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Massive fire at Texas Chemical plant. Watch live video from Waxahachie. Fire truck burns.

WFAA-TV image from chopper video.

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Before & after shots of fire truck at

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From the AP:

A raging fire at a chemical plant south of Dallas is sending black smoke billowing into the sky and prompting area schools to evacuate students.

Bright orange flames and massive plumes of smoke can be seen Monday at a Magnablend Chemical Plant facility in Waxahachie (wahks-uh-HA'-chee), about 30 miles south of Dallas. Area residents are being told to stay inside with doors and windows shut.

Waxahachie Police Lt. Joe Wiser tells the Fort Worth Star-Telegram no injuries have been reported since the fire was reported at 10:40 a.m.

Images from WFAA-TV show the fast-moving fire engulfing a fire truck at the scene as firefighters nearby battle the blaze.

Magnablend's website says it's a chemical manufacturing company that makes custom chemicals for industries ranging from oil fields to industrial cleaning.


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  • mark

    Quick somebody send them boys some Coldfire…….
    Stay safe, protect the exposures and let it burn.


    Yep, looks like there isn't much in the way of exposures that hasn't already joined the party.
    Back up, order dinner…and breakfast…and keep everyone safe.  Shame about the tower.
    ColdFire airdrop by a news chopper??!!

  • Lt. Haggerty

    Yup thats not gonna buff out of that truck.

  • FireGears

    Good Job Markie and Chaos.!!!.

    It seems that you are beginning to grasp the general concept of  using water attitives
    to greatly enhance the ability of plain water to extinguish Class A-B-D-K fires…
    Unfortunately, you're both a little slow in understanding the CORRECT AMOUNT to add.
    Please  remember to READ The Directions for the correct amount to add to your water tanks
    or  the correct % to set on your foam systems.    .
    Keep Trying.!!!   It's so easy a caveman can do it..
    It's a shame so many "cavemen" have such a hard time UNDERSTANDING IT.!!!

  • mark

    I'm wondering if a caveman can spell additive correctly?

    • CHAOS


  • Fire21

    Those two firefighters in the aerial basket were playing heads up!!  They saw (or someone saw) the advancing flow and told them to park it and clear out.  WHEW!!

  • FireGears

    Always try to leave a little something in most posts for others to correct.
    (helps with the self esteem they seem to so severely lack … :-)
    Round the coffee table at the FD we call it “Chummin’ for Big-Mouth Bass”

  • FF/EMT Bryant

    The comments on this youtube video offer even more humor than the ColdFire comments here.


    All in all, a rather impressive (and expensive) example of the dangers of setting up downhill…especially downhill from all those plastic totes which are already showing a willingness to burn readily.
    Doesn't matter how much ColdFire (or other real foam) you have, all that liquid that is already released from failed containers is coming down to visit.  Damn close call for that tower crew.

  • Former Chief

    I agree with CHAOS.  It's easy to Monday morning quarterback, but how many times do we see poor apparatus positioning result in something like this.  I thought Baltimore was going to loose a Tiller the other day at the Tire Store fire, set up in the collapse zone.  Thankfully the Texas crew was safe.  THINK people when you're developing your incident action plan.  It only takes another minute to evaluate the hazards before you set up.  The fire will be there, nobody ever stole a fire.

  • Truckie88

    Gotta wonder if that building met the NFPA 30 requirements for Flam/Comb liquid containment and drainage? Grated trenches at doorways to UG tank or oil/water separator? Also, very plastic totes are UL Listed for handling Flam/Comb liquids. AHJ's need more education.

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  • Dallas

    Truckie888, you need to remember this is Texas; they don't 'do' government.  All the things you mention are rational things that a rational community would ensure were in place, but this is a place where tens of millions of dollars were cut out of the budget for fire departments statewide in the midst of their worst drought in history, so I think that your expectations are way out of line with the reality that the firefighters are dealing with.
    It wouldn't surprise me if the only AHJ is the guy who built the plant.  They also don't 'do' zoning so we should be happy that the plant wasn't built next to a school or in the midst of a neighborhood.
    I am just glad that no firefighters were hurt because given the way things went down that was certainly a very real possibility.