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Assistant chief & firefighter charged with child exploitation. Underwear shots of young teen girls taken at Mississippi firehouse.

From Hancock County, Mississippi. Excerpts from story by WLOX-TV:

Why were pictures of three teenage girls posing in their underwear allegedly taken at the Bayside Park Volunteer Fire Department? Two of the girls were reportedly 16, the other was 14. And that, investigators say, is considered child exploitation.

Consequently, Assistant Fire Chief Clarence "Zeke" Hall and volunteer fireman Vincent Reiber have been arrested and accused of taking lewd pictures of three underage girls.

Authorities say the incident happened at the Bayside Park Volunteer Fire Department. They say following a boot shake to raise money for the department, firefighters gathered at the station, where the pictures were allegedly taken.


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  • 95%er

    you know if the cops keep busting these guys nobody is going to want to be a firefighter anymore.
    why even bother joining the department if you can't take pics of your wife nude or a couple of hot teens in underwear at the station?
    let's face it, chicks dig firefighters, and we dig it cause they do.
    this is just BS.

  • firefighter2259

    Just unbelievable and unacceptable. No reason they should be working in public safety. What in the world were they thinking?

  • Anonymous

    Here we go again….

  • Sharppointy1

    As we say here in YOO-tah, "Oh fer Hell's sakes!"
    I guess there's pervs everywhere.  If priests can be perps so can FF's, huh.
    Seriously bad news.

  • ukfbbuff

     My 2 cents from Calif.
      "What has gone wrong with the fire department".
     Yet another "Black Eye " because of  a couple of  "Turkey's" lacking Common Sense.
      You have to ask "What were they thinking". Guess they've been missing the monthly airing of MSNBC's "To Catch a Predator" Series.  It may be a few years old now, but current issues.

  • Anonymous

    I have read the comments submitted. I am thoroughly disgusted. The mere lack of morality and Human Decency is appalling. The comments from 95%er are without doubt out and repulsive. "what's wrong with nude pictures of your Wife and teen age Girls. One cannot believe this immature juvenile mentality exists in such a critical Public Safety organization. A Chief Officer who is supposedly in a position of Leadership and Professional Authority. One cannot believe this alledged Chief Officer just walked in the Station one day and was handed a Badge of Protect and Serve Leadership. What would anyone with any sense of Respect and Human Compassion for Women think if pictures of anyone's Wife and/or young Teen Age Girls were plastered on the walls. Some of these Girls may very well be the Daughters and relatives of those worthless weasels who think nothing of exploiting them. Both individuals here have in essence violated the sense of every woman and young Girls everywhere. Was any though or common decency considered about the insulting image that other Women serving in Public Safety have had to bear the shame due to this stupidity?  Neither one of these ignorant individuals have any place in our Fire/EMS Service Family. What is wrong with you people. Both of you make me sick. One can only hope that some wrongful violation of our Laws were broken, and the Local Judicial Authorities will come down on both of them like a Ton of Bricks. To all the Women and young Girls everywhere Please donot take this act of pure violation your right to Live a Life free of this absolutely disgusting gesture of ignorance. One can only wonder if either of these morons  gave any thought as to tarnished image of the Local Fire/EMS Department, where members are sworn /Trained to Serve and protect everyone in the community?
    Thank You