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Early video & fireground audio: Vacant Buffalo, New York storefront burns for second time in 24 hours.

Fireground audio & pictures from Sunday's fire via Erie County Fire Wire

Fireground audio & pictures from today's fire via Erie County Fire Wire

Above is Don Murtha's video from a fire early this morning at 269 Walden Avenue. in Buffalo, New York. Below is the video from the fire at the same building Sunday morning.


Overnight, Buffalo's bravest were forced to make a repeat appearance at a Walden Avenue deli. Crews were called to the abandoned business just after 1 a.m. Monday.

They were pretty familiar with the address, firefighters were called to the same building late Saturday night (actually Sunday morning) to put out flames.

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  • backseat firechief

    Buffalo needs to adopt the Detroit let it burn strategy . Both cities are dealing with the same community problems. I like to call it urban thermal re- development .

  • Midwest Chief

    Comparing Detroit to Buffalo?  Really?

  • Bill

    Buffalo has lost over half its population in the last 60 years. It may not be as big or lost as many people as Detroit, but its been pretty rough in the Nickel City.

  • backseat firechief

    If you compare structure fires and vacant properties, the two cities are very similar. Both fire departments are very busy answering multiple calls to extinguish fires repeatedly at the same address. The population isn’t the point. Economically, both cities have had a few rough decades that contribute to the urban decay of the their respective housing stock. The elimination of vacant homes will push out the drug houses, but the chance of firefighter injury or worse should encourage top brass to make policy that effectively serves the city and protects the firefighters