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Raw video: House fire in Gary, Indiana.

This is Ed Malik video shot on Sunday in the 2600 block of Harrison in Gary, Indiana.

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  • http://msn retiredinsc

    Oh my God, What do you call that, FIREFIGHTING ?????????

  • Jimmy

    Strong work! Still a few aggressive departments left! Can't wait till the yard breathing Safety Sam's see this. They'll be crying for days.

  • Mark N.

    Did everyone get a good look at the fire before they put it out??haha…good job

  • Mahoney

    My first observations:
    1)  "Yup, that's fire."  Took how many people looking in the door to confirm that?
    2) "I'm already bald so my hair can't get singed off."  Pure stupidity.
    3)  Does it really take seven people standing at the door to put water on this thing?
    Just the things that really popped out at me…

  • Hooters

    Looks to me like the ladder was first due and they were waiting on the engine company to arrive.

    • Brosky

      I agree. Those people could not tell that it was a working fire by looking strait at it. Also last I checked every time you have a conformed opposable working fire you should always hit or stage at the knob. And should the 2nd line come in from the front or back. Of corse the frount so you can work on the knock down and then meet in the middle. They had know idea what they are doing.

  • Tailpipe

    GFD.  Always entertaining.

  • Blue

    Tuff dudes in a tuff town, whos the bearded guy in the traffic control vest?

  • mark

    The crowd at the door and taking a peak inside was sort of comical.
    Apparently helmets are optional PPE? Or did they all just leave them on the trucks?

  • Don

    It cracks me up when people criticize these other departments.  I'd just once love to follow these boneheads around with a video camera when they're on a call.  I bet some of the best doofus firefighting videos would come from watching these keyboard professionals in action.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the lineman gave up the pipe pretty easy. Dude didn't even have to try and take it from him.  

  • Just another Fireman

    My gosh, real men doing real firefighting.  Hey arm chair (Keyboard) quaterbacks take note, that's called FIREFIGHTING, let me break it down for ya…FIRE-FIGHT-ING.  

  • http://msn retiredinsc

    So Don I take it you see not a thing wrong ,a job well done, ????????????????????

  • Anonymous

    I love the question, "Do you need a hydrant?".  Seemed like they were seriously thinking about just putting it out with tank water.

  • Mark too

    Yeah, it appeared that way, however I don't necessarily see the problem with that that you appear to.
    Now, I'm just speculating since this was obviously a very limited view of the incident.  It looks as though there was probably an engine and truck on scene at that point.  It's not uncommon in career departments for the first arriving engine to go straight in and have the second arriving engine pick up the hydrant.  If the next in engine isn't far behind, there can be some significant benefits with doing so.
    The visible fire was knocked down within seconds of opening up the line.  One could reasonably assume the progressively increasing sound of sirens means that additional units are approaching the scene.  So, it's a good possibility the question was about determining if the next in engine should still pick up the hydrant rather than intentionally trying to put out the fire with tank water and then deciding if a hydrant was needed.