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Video: Fire station goes to great lengths to prank rookies.

UPDATE – Chief, 'deeply saddened', says there will be an investigation

UPDATE – The original poster removed the video around 11:00 AM EDT, but someone else has put it back up. It was up longer than I expected. The video was removed about 12 hours after it arrived on YouTube and four hours and fifteen minutes after it was posted to

The video above was posted to YouTube last night complete with credits for this production. It's from Station 108 of the Macon-Bibb County Fire Department. Whatever happened to sending them out for a can of friction loss?


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  • FireVet

    Way over the line.  At the very least there would be demotions in my department.

  • Legeros

    Guess we'll Google same in a few days/weeks, and see what happened after what happened.

  • Rom Duckworth

    One of those ideas that sounds funny in theory, but, bad taste aside, when it presents life safety issues, is unacceptable. 
    Then, let's talk about the PR of putting it on YouTube. For this one, even if the local residents aren't upset and offended, the picture that it paints of firefighters (childish, stupid and overpaid with too much time on our hands doing nothing) feeds into a public picture that we're all battling right now.
    I'd love to see a graph of public opnion about firefighters from August through 9/11/11 until now. I will likely poke your eye out.

  • FMCH

    So, looks like there will be a couple of vacant officer positions in the very near future.

  • C25ARET


  • Legeros

    And aren't they breaking a law or two there, as well, brandishing what appears to be a real handgun that's firing blanks? Or maybe it's a cap gun.
    Now, had that play perp appeared with a orange, dummy training pistol in hand, and those in on the joke had collapsed into laughter three seconds later…

    • Legeros

      And really, even as a boo-just kidding prank, anything involving a threat or appearance of violence is a bad idea.

      Then they tape the thing! Sigh. The ever-present war against “too far” in the firehouse.

      And can you imagine the horrified reaction of an HR person watching this thing!?!

      Wonder what the back story was, that made this to them “funny?” Is this an urban station, where gun violence is near? Did they pump the kid up with stories of such??


      • Lt. Lemon

        Urban department with some shady areas, but Station 108, which is credited with the video, seems to be in a fairly nice area. Large, new shopping center and fancy, mini-mansion developments all around.
        At least that's what Google Maps has to say about it…

  • Lt. Lemon

    I'm all for a little tom-foolery and firehouse fun, but this…this is too much. Even for me!
    I'm sure I've conjured up a plan similar to, or more outrageous than, this…but COMMON SENSE always donkey-kicks through the door of my mind, screaming, "Don't do it!!!"
    I have a feeling this video will quickly disappear once the negative feedback kicks in.

  • BH

    And here I thought pranks were supposed to be funny. 
    If they're stupid enough to put it on Youtube WITH THEIR NAMES, do I really want them working for or with me?  I wouldn't trust these morons to pour a bowl of cereal without hurting themselves after seeing this. 

  • Anonymous

    Guess Macon-Bibb Co goverment is Ok with weapons in the Fire House. Way over the line and this wouldn't be tolertaed in my Department.  

    • Shawn

      If you have ever been to Macon, Georgia..They NEED weapons in the firehouses…just without the tomfoolery

      • Lt. Lemon

        Nice use of the word "tom-foolery"…

  • Mike

    And let me guess…. These guys will be "victims" when the fire chief terminates them for their  behavior.   What choice will the fire chief have? After all, these idiots posted it on the web. How can the fire chief do anything to defend his department's behavior to the politicals? Stupid.  

  • Fyrecapt

    When will this be on the 6 O'clock New??? That is awesome! If I am lucky, it will make national news and I can watch here in calif. lol
    I am all for great pranks, but seriously?

  • Taylor

    What competent fire officer would condone, much less, participate in such a stupid prank?  Wait, don't answer that, it was rhetorical.
    So, we bring weapons into the firehouse (nevermind if they're real or simulated), prank the rookies, film it, put it on YouTube, put our names in the credits, and then go about our day assuming nothing bad will come out of this?   Poor, poor decision making fellas…

  • CLT FF

    What type of leader would do this? Makes the department look unprofessional. I certainly hope there are disciplinary actions following this. It this were my department there would be terminations. A handgun (fake or not) in the station…and then posting this video on youtube…what were they thinking?

  • Joseph Schmoe

    Nothing good will come from this. Study hard all of you officer wanne-bes at Macon-Bibb, there's gonna be a few openings!

  • gsd

    Macon is the 8th most violent city in the nation. This follows 12 shootings in 10 days. WOW 

  • Anonymous

    I forsee a few officer and firefighter vacancies in the future

  • Retired Captain NJ

    Sorry fellow firefighters, this one went way over the line. Poor judgement and bad taste. If someone does not get time off for this prank, then there is something really wrong with management there.
    Weapons (blank firing pistol) in the firehouse? Gimme' a break.  

