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Firefighter Corey Shaw, Du Quoin Fire Department, killed in wall collapse in Pinckneyville, Illinois. Was son of fire chief.


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Du Quoin Fire Department


22-year-old Du Quoin firefighter Corey Shaw passed away due to injuries received while battling a fire that consumed an antique mall and opera house in Pinckneyville, Illinois. He was on a ladder fighting the fire when a wall from the antique mall collapsed onto him. He was first taken to a Pinckneyville hospital then flown to a St. Louis hospital for treatment. Pinckneyville is about 70 miles southeast of St. Louis, MO.


Corey Shaw, 22, was the son of Du Quoin Fire Chief Bob Shaw, officials say. Corey Shaw has served as a firefighter since July 2010.

The fire broke out at the Antique Mall about 3:30 p.m. on Friday, officials say. The vacant Kunz Opera House adjacent to the business also caught fire. It is unclear what started the fire, but lightning is being investigated as a possible cause. The Antique Mall had been around for nearly a century, the mayor says.

Above is a video showing the collapse of the front of the opera house. Reports indicate that Firefighter Shaw was killed by a wall collapsing at the antiques store.

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  • FDBY

    Peace and Blessing send to FF Shaw, his family, friends and fellow FF's. There are fewer young men willing to sacrifice for the good of his fellow man. Today the world is not as good a place without him.

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  • ukfbbuff

      My thoughts and prayers go out to the; Family, Friends and Co-workers of FF Corey Shaw.

  • SFC

    My prayers to the Shaw family for their loss.
    At the time, it appeared that the Pinckneyville Mayor was more concerned for the buildings, than an injured F.F.. 

  • WillMega06


  • No.1

    Heart breaking story. Puts things in perspective. We have lost many firemen in the last few months. Pray for the family.

  • Anonymous

    the previous post was from no.1 fan fan in virginia, dave. Signed, Spencer

  • adam

    Corey was a good guy. I worked with him at continental-general tire in mt vernon and knew him personally as a coworker. he was 22 years old and married with a with a little girl. the funeral is today at 10 am in Du Quoin. rest in peace my friend

  • braden miller

    my dad was there fighting the fire and he saw his friend corey shaw die when the wall fell on corey shaw

  • braden miller

    sad to see your dads friend die in a fire and im only 11 and corey i knew but im proud of all of the fire fighters like my dad who sacrifices there life to save other thank god theres firefighters or our world would be a disaster thank you firefighters