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Philadelphia Firefighter Jack Slivinski found dead. Was in center of recent charity calendar controversy.

Coverage of calendar controversy

You may recall the controversy that surfaced two months ago after a Philadelphia firefighter posed shirtless for a charity calendar. We are sad to report that the firefighter involved, 31-year-old John "Jack" Slivinski of Rescue 1, was found dead in his home in Lawndale yesterday morning. The death was confirmed for's Joelle Farrell by Commissioner Lloyd Ayers:

"The Philadelphia Fire Department has lost a son," Ayers said. "As you may imagine, this is devastating to everybody."

Ayers would not say whether foul play is suspected. Slivinski was not on duty at the time of his death, he said.

Police were not immediately available to comment on the case.

Ayers, who was originally critical of Slivinski and IAFF Local 22 President Bill Gault for doing the photo shoot without approval from the commissioner's office, made a rare appearance at the trial board for Slivinski and recommended he be allowed to return to Rescue 1 with just an oral reprimand.

There are currently no further details on Firefighter Slivinski's death.


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  • Tom
  • 95%er
  • Fire21

    Rest in peace, Bro.  Thanks for your time of service………….

  • Justice

    It's such a shame when you have to drag  a guys name and picture through the mud over something so trivial. The story of him posing for a calender is a personnell matter and should have never been discussed or information released to the public. Its a whole bunch of nothing. Personnally I hope his estate sues whatever city agency spoke publicly about this personnell matter.
    I feel bad for this man, his family and friends. Just cause you're a fireman doens't mean you shouldn't be treated any differently than any other person in the workforce.
    This is a sad sad story all the way around, an innocent man was sucker punched.

  • ukfbbuff

    What a Tragic Outcome to a Story that was only an issue because of a Shirtless Picture and "Hairbag" Commissioner.
    My condolensces to his Family, Friends and Co-workers.

  • Hugh

    Jack was my neighbor and friend. A good guy. Piss off to anybody who has a problem with him raising $$ for widows of firefighters.

  • onecoolmedic

    I just saw him at work on Thursday. I can not believe a innocnet shirtless picture caused so much trouble for him it made him take his own life. I have know and seen firefighters, police and EMS personnel do much worse things then pose shirtless.

    • AnonymousNOVAEngineDriver

      Very sad story to hear about.  We shouldn't jump the gun and blame this controversy on him taking his life.  It was probably a very stressful ordeal for him, but nobody will really know what he may have been struggling with in his personal life away from work.  Rest in Peace, Brother.

  • Sharppointy1

    Ah, Jack Slivinski, may you rest in peace.I hope your charity gets many donations in your honor and memory.
    I send condolences to his biologic and firefighting families.

  • diamondsmiles

    My sincere condolences to Jack's family and friends.  I hope Ayer's conscious is bothering him big time. 
    Jack was doing a good thing for the families of deceased fire fighters and tragically became one of those statistics.  Rest in peace!

  • donald morrison

    dear family  amd  friends
    ilke sorry her lost of love  miss him hard say good by person love like  brother
    he was specail person smiles always and love  family man you will be miss alot care about you love you . you will be  in our prayer and your family and brother firefighters

  • Tammy

    I think it was down right dirty what they did to them he is strong for one reason he is a fireman . That boss of his is a joke and should be fired himself . Now a young man is gone sorry don’t ever say this about someone killing themselves but the COMMISSIONER KILLED HIM …. BY THE WAY YOU ARE JOKE COMMISSIONER A SAD ONE !!

  • dawn

    i just read this. jesus christ!!!!!!!
    i am so sorry to the family of Jack and his wife and children. i pray for you through the most hardest time you'll have coming up,the Holidays.
     what a MAN!!! my brother is a fireman and i am the proudest sister on the planet(so was my dad)
     he was doing this for woman like my mother, widowed, and thank the lord for the fire dept. they took care of all of us.again my prayers to you.
    RIP jack