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DC Fire crime watch update: News report of shootings near firefighter patrols.'s Bill Carey thinks there's not enough outrage. Plus political cartoon.

Click the image above for a closeup view of Nate Beeler's cartoon from Friday in The Washington Examiner.

Previous coverage of this story

Here are some of the latest items on the crime patrol controversy in the DC Fire & EMS Department. In addition to the political cartoon above,'s Bill Carey gets pretty passionate about what he sees as a lack of outrage over assigning firefighters to the streets to act as crime deterrants. Click here for Bill's column.

In addition, Andrea Noble at The Washington Times reported the following in an article posted last night:

At least three people were injured in four shootings in the District over a 24-hour period Sunday and Monday, according to fire and police officials.

Two locations that officials responded to for reports of shootings were just blocks from corners where D.C. firefighters have been stationed as crime deterrents. In one instance, a firetruck was on its way to a post when the call about the shooting went out, and in the other instance, firefighters were not assigned to the post at the time of the reported shooting, a fire union official said.

“This obviously shows they are not a crime deterrent in the neighborhoods,” Edward Smith, president of the D.C. Firefighters Association, said.



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  • Molly

    It's all part of the big overall plan to eventually merge ALL emergency services into the one agency. One agency that deals with everything. The personel sit at their station and if a fire comes in, they put on their bunker gear. If a medical call comes in, they grab their 1st-in bags and AED. If a crime call comes in, they grab their handcuffs and gun. Simple really, and it will reduce the number of middle and senior management positions by 66%. That's quite a savings in salaries alone!

  • Craig Johnson

    I'm at a lost for words…. Instead of citizens and politicians (which the union pays firepac money for) stepping up to protect those who protect them when the alarm rings, they are watching coverage for the concern of Casey Anthony's "well being"  after being released from prison… that's your nightly news! Instead of STRONG LOCAL COVERAGE of this wrong doing of Men and Women who aren't trained to handle such situations! FOX 5, NEWS 7, NBC, WUSA!!!! YOU PEOPLE SHOULD BE BASHING THIS UP THE STREET! ONE SIDE AND DOWN THE OTHER! Doing nothing lets Ellerbe feel he can go on misguiding great firefighters in our NATION'S CAPITAL! I could go on about the so-called Chief but I'll keep this clean.  After 22 Years in this business I'm getting so tired of seeing, hearing and reading of mismanaged Departments around this country, obviously in my humble opinion; some of these "managers" were not raised in the same strong moral/ morale/ guided environment I was. Stay Safe and Stay Strong DCFD Brothers and Sisters.

  • Portland FF

    Does the fire chief sit at any of the locations to help out? From what I have been reading about your Chief this guy is trying to change everything about the dept. From a name change to being a security guard. There is one thing he can never change about DCFD and that is the way you all put out fires. Stay safe

  • Anonymous

    Ok enough already, Chief Ellerbee for someone who is a well Educated Man and is solely responsible to ensure a Safe Work Environment for the Firefighters of DC Fire and EMS, it mwould seem you have gone beyond the realm of Professionalism and Common Sense. What in the world makes you even think, much less believe and state that anyone in their right mind wouldnot attempt any violence against young people and/or DC fire and EMS Personnel. The High Crime Incident areas such as where the shootings last night occurred one can only believe has, or should have in place "NEIGHBORHOOD CRIME/SAFETY WATCH". What would your thoughts and words be today if a Firefighter had become a victim of senseless shootings?  The events of yesterday/last night should be a wake up call to you, The Mayor, The Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and the Chief of MPD. Using Firefighters to be on any location to assist young people with Summer Jobs, is without question out and out wrong. What is wrong with you? Where are THE PRIORITIES?Political Reasons are no excuse for this. What you have created here is quite simple you have ordered subjected Innocent/Professionals to Patrol areas which can only be compared to Afganistan and/or Iraq. The didderence being our true Military Professional Patriots are doing a job they are Trained to do, plus they have Military Weapons.  Come on Mayor Gray, Chief Ellerbee, and any others involved to advance Political Agendas, "GET IT TOGETHER NOW".
    Thank You

  • Anonymous

    The Same words he had for our Burned Brothers and the "Luv" he Showed for them. Molly, I will have whatever your smoking

  • John Q Public

    From the WaPo Live discussion with Gray this afternoon:

    How can you justify the decision made by Deputy Mayor Quander and FEMS Chief Ellerbe to post DCFD firefighters who have no law enforcement training, no protection, and no legal arrest authority on street corners in the worst neighborhoods of the city until as late as 4 a.m. in an attempt to reduce crime, allegedly in response to several muggings of youth workers last year? Not only is this dangerous for our firefighters, it is dangerous for the citizens, and legally dangerous for the city. 

    July 19, 2011 10:33 AM 



    Public safety is not solely the responsibility of the Metropolitan Police Department. Every citizen and every District employee has a role in helping our city to be as safe and inviting as possible.
    I charged staff with developing a comprehensive safety program for the summer and beyond.
    The early results are very encouraging. The placement of Fire Fighters at strategic locations is just one component of an overall comprehensive approach for providing safe communities throughout the District. The fire trucks and fire fighters serve as a deterrent to crime and promote a sense of commitment to local neighborhoods.

    He did not answer as to when he, Quander, and Ellerbe would be grabbing a posse from DOT, DC Water, Sanitation, Parking, etc and heading over to 53rd and Clay at 4am themselves to play cop.

  • mark

    I know this sounds like a novel approach, but wouldn't it make more sense for the parents to go along with the kids and make sure they are safe? Isn't that their job?

  • pooh

    if it looks like a turd, smells like a turd, and tastes like a turd…. then I guess it must be a turd

  • Rent A Cop

    Like was said in the other thread…you couldn't get promoted under the last three chiefs and you couldn't get(or keep) the chief's spot under the last two mayors. It took a buddy of yours(who now has more alligations of criminal wrong doing surfacing)to get the top spot.
    As much as I hate to admit it, we were better off under Fenty, the Rube, and Schultz. At least they kept you where you belonged.

  • Skidmarks

    Hey chief,,,fems administrator…Kenzin…the all mighty…whatever you think you are,
    Who put out the fire at Watergate last night? Seems we keep making you look good. What's the harm in listening to us? How do you know we were all wearing a blue work shirt? What was on the front of those t-shirts we were wearing? Could the residents of the building see any of that through our gear? Did they care about my t-shirt? Would you have let the fire continue to burn if we showed up in t-shirts? Would you have left us out of service to those people to "guard" the streets? High rise fire in a high profile building and we didn't even see you there??? Dennis Ruben would've been there!
    Thanks "chief"!

  • FF Scrotums

    how about the city use the police for this matter instead of having them sit around doing nothing like sleeping in speed camera police cars, harrassing innocent people, and showing up at fires and medical calls where they are not needed. if you want dc firefighters to do police work too how about you give them a raise that they havent had in over 6 years and pay them the time and a half that they never got for all of their overtime.