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Early raw video: U.S. Park Police chopper crew captures recent two-alarm DC rowhouse fire.

We are a little late on this one, but I think you will find the video worth the wait. This is 11 minutes of raw video from a United States Park Police helicopter taken during the early stages of a rowhouse fire that began at 921 Decatur Street, Northwest on the afternoon of July 1. The fire went to two alarms. Two firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion.

The picture below is one of a series of photos from Elliot Goodman, who was also an early arrival (he was four blocks away). The rest of Elliot's pictures can be seen at


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  • Ritt

    If it was me I don't think I would be telling these guys to wearing shirts with "DCFEMS" on the back.

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    Dear DC Public,
    Once a Marine, always a Marine they say. In DC we say, "Once committed to the interior attack for a rear porch fire, always committed so." I know I know that video makes it look like we stood around while  yur house burned. Disregard what you think you saw. In DC the tail wags the wag.
    We as the DCFD for life offer the public our unconditional pledge to engage in an "aggressive interior attack" with our hoses regardless of whether it makes sense. We do this for you. We do this because you might actually be alive in that room on fire, the one  I have to wear my gear and mask into the one that melts my helmet. We know you are in there and we are coming to get you as soon as we can get inside and crawl under the smoke and fight our way to the back wall only to realize that you cannot put a fire out on a rear porch through a brick wall.
    We do it for you even when you don't live there, even when vacant, even just because.
    We the DCFD now have aerial video evidence of our committment to sheer folly at the expense of the exposures and the owner of the exposures that did not have to suffer as much damage as they did. We have evidence on our website that we don't need gear on the roof, we have picture proof that we are cooler than even Kentland (and that is no small feet).
    Oh and by the way you should be grateful that I drove all the way from PA to search for you in that building even though you met me in the front yard and said that the place was empty. Since I am from PA or Western MD or W. Virginia or Delaware or anywhere  but where you live I know what is right for you.
    And since Statter911 is my equivalent of the New Yorker I pay attention. I know you silly sons of silliness will start to attack me. You will hate me in writing with bad spelling and badder syntax because I am the better fireman than you. You will hate me because I have 1" and half hose and I search vacant dwellings like a true American Hero.  because I am a DCFD for life I am above you, I am above Kentland, I am above FDNY, LAFD, and all others with hoses. Hate me if you must but the police helicopter cannot lie. That video tells the whole story of our heroics for you ungrateful public people. 

  • Inside the Beltway

    Looks like a good combination of an interior attack while simultaneously covering exterior exposures/exterior fire extinguishment. Now awaiting responses from the t-shirt firemen sitting in the SAFETY gallery………..

  • Blue


  • Hook-n-Ladder 20

    Get a grip pal! Better yet, contact  EAP. You really sound like a fool.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. DC FD for Life, Its "feat" not "feet". Or maybe you have small feet along with your small hose.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like to me it was much more than a rear porch on fire to me at the outset of the video. At just 1:38 you can see a hose stream flowing through the back. There is a lot of house left on the front side, so if there were someone trapped, it looks like there would be viability of rescuing a victim.  I agree with the need to get in and search the rooms of those houses under the protection of a hoseline…  Looks like a pretty good job to me. 

  • Tony from Brookland

    That was awful…

  • Anonymous

    Excellent Job DCFD!!! Great tactics, and great aggressive interior work!!

  • Doing It.

    Haters gonna hate.