    • Shawn

      This is in Georgia, NJ Captain.. Some departments DO allow weapons, but not the horseplay!

      • nick hunter

        Macon doesn't allow in weapons of any kind in the station

  • Matt Comeau

    Wow! I worked for this Dept. Its a SHAME that this is what the Fire Dept in Macon Bibb Co. has Come too. I feel sure it will be swept under the rug like it always is. I hope this opens the eyes of the Bibb Co. people. Stop Hiring Gangsters to protect the Macon Bibb Co. People. We pay enough in Taxes.

  • Anonymous

    That was stupid and juvenile and again a major PR Issue.  Someone should have thought about this before putting it on Youtube.  I believe in pranking people to but this was way over the line.

  • http://www, Comm_STFD

    Socially unacceptable … what the hell were they thinking?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Way WAY over the line.. In my department there would of course be demotions and possibly ones getting fired. Very bad. Way over the line. Gives Firefighters a bad name.. Think of it this way.. What if everyone in your town/area say this video? What would they think of you the next time you pull up at there house? Or even the next time you have a community function and no one shows up. Gives a HORRIBLE name and they all should be punished.

  • Shawn

    I was a volly in a local department 
    I have been inside THAT station, visiting friends
    I am always legally armed
    This could have turned out VERY badly…for a prank

    • Allen Cameron

      Just what I was thinking, brother…



  • greg

    Wow, What a shame! This is the stupidist thing I have seen in my 25 year career. Jokes are funny and rookies are to to be part of the joke. BUT NOT to this degree or fashion . I see many issues with this video and would personally disicipline all involved!.

  • Chuck

    So what if the rookie's had a license for a conceled handgun? Pulled out there Legal handgun and SHOT the "Badguy"? Would not have been funny then would it?

    • Shawn

      Exactly my point! OR..What if an MPD officer stopped in to borrow the bathroom? A random citizen stopped by to get their Blood Pressure checked…etc

  • Anonymous

    Too much time on their hands. Way over the top just plain stupid

  • Anonymous

    Not in very good taste.. this is something serious and stupid.  I think a few demotions are in order.

  • Dawn

    No common sense used here or too much time on thier hands..  Use this as an example of what NOT to do!

  • Anonymous

    fire ALL of them!!

  • Shawn

    Video was just pulled down from YouTube by the user

    • Lt. Lemon

      THAT didn't take long…

  • Anonymous

    Not in my house! Fun and frivolity builds crew integrity. There is no way this does anything near that and it looks bad – to the public – for all of us. This looks like a good attempt to throw a great career in the toilet. Even if they did think it was funny, or if there was a legitimate reason for doing this, there is nothing in the YouTube posting that lets anyone know this is anything but stupidity.

    • Allen Cameron

      Indeed. A proper prank leaves everybody laughing and doesn't hurt anybody. A proper and good-natured prank can be a bonding and trust-building experience.

  • nc fire capt

    whatever happened to sneding them out for a skyhook or a left handed egg beater or ask them to tie a flying bowline , or saran wrap the toilets. this was way over the top. bad enough they did it but then to put out there for everyone to see; just asking for trouble. Back in the day i thought criss crossing suspenders was to far but this brings on a whole new dimension problems.

  • Anonymous

    First smart move I have seen from these nitwits. It has been pulled from YouTube by the poster.

  • Shawn
    Here is a backup copy

    • Lt. Lemon

      Did you put this up?
      If so, good job!

  • Pete

    Assessment center scenario, you are the captain of a company and saw a video on youtube depicting a holdup with shots fired in your firehouse only to find out it was all a prank on rookies.
    How would you handle this situation?

  • Allen Cameron

    A firearm? REALLY??? A FIREARM???!!!
    Criminal assault charges should be considered.

  • Larmqtrback

    Really !?!?!? Noo Scbas No PPE No attack line, no back up line, No ICS Established.  What was the moron on the ground doing?  He should have been …Sorry I was use to reading all the other posts, figured I'd chime in on this and wouldn't you know.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like they should all get fired that is way over the line and makes our department loom

  • D

    What in the blue hell were they thinking?  This is highly unprofessional and just plain stupid. The Officers and Firefighters who helped "plan" this little masquerade should be fired. End of story.

  • Triple J

    They're REALLY lucky soemone didn't seriously hurt or possibly kill the 'gunman'. In my 30 year career, this has to be the dumbest 'prank' I have ever seen and is nothing short of psychosickness. As a Company Officer, I would put an end to this at first mention.

