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Early video: Shell casings flying from commercial fire in Canton Township, Ohio.

Above is video from a fire on Sunday morning in Canton Township, Ohio. You will hear what sounds like ammunition cooking. WEWS-TV reports that's exactly what it is. Neighbors say shell casings from .50-caliber bullets ended up in their yards as far as four houses away. One was embedded into the siding of a home. Watch the story below.

More from WEWS-TV:

Officials said the fire started around 7 a.m. in the 2700 block of Waynesburg Drive SE at the Cobra Roll-Off Service, which is a trash bin rental facility.

Multiple mutual aid fire departments responded and worked to put out the blaze.

At 11 a.m., officials said the blaze was extinguished, but crews were still on scene as a precautionary measure.

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  • Anonymous

    I always love watching Engine Co.'s pulling arriving on scene and then having to hand jack back.  Take the extra time and lay in, or are an engine co for god's sake! 

  • mark

    Maybe a tad more urgency would have helped prevent damage to the exposure.
    Always a good sign when you see firemen handjacking LDH instead of laying in and using manpower to put out the fire.

  • the ear

    Typical of short staffed Ohio departments.It's too much work to put the hose back on the rig.

  • Molly

    Where were they going to lay in from? Just drop the line at some random spot and hope that is a good place to set up the water dump zone?
    Not every street in this country has hydrants.

    • mark

      They already had one dump tank setup in front of the engine that they handjacked it from. Hard to say if the other one was there when they pulled up because of the editing.
      But, yes, drop it where it makes sense to set up a dump tank. Beats wasting manpower that could be used for fighting the fire hauling LDH.
      I work in an area that has limited hydrants, so I am well aware of water shuttles, drafting as well as using hydrants. I've also had to pull LDH because it wasn't dropped at the end of a drive or in a roadway away from the fire when it could just as easily have been dropped.

      • Molly

        Thanks. I know very little about rural water supply operations. Is it typically up to the first arriving engine/tanker to establish the dump tank location?
        I agree, the editing makes the arrival sequence impossible to tell. My assumption is the yellow engines arrived first and were perhaps waiting for someone esle to establish the dump tank area, as they did. I also notice that another tank was set up in front of them. Maybe there was confusion as to which one they would be drafting from.

        • mark

          Should be the IC's or first arriving officer responsibility to determine dump tankshuttle operations location.
          Wide open road like this, it appears as another poster stated they were planning on 2 elevated master streams which will require 2 separate water supplies, so the engine we see pulling in should have dropped a couple hundred feet of LDH rather than hand jacking it. Whether the tanks were setup or not.
          In addition to the point about using manpower wisely, it sure appears that because of the ammo going off they knew there wasn't a hurry to extinguish it, so why not take the extra minute or two to drop the supply line where you think the drafting is going to be setup. You can always add or use less hose, but using limited manpower that could have been used to protect exposures to haul supply line is stupid. IMO

        • Red

          Yellow apparatus where CTFD, Red where mutual aid from other departments

  • Red

    I dont believe they have hydrants on Waynesburg Dr. Go to 1:41. They are setting up a portable pond for water supply. Dont be so quick to judge their actions.

    • mark

      Again, what is more important with limited manpower?

      Fighting the fire or handjacking LDH because of a lack of planning on the IC's part?

  • Anonymous

    Oh I dunno the DUMP SITE maybe.  It's called pre-planning.  Dump sites don't magically appear do they?  Someone obviously knew that would be the best spot for one so lay in from there.  It's alot easier to lay in then having three firefighter's have to hand jack back.  And yes i do know a thing about rural water supply, being that my first due is 90% rural. 

    • Molly

      Thanks for the smartass reply Mr Anonymous. I was asking a legitimate question since it clearly wasn't obvious were the best spot would be. There was another tanker seting up in front of them too.

  • Anonymous

    Did the "photojournalist" drive over the LDH??

  • Mike

         Where I come from we layout from a spot that the folding tanks will be going down.  I agree with everyone els, one of the first things you MUST do in a rural setting is too establish a water supply.  So there are no hydrants, call in your tanker / tenders and establish a Water Supply Group with Supervisor who will manage this function.  The sooner the better…Its called pre-planning and establishing command…

  • clay

    No hydrants, this LDH was going to an engine that was going to pump out of a port a tank then to the primary engine, grant it it's a pain to hand jack LDH but in some cases you don't intially know where the port a tanks are going to be set up.  This is the way we do it out in the country with no hydrants, if we are pulling into a lane of a house we drop LDH at the end of the drive and then lay into the fire however on the street and pulling up to the scene you may not know exactly how it's going to be set up.     

  • Scooter

    Tanker shuttle operations, so why did we block the street and set up two port a tanks, one on each end of the job?  Why not set up one dump site using two or more port a tanks allowing the tankers to run a loop with less backing.  Most if not all shuttles operations only flow about 700 gpm, or less which can be flowed by the first in rigs pump.  Strike the Box!  K  

  • Dickey

    It looks like to me from the video that they were going to set up two seperate elevated master streams. Each one will take it's own tender shuttle operation for the amount of water each one will comsume. Notice the second truck pull in on the other end?