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Raw video: House fire in Havertown, Pennsylvania. Two views as they switch to defensive operations.

At about 4:00 in the video above and 2:30 in the one below, the air horns sound for the switch to defensive operations at this three-alarm fire on Tuesday in Havertown, Pennsylvania. News reports indicate a resident was injured. The duplex on Darby Road is across a large intersection from the Llanerch Fire Company at 107 West Chester Pike. Read more.

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  • Seasoned Vet

    Absolutely no reason to go defensive. The aerial was up, vent the roof and take a couple of lines up the stairs and put the fire out. The smoke on the D side didn't look bad at all, so it appears nothing more than a bedroom fire.

    • fireman

      Seasoned Vet? Questionable. Everyone knows a stationary video camera doesnt pickup everything. The fire started in the rear of the house (which the camera doesnt show) By the time the fire vented in the front the first and 2nd floor were well involved. WHY would you send someone inside a VACANT house other than to get your picture on FF

  • Mr. Knowitall

    I don't feel like writing a lengthy comment so I'll just sum it up at "Terrible"……WTF.

  • Training

    If I had these resources, two trucks, dozen plus black hats and water.  Are you kidding? 1200 sqft total,  single line with focused engine crew;  in my dept we would have had this knocked and cleaned up in the time it took them to go 3 alarms and defensive, Really?!
    Be safe and smart.

  • Yabba Dabba Doo

    I love the 3/4 rubber boots rolled over… they were the schizzzzz. Take yer bunker pants and gimme a pair of them.
    Sorry guys, if your a fireman who started his career after 1994 you may not know what they are…..too bad

    • http://msn retiredinsc

      LOL ,they were good for pump details, I had to buy my own bunker pants,and I was the odd one with them ( bunker pants )

    • Anonymous

      me to got to love the good ole days of day boots and getting the job done

  • FMCH

    Hey, they had a red hat walkin around with his Oakleys on. I'm surprised the fire didn't go out as soon as he showed up. He's da one takin the skull saver off the ladder at the beginning of the video. I wish I was that kewl.

  • http://msn retiredinsc

    SeasondVet,said what I was thinking. How long into the vidio were we when we got fire blowing out the 2nd story windows, get in there and but the GD fire out. And to go to defenive mode,give me a brake. Just very sad to see vidios like this. This not a movie set Capt. so leave the sunglasses in the cab of the eng. I did not know that they still made 3/4 boots, 

  • Brandon

    I have not commented on here for a while, but after watching the video and reading the article I noticed the following.
    1.  Main priority of first arriving companies was to rescue the trapped occupant of the structure (no brainer).
    2. According to the news article the fire had an approximate 30 minute head start before being discovered by the homeowner (the trapped victim).
    3. After viewing both videos it appears that this is an older duplex that has been remodeled over the years which may or may not have had additional void spaces.
    4. According to the news article suppression efforts were hampered due to a large amount of clutter on the first floor of the structure.
    Again these are just a few of my observations from this fire and the information from the article.

  • Jimmy


  • backseat firechief

    Horrible placement of the funny colored firetruck under power lines. And learn to manage your PASS alarms.

    • Shadow man

      Its not a firetruck unless it is RED.  That would be one funny colored piece of fire apparatus.

  • RTP

    in the YouTube video at about the 4:14 mark, do I see a man on the roof with NO gear and one person in the bucket also no turnout coat on??????
    As for the 105 ft stick, hell park it at the local station then extend the aerial. What was the point of using it to get to the 2nd floor windows. Get on the roof and ventilate.

  • Tommy O’

    Hey  3/4 boot boy, just because you walked around from the d-side and and saw flames was no reason to give the what I assume was "pull ther air horn signal". (must be easier than to make an announcement to all companies). Oh, you are a Chief? Then dress and act like one. Leading by example shows why this all went wrong. No NFPA or OSHA statndards for gear where you are?
    Then hose boy on a/d corner, maybe you should wait till all are out an accounted for before you pour water in on them and steam the livin lobster snot out of them.

    • CHAOS

      The 3/4 boot guy was outfitted better than the guy in jeans & brown shirt wandering around the front of the ladder yapping on his portable…but, of course, if you need both hands to work your radio, well then…

  • Robert Kramer

    Dear Chief, Chief, Chief, Chief, and Chief – all of you that were standing in the way at the front door.  We're not sure what happened.  Things were looking better and we were not really sure what to do so we broke out all the windows in the 2nd floor.
    Next thing we knew, fire was blowing out some windows up there.  We couldn't go up there, because it was on fire, so we just started spraying water all the directions that you's guys were pointing.
    When it was all over with, we all went home so we did a good job…….that's what you always tell us.

