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Raw video: House fire in Alabama.

No date on this one. The description says the fire was handled by the Rehoboth, Taylor, Dothan and Bay Springs fire departments in Alabama.

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  • Scooter

    Little far away to start darkening it down then moved up and looked pretty good…..little fire in the attic on each end and COULD have saved a room or two if they would have put forth a little more effort….. .   then down hill for there…. Are they not allowed to get closer than 20 feet from the house?   After they darkened it down they could have finished it…. looks rural where is the tanker shuttle operation instead of pulling rigs in one behind another…. Strike the Box!  K

  • Anonymous

    Pretty amazing to see a department burn a trailer in great fashion

  • Hawk

    They had a crew of two initially and then later a third person. Give em a break it was a rural area and they did the best with what they had available. Would it have been worth it to send them in, let them possibly get jammed up with no expectations of a RIT team or anyone else for that matter there to assist them? You all gotta get over the "do more with less" mentality. I say do less with less until the wonderful politicians fund these departments so that they can DO MORE WITH MORE!

  • Hawk

    By the way Anonymous what is so amazing about a department burning down a mobile home. You obviously haven't dealt with too many of these because I would venture to say that about 95% of them burn in great fashion. Hell, they aren't that structurally sound before a fire and they sure don't build them with the best of materials. If they were such great structures they wouldn't be in trailer parks. If you have a rescue, you gotta do what you have to do, but most of the time the fire migrates so quickly through these things that viable rescues are rarely made.


    AMEN HAWK!!!!!

  • Captain

    Thank you Hawk, couldnt have said it better!………..So many can bash what others do wrong as if they have never done it themselves!

  • Ed

    amen Hawk!