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Must see raw video: Three views as car explodes in face of bomb technician. PPE does its job.

View still images of blast

The videos above and below show three different views as a car bomb detonates on Friday while a bomb squad technician in Narathiwat province, south of Bangkok, Thailand attempts to open a door.

From the AP:

On the eve of Thailand's national elections, insurgents carried off deadly attacks south of Bangkok yesterday, including a spectacular car bomb that exploded just as police tried to defuse it.

A member of the Thai bomb squad approached one of the bomb-rigged cars in Narathiwat province after a second car, three yards away had detonated, wounding a soldier.

From The Telegraph:

The officer, who was wearing a protective suit, was attempting to open the front passenger door of the parked car when the bomb exploded.

Authorities arrived at the scene after receiving a tip-off about the abandoned car, which was left in a no-parking zone.

The bomb disposal expert despite being lawn away nearly 10-meters by the explosion, picked himself up and walked away. He was treated for minor injuries.

Authorities said the bomb was triggered by remote from someone near the scene.



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  • Dickey

    HOLY BALLS!!! Thank God he was ok. I wonder what "minor injuries" were? Maybe lost or broken fingers? EOD guys around the world are the unsung heros in today's society with all these wingnuts dropping explosives all over. I hope they catch all parties involved too, looks like they got some good evidence to go on. I'm not sure if he meant to do this but after he got up he raised his hands over his head. It might be to adjust his gear or signal to the rest of the crew he was ok but it like to me like he was saying "Woo whoo!! I'm still alive!
    Here's to a speedy recovery!!


    "Bring me my brown pants." 

  • Michael

    Wow! That's insane! Hard to believe he walked away from that. Great job done by his suit. Hope he had clean underwear on… bet they were dirty after that! LOL