  • RTP

    even in the 1st video just after they sound the airhorns notice the men on the roof by the bucket, ARE THEY NOT wearing protective gear??????????????

  • ricko

    I'm puzzled as to why they went defensive as well?   Is it beacause there is a fire?  It looks like it turned into a bedroom/room and content fire.  If we pulled up to a duplex and it looked like that at 4:00…we would go in and put it out. 

  • DPW

    Its stupid crap like this that keeps the fire service from ever getting the the full recognition as a true profession that it deserves.

  • Hook-n-Ladder 20

    I've seen worse on this site………At the beginning , I said…… OK, 1 LINE bed room Knockdown. Looks good , Agressive attack. Had me waiting on the topside vent, didn't see nor heard saws!
    Room flashes! ok we got fire, lets put it out! NOT! Blow The Evacuation Horns!!! Just when I thought we had a operation with a clue! OOOPS!!! I  GUESS I WAS WRONG!

  • Blue

    WOW! It'd be great havin' that many people an equipment at every room an contents fire, then again I'll just stick with what we got…………

  • Volunteer, not career

    Judging by the videos here, I would assume no one made the second floor.  Actually, it doesn't show anyone come out of the building during the evac.  So where were they?  Obviously we can't see the rear of the building and for the most part get little view of side D, but still I don't see a soul.  And to harp on a few comments above, if they did not make the second floor why did they vent it via windows?  That's right guys, feed the pending fire.  Looks to me like a roof cut above the stairwell would have done a damn good job getting that smoke and heat out without giving it the cross ventilation it wanted.
    Also, things already mentioned:  Too many chiefs, chief not wearing correct gear, firefighter not wearing correct gear (good on the probbie with the Oakleys, at least he has eye protection on), and poor placement on the yellow engine with the funny looking thing on the roof (oh sorry, thats a ladder truck).

    • Anonymous

      Five Chiefs…Five Kingdoms

  • Anonymous

    Nice new equipment…same OLD players! Nice to see things don’t change

    • Volunteer, not career

      I am to assume you are from the area???   You mention "things don't change".  Do you know anything about the fire?

  • M. Barrased

    Wow…..poor form, fellas. Where is Command and Control, crew integrity, strategy and tactics…, poor form.

  • Scooter

    Job was looking good, thought we had a good video on here… smoke conditions changed colors, smoke lightened up and starting to look good.  Of course don't see the other two sides but looks like lack of getting to the second floor looking for extension.  I agree with the others fire out the 2nd floor window… go kick its ass by getting a line to it.  DAY BOOTS!  Come on chief lead by example.  PPV the attached exposure, get a line up there with some hooks to check,  get a line to the 2nd floor of the main fire building.  Strike the Box!  K

  • Anonymous

    If there was the same sense of urgency in the beginning of the video as there was after they started pulling chains and making noise, things may have gone a lot better.

  • Medic44

    Truck guys maybe cool, but they sure the hell should know better then to lift the power lines out of the way when walking on the ladder.

  • Im Ready

    It is a Good thing Upper Darby showed up

  • Phillies2035

    I didn’t wanna comment on this but enough is enough…everyone one here is bashing this dept like the articles said this house was old with LOTS of clutter let alone the fact that entering this structure you had a dresser to greet you…as for the red hat he’s not a captain hes a junior member in Delaware county red signifies junior member so his oakleys aren’t a fashion statement since he can’t go in…
    Ending my comment I’m gonna commend everyone on here bashing this dept for what they did and being mature I’m glad no one said that they were glad no one was hurt fire dept wise cause isnt our top priority being YouTube firefighters? Cause by the sounds of it firefighter safety is your last concern…

    • Come on

      This Dept. has a history of this. Push the panic button at the first sight of fire. Same thing was done almost a year ago. The similarity is that both of these homes were total losses. Firefighter safety is extremely important, however nobody ever said fighting fire was not dangerous. There was no reason to go defensive. Fire started coming from the window…it was venting. Fire sometimes tends to do so… Go in and GET IT. Thats what firemen are supposed to do

  • Anonymous

    I am sure all you heros could have put that fire our with a can rights. Hope someday you will get bashed back. F u and grow some.