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Raw video: Gary, Indiana church fire.

Video from Ed Malik of a fire around 10:00 last night at 2300 Adams in Gary, Indiana. Here's an excerpt from the description with the clip:

Crews quickly established water supplies and started an exterior attack using a deck gun, one stick on Truck 4 (Truck 7) and a couple of handlines. The response was kept at a still response with 2 engines, a truck, and Squad 2.

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  • 7House

    Not sure why this is being called a church or a hospital, it was always apartments until the day it was vacated. It was probably kept to a still because it was only the attic and no exposures and there werent many more companies available. Coulda been a 1 engine-1 truck fire.

  • Crowbar

    The desendants of the carpenters who framed that roof can be proud.

  • BH

    I'm sorry, did they say "quickly established water supplies"?  4 minutes of video, plus edits.  4 minutes might not be a big deal when it's exterior from the get-go, but 4 minutes with a crew inside could be lethal.  And remember, with an exterior operaton everyone was available to help get water- not so with an interior attack.  I think they need to thnk about what they consider "quick." 

  • Just a working slob

    I'm still waiting to see the "Incredible job by Gary FD" that the intro spoke of.  After viewing numerous videos of this department, I haven't been impressed by any of their work.