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Helmet-cam video: Commercial fire in Emmett Township, Michigan.

Helmet-cam video from a firefighter with the Emmett Township Department of Public Safety taken at a fire on September 6 at the offices of BC Shopper (a newspaper) and Griffin Environmental Services. Here's some information from WOOD-TV:

Three different fire departments, including Pennfield, Newton, and Emmett Township all responded to the fire.

The cause of the fire and where it started hasn't been determined. The BC Shopper is connected to another building that houses Griffin Environmental Services.

An Emmett Township officer at the scene of the fire told 24 Hour News 8 over the phone that two road officers were leaving the building as the roof of the warehouse collapsed. The officers escaped unharmed.


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  • Mahoney

    The FF with the camera did an absolutely bangup job!  He was constantly checking his hoseline, exposing the fire, and seemed to be at least 15 steps ahead of the rest of his crew.  Hopefully he was the officer because if not, he should be!

  • So So

    B-O-R-I-N-G. THIS WAS OVERHAUL? Nothing worthwhile going on here. The place was a total loss when the video started, hell the roof was burned off already. This is a hero video, suitable for playing for mom and dad and then mom can play it at all the family gatherings. Nothing wrong with it, just nothing worthwhile about it.

    • CJRaynor

      So So, sorry you find this video "Boring"  I guess you must be the type of Firefighter that only does the job just for the excitment of red lights and siren. 
      Actually there is a lot to learn from this video, such as the firefighter inside the facility without an airpack (9 minute mark) or the firefighter not wearing gloves.  How about the firefighter cutting wiring to prevent it from tangling on airpacks, or did you see how the cameraman continued checking on his guys, checking the hose, coordinating assistance from outside? There is a ton of learning objectives in this video. 

  • clay

      Gotta agree with Mahoney, the firefighter directing did a good job.  The disturbing part and one that some firefighters are careless on is at the 9:14 mark you see a firefighter inside the structure and not just in the door but in the structure without SCBA on and decides to grab the hose to do some work, that's poor directing.  Oh sure the smoke and all the other "nasties" in the air won't get you now but down the road you'll pay the price.

    • Xaria

      Absolutely first rate and copper-bottomed, gnelmteen!