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Nude fire station photos continue to cause trouble for Pasadena, Texas Fire Department three years after it was dealt with. A good reminder about social media ethics & just plain ignorance.

Click above to see the story from KPRC-TV.

It sounds like the Pasadena (Texas) Fire Department brass made all of the right moves three years ago when they were made aware that nude photos were on the Internet that had been taken inside the firehouse. Posing next to a fire engine with just a fire coat barely covering her body, was the wife of a volunteer firefighter. Her husband had taken the pictures inside the station. The department parted ways with the volunteer and the chief thought the offending pictures had been removed from the Internet.

But the pictures caught the eye of quite a few on the Internet. All you have to do is put the phrase "Nude chick at Pasadena fire station" in Google and you will find many sites showing off the wares of the firefighter's wife with the Pasadena FD logo on the fire truck about chest high (something tells me most people won't notice the logo first).

Now, three years later, someone in South Africa sent them to Houston TV station KPRC. This brought reporter Amy Davis to Chief Lanny Armstrong's door. From what I can see the chief handled the interview exactly how it should be handled, directly and honestly. But it has to be frustrating for Chief Armstrong and others in the department knowing these pictures aren't going to disappear. Just as Anthony Weiner learned a few weeks ago, even something that was on the web for a hot minute before being deleted can come back to haunt you in a very big way.

As I have been saying for a while, there's a whole generation who have grown up in the digital age with the belief that everything that happens in life needs to be on the Internet. But that doesn't always mesh well with what happens in fire and EMS. It is important for fire chiefs and others to not only to set a digital policy, but to have discussions and training on ethics and social media.

Obviously in this case, even without the Internet, there were some pretty clear ethical lapses that you would hope a fire chief wouldn't have to go over with a new member or recruit. I am sure many fire chiefs reading this are adding this line to the personnel manual and/or department rules: No nude pictures of the wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends or strangers are to be taken on fire department property. And you would think that is one you wouldn't have to spell out. But as they say, you can't fix stupid.


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  • ukfbbuff

      Wow! Once its in the Internet it there for ever.
      Even Jerry Engle, shooting Roman Candles from the Crack of his Pants at Stn 33.

    • dave statter

      I don’t know about you, but Jerry Engle’s Side Charlie was the furthest thing from my mind when I saw those pictures. But I get your point.


  • Legeros

    "three years later, someone in South Africa sent them to Houston TV station KPRC"

    There's the power of the Internet at work right there.

  • Legeros

    Also, I consulted the source material for this posting and did not see the patch you reference. I looked very closely and didn’t even see a fire truck. Please advise.

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  • 95%er

    who cares? seriously, this wasn't even a serious photo shoot. it was one guy with an obviously very attractive wife taking some snapshots of her around the rigs. the guy ain't a member anymore.
    the pics aren't even sexual, just sexy.
    are we going to ban attractiveness next?

  • FDBY

    Dave, can you please remove those black boxes from the photograph. They seriously detract from the artist's vision…..and mine too!!!

  • FDBY

    And also Dave, just like the the photographers banned from showing the story at a crash or fire scene, YOU are sensoring the story…shame on you. Really, I mean shame on you. I believe we are all adults here. And if you put black boxes over the model's face and other distinguishing features, why not put a black box over the patch on the door to protect the identity of the FD also. WIthout all the evidence presented, we as the readers/viewers are unable to make a determination if this is wrong or not. Censorship is a terrible thing and is unconstitutional and all that other stuff you say……………………..?????????????
    Dave you really need to be more of a art affectionado………

    • dave statter


      How right you are. Good points. Couldn’t agree with you more. I will bring this up with the management of this operation. But I am usually not able to convince them to change their minds on matters like this. They are a bunch of prudes.

      It is ironic and hypocritical that we protect the people who do this but not the innocent victim (the fire department).

      Also, I think all of the information is there for you to see exactly what her proud husband was showing off.


  • BH

     It's dumbasses like this that ruin it for the rest of us- this is EXACTLY why my wife says no pictures!!!  LOL

  • inside the beltway

    someone out there is just jealous that their wife doesn't possess the assets as this gal. pour out your haterade and get a life!

  • Lizard

    While I do appreciate the attractiveness of the female alleged to be an ex-firefighters wife, posing semi nude on the appratus in what appears to be a staged photo is quite different then an impromptu picture taken with bikini clad women in a beach community.   I'm sure the picture are quite harmless, however, I can see how they cross the line.  
    That being said, I am not at all offended by the picture, however, not a chance in hell would I allow them to be taken at our department.  "Washington Post" Rule (aka rule) should have been applied as the litmus test.

  • Ted

    I know that Dave does his best to keep it clean, but I am not a fan of censorship.
    Uncensored link:

  • Paquet

    Phew! There is not in us.

    1. At the outset a bizoutage, it proves that the firefighter is was himself the flashlight in the behind in the Ibis.

    2 A firefighter invite a friend photographer, he invited him to climb the wife of the photographer, the next day, the photos were in the barracks.

    Shame of the profession, we're here at the service of people and sexual impulses have no place. Review the ethics in the nominations.


  • Bob B.

    "Stupid is as stupid does"
    The threshold of the fire house is a sacred trust.  It is also the place where our professionalism begins.
    There are plenty of places to do stupid things in the World without ruining the image of the fire service.
    There is a time for fun and a time for restraint.

  • Legeros

    By clicking this box I agree that I am old enough to read Dave's blog.

  • Chief Observant

    They didnt sensor the relfection on the door, closely to the right of the patch u can see the reflection of her breast, or if your eyes are bad like mine, just blow the picture up 200% and its clear as day.

    • dave statter

      Yes. I am well aware of that. Does that reflect poorly on me?

  • Anonymous

    I cant blame that dude for taking those pics, that chick is smoking!!!!!

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