  • Darlene

    I know many firefighters and they even prank us parents.. We all are family and know when your family member is a rookie, there may be a huge prank coming.. It’s all in fun !!!!!! I’m a mother of a firefighter & this stuff goes on everyday in just about every station! Be easy on these firefighters!!!! They save lives all the time…

    • dave statter


      It is wonderful that you have such affection for firefighters and support them the way you do. It is admirable. I am sure they appreciate you.

      But making the excuse “because they save lives” doesn’t do the firefighters or the fire service any favors. It just enables.

      It doesn’t take much imagination to see how this could have gone very wrong leading to the death or serious injury of a firefighter or someone else. And then look at the image problem that has been created by posting this on the Internet.

      Instead of excuses, let’s learn some lessons from this one and do our best to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

      Dave Statter

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was funny. The only problem was taping it. What happened to “what happens in the firehouse stays in the firehouse”

    • dave statter

      How funny would it have been with a cop coming in for a cup of coffee jumping in to save the firefighters? A barrel of laughs. But you are right about taping it.


  • Man

    Racist and sterotypical

  • CLT FF

    I see that Dave has found news coverage on this already…I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you start seeing comments locally there in Macon that the FF's 'have too much free time on their hands' and that FF's 'have nothing to do'. The public's perception about FF's will drop.
    Scrutiny will follow and the good stations and firefighters will suffer from this absolute foolish incident. MBCFD reputation is taking a major hit and station 108 now looks like a frat house.
    Also, EXCELLENT example set for the rookies!

  • Man

    Fire the white guys

  • ?

    Not cool, people do crazy things when pushed this far. Fire Everyone Involved!

  • Michael Cossey

    There exists a long list of reasons why this "prank" is a horrible idea. They've discredited their station, their department and, to a certain degree, the fire service as a whole. Additionally, we know that brother firefighters have been victims of gun violence — on scene and in the firehouse — at the hands of the public and other firefighters. I think this prank dishonors the memory of those we've lost in such situtions.
    On April 24, 1996, Captain Stanley Adams, Captain Don Moree, District Chief Willie Craft, and District Chief Rick Robbins of the Jackson, Mississippi Fire Department were shot to death during a meeting among district chiefs. They were killed by a disgruntled firefighter who went on a rampage killing five people including his wife.
    In March 2000, Memphis (Tenn) Firefighters Javier Lerma and William Blakemore were shot and killed at the scene of a house fire. The fire was intentionally set by a fellow Memphis firefighter who had grown psychotic and delusional. In addition to shooting two firefighters, the gunman also shot and killed his own wife and Shelby County Deputy Rupert Peete, Jr.

  • mark

    Nothing else to say, it's been pretty well covered.
    They ought to be fired, because if they are all capable of this huge of a lapse of judgment in the station, it makes me wonder what could happen on a fire scene.

  • strech1936

    they all should be fired as afiredigters we are there to protect abs serve the public , we should acaxr as professiovals at all time no matter what we never now when ehe alarms go ofg we will ever mahe it back and leave our loves om alone . i had friends that were with theNYFD THAT LOST THERE LIVES ON 9-11

  • Andrew

    Good thing the local cops didn't stop by for a quick chat at the firehouse or something.
    Someone might've ended up having a REALLY bad day…

  • PPFD

    At least both races were represented. 
    Is anyone really that surprised?
    You Tube, Face Book, Twitter.
    Turning Americans into attention whores evrey second.

  • Anonymous

    For the people who dont know how the station is ran or how the people at the station get along, jokes are played all the time and people, btt this is clearly a joke gone bad in the eye's of the public.

  • Tower5Ladder

    Had this been in my firehouse, the jokester could have easily been shot by the POlice……  They are in and out of most county firehouses, and had they heard shots fired, I am sure they would shot this guy multiple times.  DUMB!

  • tom t

    stupidity at its finest every one should be diciplined for their actions, especially in these times. we have kids defending our freedoms so these jackies can do this sort of thing.IDIOTS

  • Sandi George

    Firehouse pranks need to cease. It is hard enough to make a point with students  that they can't tote a gun and claim it is a joke. Students spend a year of expulsion formuch less. . . like having one in a book bag. 
    These guys have obviously broken several laws and need to go home without pay or vacation days.
    If we expect kids to act civilized, the "heros"they look up to in the community need to set a better example.

  • jake

    The IAFF will spend plenty of union dues and tax dollars defending them

  • mona

    Pranks with guns are not funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dallas

    I think that they may need to ammend their credits with the prefix "Former" before their names…

  • ukfbbuff

    Heads will probably be put on the "Chopping Block"!

  • PtownB

    You guys are such negative nancy’s. What happened to the brotherhood in the fire department? You are all too busy trying to throw them under the bus. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? As far as the prank being dangerous? I hate to tell you but F.D. Doesn’t mean fire department, but rather freaking dangerous.

