemning him for not being professional and calling for his job. This poor fireman was in a no win situation.
    I agree with the previous posting. In situations like this if all the fireman have a halligan bar or an axe in their hand this clown would of kept on walking. Fear is a major deterrant.
    Speak softly and carry a big stick! 

  • Zeke

    The Brother showed amazing restraint. This guy will be easy to identify and prosecute.

  • APU

    Any you thought Canadians were polite and friendly…

  • mark

    Deck gun

  • FDBY

    That fireman should get an award/medal for remaining a proffessional. If i were he, I would punched that fat guy right in the Canuckin mouth. Eh Whitey. Take off. No You Take Off…doo doo do doo do do doo doo…take off, to the great white north, tale off….hoser!

  • ukfbbuff

      If it were me, It would have been "Game -On". "The Camera Never Blinks" ….Dan Rather. Let the carema support my position of Self Defense.
      Then after wards I'd make sure he's brought to trial under "Calif. Penal Code -832 for' Assualt on a Peace Officer'".

  • Jay

    Mutts gone wild.

  • James

    This shows the type of a–holes out there today. I ditto the guy that said put some lead in a couple of them! They are a poster child for abortion for sure.

  • Clark de Bear

    Most of us have Facebook pages. Dave, can you make available a frame of the video showing this idiot (using a lot of self-restraint to describe him) so we can plaster his photo in the hopes someone may recognise him?

  • Anonymous

    If you watch it again, the FF looks likes if he gets his hands on him, he’s gonna slug him, but notices that he’s being filmed and changed his posture. And then the video ends.

  • Canadian soldier/firefighter

    The Vancouver PD has these clips, he should be rounded up soon, or maybe already.
    I have been watching alot of FB posts from the younger fold, they tend to believe living in a Democratic Free Country, means you may do as you wish be it right or wrong.
    Problem being society or a portion have low moral values and no understanding of right and wrong.
    A downfall of society and or the education system?

  • Southern FF/MEDIC

    Boy….don't you come down south……do that around here and you will never be seen again!!! Gators get hungry this time of year!!!! LMAO…..what a tool bad….he needs his A** kicked!

  • Michael

    Wait, there are bad people in cities other than philadelphia? A few idiots throw snowballs at Santa Claus years ago and the city gets a bad reputation forever but things like this happen in many cities where a few lowlifes have to give everyone a bad name. Great Job to the police and fireman for not allowing it to be worse than it was