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Raw video: Two views from a Saint Paul, Minnesota house fire.

Pre-arrival video from Brandon Scheunemann

Video above of a house fire on Saturday in St. Paul, Minnesota. Helmet-cam of the same fire below. No further information.


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  • My oh My oh My

    Thanks again Dave for posting videos of firemen doing what they are supposed to do—1.take a hose inside and put the fire out. it quickly. as a team.
    This shows when you do this, the fire goes out quickly.
    I knew from the first time the guy in the chiefs buggy said "Oh Boy!" when they saw the header…and it wasn't an "Oh poop-kinda Oh boy"–it was a "Oh Boy This Is Gonna Be GREAT!" kinda Oh Boy–the kinda Oh Boy we all get when we see it.
    Hats off for a great job!!!

  • Bar-n-Hook

    Another fine job ("Bread-n-Butter") by real firemen. As oppossed to the usual litany of crap performed by the clowns, posers, safety nazis & glorified band-aid wackers dressed in firefighter costumes that attempt to pass themselves as "progressive" FDs! You know who you are. And so do we.
    A tip of da hemet to the lads @ St.Paul FD & not (yet) succumbing to the suppossed progressive/diversification zealots.

    • Crowbar

      @Bar-n-Hook: I wouldn't knock the "band-aid wackers" if I were you.  You might need them to treat your knuckles.

  • 95%er

    damn. nice job. nobody running around like an idiot, nobody screaming on the radio, everyone in PPE and the fire went out in about 2 minutes and didn't extend one inch past where it was when they get there.
    ok, all you guys in Pennsyltucky need to watch this and copy it.
    step 1. arrive on the scene. step 2. take hose line off and charge it. step 3. take charged hose line INSIDE the building and open up the nozzle when you see the orange glow. (thats what we call the fire room) step 4. don't shut the line off until the orange glow goes away and the room turns into amazing steambath and it gets lighter around you.(thats what it looks like when the fire goes out). step 5. go home and wait for the next one.

  • ukfbbuff

    My 2 cents from Calif.
     Good Video.
    Maybe the IC Should have set up his vehicle closer to the fire across the street in a Driveway, rather than walk in towards the fire.
    This looks like where PPV may actually have benefited the Interior Attack Hose Teams as the Back Porch (?) looks like it's a big enough area to be an exhaust opening.

    • McTrucker

      The IC was not filming. The IC generally stays out of the way of the crews and equipment.

    • Anonymous

      We were blocking traffic on a major street, why get closer when we don’t have water on the chiefs buggy

    • Randy

      We were blocking traffic on a busy city street to ensure the fire crews could work safety

  • Midwest FF
  • Shh…

    Nice job Saint Paul.

  • Legeros

    "Pretty good stop" says the voice on the tape.

  • Crowbar


  • Dickey

    Very respectable work, even if they are from Minnesota!!  LOL
    Just kidding, great work boys!
    (Packer Fan)

  • BoxAlarm

    10-75, strike the box K….. Cancel that.  They have it knocked already.  Well done brothers.