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Raw video & close call: Three-alarms in Camden, New Jersey. Wall collapse scatters firefighters.

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This is Dave Hernandez video from a fire at 3:40 Saturday morning at 970 Fairview Street in Camden. Check out the end of the video at 7:27 as a wall collapses forcing firefighters to scatter. Here's what Dave wrote about the fire:

Engine 10 arrived on location and reported heavy fire showing from a two story store front with an apartment above. 10's also reported 4 row dwellings on the "delta" side as an exposure. Battalion 1 (Glassman) placed all hands in service and requested a second alarm Command reported fire conditions spreading throughout the "delta" side exposure and requested a third alarm. Collapse zone established due to collapse of the building. EMS transported one firefighter with a broken ankle and one firefighter for dizzyness.



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  • ukfbbuff

     Camden, New Jersey the "NEW" South Bronx, in 2011?
    With  all of the Firefighter/Police Layoffs Recent Major Alarm Fires, can they be at the East Coast "Front" of another period of "The War Years".
     Look at; Flint, Michigan after all of their Layoffs of Personnel.

  • ukfbbuff

    Ooops! Forgot.
        The Collapse Zone is a minimum of one and one-half the height of the building.
    Several Years ago, in San Jose, Calif., a Driver/Operator didn't follow instructions to move his engine and was severely injured and the engine damaged when the wall gave way suddenly.

  • Dan Marino

    Had this been a volunteer department, I think the "suggestions" would have been comin fast and furious:
    You cut your hole in the roof, what are you standing around for admiring your work. Get off!
    No gear.
    collapse zone
    master stream in operation while crews are interior
    washing down the outside of the building doesn't help
    blah blah blah bl;ah blah
    I say good job CFD, utmost respect and wishing your local government would come to their senses before someone gets killed.

  • RESCUE 1

    @ Dan Marino,
    Your right about the line, I would of placed it between the D exposure ,in the ally way .
    Knowing Camden, Heavy Fire on arrival, E10 should have positioned right into farview with hosebed facing the corner. Setting up a collapse zone early. They were lucky!
    Dan take another look ,
    Master stream was into the D exposure, THE LINE WAS IN THE D1, AND THE FF ON THE ROOF WERE STANDING ON THE D1. I don't like roof sheppards, but maybe, they were waiting reports from command and, or interior crews in the D1 exposure.
    SADLY DAN, The Gov, doesn't give a flying F***K!
    STAY SAFE!!!

  • Sharppointy1

    OffTopic_ Dave I don't know how to get ahold of you but wanted to let you know about three videos showing a garage fire in a new housing development in South Jordan Utah.  On YT, put in "fireworks fire daybreak" to see.  Utah just legalized the "cake" type repeating firework this month and we are excpecting lots more fires like this.  This firework show was put on (illegally) in his neighborhood – one of the fireworks tipped over and shot into his garage which apparently had "lots of fireworks stored".

    • dave statter

      Thanks much. You must have been looking over my shoulder. I was just writing a column about this stuff. Saw this after I posted and then quickly added it. Happy 4th.


  • Tower5Ladder

    Its always a good laugh when you read the statter comments!!
    -Collapse zone?  On a one way city street….  Yeah…  Unfortuneatly thats not always an option in the urban enviroment.  Even if the wagon driver parked in the intersection, the debri's would be the same.  Could he have positioned better….?  Maybe.
    -Truckies admiring their work??  Right…..  What there doing is taking a breather to see if there vent holes/trenches are gonna hold the fire from spreading while the hose jockeys run lines into the building.  When your in an understaffed dept, its not like theres a bunch of guys ready to relieve them.  Again, its sad, but true in the career world right now, jobs are being slashed, and were doing more with less.  These guys were doing their JOB!
    -Master streams running while interior???  Watch again.  No one was in the D exposure when the TL was flowing water.  They were in the D1 exposure stopping the fire in the loft, under the vent holes.  (Which they did)
    Maybe if some of you spent time training and getting REAL experience, you wouldnt be so quick to criticize everyone under the sun.
    Lastly, I highly doubt the Brothers in Camden, Buffalo, DC, Reading, Allentown,( i.e Depts that actually go to fires)  really care what you read in a magazine, and how you apply it to their fires in a public comment board.
    "In order to be a good fireman, one has to go to fires"  Author unknown.