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Raw video: Green line in one hand. Camera in the other. Dave thinks it is an important evolutionary step.

We are getting closer to the day that I predicted a few years back where I will be able to post videos shot by both the rescuer and rescuee from the same fire. I think this video is an important step in the evolutionary process that will eventually bring us to that momentous day.

For a number of years we have been seeing the helmet-cams in operation that give us point-of-view (POV) video of firefighters doing their jobs. The clip above is the poor man's version of the helmet-cam extended to the citizen firefighters who bravely staff the green lines. I believe this is what is known as a green line "all hands" job. Green line in the right hand. Video camera in the left. Burning Jetta in front. Garage with melting siding is screen right.

As for me, I would have put down the camera (or not picked it up in the first place) and tried to make sure the exposures were cooled down. But I guess that is just old school, pre-YouTube type of thinking. I'm such a dinosaur.

On a more positive note for future generations, I think the extended thumbs that constant texting will almost certainly bring to the evolutionary process will eventually also be of great help to green line stream presentation. 

No information on when or where this was taken.

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  • Legeros

    Nozzle cams for everyone!

  • Fyrecapt

    I heard the engine pull up at around the 1:10min mark. What took so long to get water on the fire? Was the driver by himself?
    Just curious

  • Chief 62

    Interesting commentary Dave. Citizen without nozzle on the green line, thumb instead, doing some good, by the way. Apparatus arrives at 1:02, at least I'm going by the diesel engine, air brakes, and the shadow. The clip runs out at 3:56 and the fire department had done squat up to that point other than tell the homeowner keep "his" hose on the fire. As the clip ends the fire was well on its way to engulfing the garage, I mean come on even if they only had a city booster tank 500 gallons, if they went to work at 1:10 it should have been out at say 1:30 at the latest. I guess someone drove the rig there and must have been waiting for someone else who knew how to run the pump? strange example of firefighting caught on tape.
    From a leadership point of view I don't think I'd be encouraging a non-trained citizen wearing zero PPE to continue applying water to a total loss and effectively encourage him to stay within harms way, I mean isn't that what the fire department was called for? Could be just me but risk management was where? One more example of job security if we take it and do our job, that's what were there for, to put the big wet stuff on the red stuff, ya think. Its a good thing Dave these amautuers with the cameras always amazes me how the ground looks on so many angles, its funny to think where they point is where the camera records, that the world for the real guys like You. All the best.
    Happy 4th of July to all our American Brothers & Sisters, Stay Safe, Have a great day!  Chief Out.

  • Crowbar

    Further proof that multi-tasking is a myth.  Double failure here.  Crappy video and ineffective fire suppression.  Pick one job and do it right.


    Couple this example of one-handed hose operation so they can hold their camera with the other day's pre-arrival video including residents going back in to retrieve belongings, but using one valuable hand to hold their camera instead of having both arms available to carry their stuff.   Wonder if afterwards they regretted not being able to save anything with their camera hand.
    Dave, I'd consider it de-evolution when people seem to be getting dumber. 

  • Mick Mayers

    Between Crowbar and CHAOS, I think they have something there.  I guess you have to be able to manage a camera so you can view all the crap you left behind (because you valued getting on YouTube over getting your stuff).  But hey, isn't that why we pay insurance? 

  • Anonymous

    I think I have motion sickness.

  • Scooter

    Driver only?  even if so either wear your gear while you drive or worse case after you get there stretch the line and stand back 50 to knock it down to keep it from the house and garage then get your gear and pack to finish it off.  If the driver is just getting the rig there then hoping someone will show up to pump it….. we how did that work for them….. k
    God help the people in the community

  • Blue

    I see a sequel in the making…….

  • Kathy Williams

    Great post Dave LOL.  Excellent comments Chief62 and CHAOS.

  • CHarlie

    I will be submitting my personal camera in one hand, operate the hose in the other hand video in December, after the 1st snow. It will only be about 30 seconds long before I run out of water, but I will write my name in the snow. Stay tuned.

    • dave statter

      Thanks for sharing Charlie.

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