    • dave statter

      You know PtownB, I was wondering exactly the same thing when I saw this video, “What happened to the brotherhood in the fire department?”.

      How could the people who set up this idiotic prank and then broadcast it to the world be so uncaring about their brother firefighters? It was an enormously selfish thing to do.

      Here’s what they’ve done and will likely do to and for their brother firefighters because they forgot what brotherhood is all about:

      1. They’ve put the jobs of a bunch of brothers in jeopardy.
      2. They were completely uncaring about the safety of their brothers (the potential of this going wrong and someone getting hurt was quite great)
      3. They have brought ridicule, scorn and embarrassment to the department and the fire service (Google it to see that this story is now all over the world).
      4. They have local political leaders who hold the purse strings questioning what it is firefighters do.
      5. They have one political leader all over the fire chief about this one (but I guess he’s a chief and not a brother firefighter).
      6. They will likely cause quite a bit of turmoil in the lives of some fellow firefighters who will have to be transferred from posts they might enjoy to Station 108 to cover for fired, suspended and/or transferred firefighters (what chief would let this crew stay together?).
      7. They have helped launched the career of some new brothers in a way that has much potential to haunt them for years to come.

      Here’s some real brotherhood for you. Take this video and show it to every firefighter, young and old, that you can (that’s the reaosn I posted it). Make sure they understand the lessons learned from this so none of what I mentioned above happens to them or their department.

      By all means if these are your friends support them in their battle anyway you can. That’s what friends are for. Just don’t make excuses that will allow some other brother to think “We are firemen and because we put our lives on the line we can do this crap and it’s okay.”


  • Craig Johnson

    Credits should say………
    Film shot at FORMER WORKPLACE….
    I love a good prank myself but this is so over the top… a gun with blanks!!!??? You are nuts if you defend this, it's ridiculous!

  • rediculous

    okay it was a gun that was not fired.  If you didnt see the guy who is brought to the back is lighting a firecracker.  Damn pay attention people

    • Craig Johnson

      I stand corrected. Thank you for pointing that out. I was more focused on the people laying on the floor and being totally disgusted by it all. I'll pay better attention next time someone decides to throw the fire service under the bus for a "laugh" and VIDEO IT. Once again I apologize.

  • Anonymous

    This is disgusting.  What about this would have fostered more teamwork or made the rookies better firemen – absolutely nothing.  In fact, I wouldn't have been suprised if one of them didn't take a shot at an "end-run" for a butcher knife.  
    I do think the videographer actually did everyone who works there a favor in the future as  a validation for the lack of common sense in that house.
    This "prank" will go down as one of the dumbest moments in the history of firehouse life. Sad

  • Lt. Lemon

    Exactly, Dave.
    Many firefighters fail to realize that membership in the "brotherhood" must be earned upon joining the fire service, it is not a given right to all members. These firefighters endangered themselves and made their department (and therefore the ENTIRE American fire service) a joke on the internet (an international stage). In my book, they disgraced the brotherhood and I would not simply dismiss their actions because they are "brothers". They will have to EARN back the respect of their peers, if they are allowed to continue in this profession.
    If a rogue firefighter decides to light a random house on fire for kicks, would you stand behind his actions because he's a "brother"? What if he inadvertantly killed somebody; would you support his act of arson under the veil of "brotherhood"? What if the victim was ALSO a "brother" firefighter?
    Just because he is a fellow firefighter, it doesn't mean that his actions are flawless. There is nothing wrong with supporting the actions of these individuals if you believe they did nothing wrong, but find a better defense than "brotherhood"…especially in a forum of OTHER firefighters.
    Dave, there's a rumble in my chest…I think I feel a blog post coming on…

    • dave statter

      L L,

      Glad that we occasionally perspsire … I mean inspire.


  • pyromedic

    i am quite sure that would have turned out much more differently at some stations, i for one am armed 99% of the time around the station, call it paranoia or self preservation but i would rather go home jobless that in a box.  not sure who thought this was a good idea for a "prank" but this behaviour should never ever be tollerated by any professional in any profession.

    • Legeros

      Heck, in the corporate world, the wrong *talking* about guns and shooting can have an negative career impact…

      With apologies to George Costanza, the firehouse isn't Thunderdome. Anything should not go.

  • Ken Rossignol

    These bozos should be fired; if not, then there is a failure of leadership.  It is not good enough to be "saddened". The Chief should have ordered immediate suspensions pending an investigation which could be conducted by simply watching the video and then firing the twits.  There are plenty of applicants for these jobs.
    A failure to fire them is to condone their actions.

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