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Raw video: House fire in Washington, DC. has details of two overnight fires in the Nation's Capital. Above is video of a vacant house on fire at 5019 Hayes Street, NE that occurred around 1:00 this morning. One firefighter received a laceration. About the same time there was a fire in a rowhome at 1709 Bay Street, SE that went to two alarms. Another firefighter was injured at that fire.

Here is a recent tweet from the DC Fire & EMS Department about a busy shift:

Busy 24 hr- transported over 250 people to hospitals-Tune Inn SE, Hayes St NE, Bay St SE fires- DC F&EMS – Anytime, Anywhere We'll Be There.


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  • Brooks

    Why not tweet Fire&EMS and be done with it.

  • Anonymous

    adobe reader keep up dating to  see the event….ehy

  • Why?

    what is the deal with every fire in DC? Every video I see has dudes with no gear running around the house. What are these guys doing? Makes you look like fools with lots of freelancing!

  • DC Firefighter

    Freelancing! Really?  Once you do some work on a fireground in DC then you can talk!  Since you have no idea of our fireground operations and traditions then SHUT THE F UP.

  • Beard Dipping Smoke Eater

    I understand that Monday quarterbacking is an easy thing to do about the operations outside coming from an outstanding fireman like yourself, probably working in NFPA ridden fire department with no tradition.

    • BH

      If lung cancer is your idea of tradition, you can keep it.  The way things are going we're all going to get crap-all for a pension, so I plan on collecting what little I get for as long as possible!

  • Why?

    DC Firefighter…
    To get that fired up, you must be one of the gearless freelancers in those videos…be the PRO you claim to be and put the gear on you get paid to wear and do the job you get paid to do and do it correctly. Just another hot shot who thinks working for DC make you Joe Fireman! As for DC firegrounds…I've seen plenty…no thanks!
    As for the "tradition" there jock-o…I work for a dept that bleeds tradition and has companies older then your mighty Washington DC has been a friggin city! If your don't know your cities history..thats 1792 there Sport!

  • Jared Alexander

    It's sad when a couple of WORDS can get someone so fired up, they resort immediately to name-calling, insults and pedantic idiocy. Grow up, grow some thick skin, or perish in the TRADITIONS you claim to support. 
    The fire service isn't some dinosaur, unable to change with the times; rather WE are the future of the fire service, and WE choose to use the gear, equipment and tactics that are available to us. Ever think the reason our predecessors didn't use SCBA, nomex hoods, TIC's, PASS devices and every other technological advantage we have, is because they DIDN'T EXIST??? Again, GROW UP. If you're unable to accept the FUTURE of the fire service, maybe you should find another career. 
    As for your witty, inspired retort to this: I've been in the fire service for over 20 years. I know tradition, I revere it properly. It is what teaches us that we must EVOLVE or PERISH. Maybe it's time YOU did the same.

  • pipeman

    Why, where are you from? And wagon, truck, or squad wagon drivers not wearing turnouts is not freelancing, why are you all so critical? Is the fire still burning? Just leave us to our own business, most of us know what we are doing.

  • Pipeman

    Give it rest. If this were an FDNY fire you would all be gagging on it. Please feel free to stop by one of our firegrounds and tell us all how much better you all are. One truck driver not wearing his ppe, that’s all it takes and we are all freelancing? Easy to take shots behind a keyboard, bunch of tough guys on here!

  • Cosgrove

    Ya know if you look at the operation on the fireground did you happen to notice the sense of URGENCY. Did you notice the 400' line being RUN down the street. Did you notice the ladders raised to the roof and windows. Did you notice the Wagons had Laid Out coming in.
    Now maybe you will uderstand Our Operation. Sure the Truck Drivers didn't have the PPE on. You don't need it to drive and they sure as hell want to get some ground ladders up so the Troops inside have a WAY OUT. Not condoning it all but That's the Way It  IS.

  • DC Firefighter

    Thanks Lt
    And for the rest of you, when someone behind a key board calls my brothers FOOLS you bet your A$$ I will get fired up.  We may not have tradition going back to 1792, but it doesnt take 200 years to learn to defend your brothers when they are being attacked.  Im not knocking anyone elses department, just defending my own.

  • Johnny IRONS

    Seriously, what is there to be critical about?  Looks like truck co had ladders thrown and the engine co had the line stretched and awaiting water. Technicians typically don't wear gear and when they are running around the fire ground they are ensuring lines are stretched, not kinked, wrapped up on anything and the crew doesn’t need anything.  Line charged at 2:20 and fire knocked in less then a minute, so what's your complaint?   You've seen plenty of DC fire grounds, really champ and out of the hundreds of working fires we take in a year, exactly how many is that?  I’m sure I could watch a few of your depts. fires and pick them apart like it was being run by a bunch of clowns and who gives a Sh*t how long the companies in your dept have been around, in reality that means absolutely nothing!!!  I mean there really is no reason for us to have to defend ourselves; we have some of the busiest and best companies in the country.  Most can’t keep up with our pace and that’s a fact!  We’re effective and efficient, enough said!!    

  • just sayin

    Defend on brothers … most of the naysayers are nothing more than NFPA – Not For Practical Application – yardbreathers … and to the 20 year vet … over 30 here and damn proud to be in the DCFD … just sayin

    • Jared Alexander

      Just Sayin'…
      Yeah, I've got 20+, you've got 30+. Big whoop for both of us, we obviously "get it", we're still around to do the job. I'm not knocking anyone whose common sense drive works, just those who would rather quote a manual, stand around and monday-morning quarterback, and generally call others stupid for the sake of it.
      I used my name in my post. How many of the critics can say that? I wouldn't say anything here that I wouldn't say if we met in person. There's nothing wrong with tradition, there's nothing wrong with progress. A truly modern department has both, and respects both. I'm not going to sit here on my keyboard and profess to know how YOUR department does things, or that the video shows anything more than what we can actually see. My point was, one person's negative comment drew immediate anger and ill will. Wow. If I got that ate up from just one person criticizing my department, I'd have exploded years ago. 
      And to 'Why'- Dude, lighten up. Did you really need to make that comment? Real mature, hiding behind an anonymous identity. THAT is where the "GROW UP" comment lands, to ALL of you. Can't use your real name? Maybe you shouldn't be making the comment, then.
      Stay safe, Brothers.