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Early video: Another view of Fountain Hill, Pennsylvania house fire.

If you can deal with the music, the video above was taken as the first companies went to work at the house fire on Saturday in Foutain Hill, Pennsylvania. Here are two other videos from the fire.


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  • 95%er

    a brief review for those of you who are just joining us:
    if you have a burning building and you open up the top of the building, and you don't put water on it from below, the following will happen:
    a. the fire will intensify and burn out the structure. it will even spread downward if you don't get inside and stop it.
    b. someone will take a video of the event and it WILL find it's way to Dave Statters website.
    c. everyone will look at it and realize that you really didn't do very much to save the building. actually, you made it much worse.
    d. someone will come onto this blog and write about how tough the conditions were and it really wasn't as bad as it seems.
    e. but the rest of the readers will call bullsh*t.

  • Tom

    To bad the whole 2nd floor burned up looked like a simple room and contents.

  • Anonymous

    I watched this with my 14 year old daughter and, without any prompting from me, she said "Why aren't they doing anything?"

  • Fire Birgade???

    the song in the video sings "i'm doing the best i ever did", however the day you bought those euro helmets. You were indeed NOT "doing the best you ever did"

  • Shhh…

    Did they trade those really cool helmets for all the SCBA's that the town owned? Other than that, I think I will just say, See 95% post. Just shakin my head.

  • Mike

    Why to hustle, hahaha.  That was pretty embarassing.  If I had to wear those helmets I'd be a cop.

  • up there doin

    95%er PRICELESS!!!!!  And I thought guys from the left coast wore funny helmets…

  • Anita Gofiradump

    If you buy the Euro Style helmets here in the US, you've done it for one reason and one reason only, to garner attention. OOHHH look at us, we're trying to be cool and different. We think we're unique and everyone will say "here comes……, wow they're interesting. But….actually you look like a bunch of attention seeking clowns. Put a leather helmet on your head and be an American Fireman. What flag do these guys fly from their rig? the Union Jack?  Concentrate on being good Firemen instead of trying to make a fashion statement.

  • Daz

    Pretty sure what helmet you wear doesn't help you fight a fire, seen plenty of leather heads screw up….I could wear a football helmet and still the job


    Wow! That was a lay-up, 2 1/2 story, fire 2nd floor with extention to the attic, 2 lines strectched one in operation. truck open up and fire is out.  Fire probably will hold.
    That was poor tactics, and strategy!
    STAY SAFE!!!!!

  • Barney Miller

    was that the Effingwoods Vol. Fire dept. and the LANGUAGE in the music. How do you use tough A$$$ music with B**** A$$$$ fire persons? (not Firefighters obviously). That dude was pretty shocked to see fire come out the hole next to the roof ladder with one hook enguaged on the pitched roof. Call this one "a good room, gone bad" and the equiptment truck got real close they had that going for them!.