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Must see video: Mom lowers toddler by harness from Stone Mountain, Georgia apartment fire after dropping infant into arms of neighbors.

A mother drops one child into the arms of strangers and lowers the second by harness before escaping from the same third floor window with her mother-in-law. It happened on Wednesday evening when fire broke out around 6:45 PM in a ground floor apartment on Three Oaks Bend in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Some of it was caught on video. Watch the story above from WSB-TV.


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  • Fire21

    I've always heard that when the fire is licking at your butt, you WILL jump!  That's what the mother-in-law did…she "walked out the window like she did it every day".  Excellent action by the Mom and the crowd below.  Quick thinking.

  • bob frost

    really? you threw your baby out of the window for that? i guess that's natural selection for you, or at least it would've been if it bounced. there's nothing worse than a crowd encouraging people to jump needlessly. 

  • Fire21

    Didn't you hear the Mom say that she had no choice?  She said after one breath of smoke, she knew she wouldn't make it down the stairs.  Lemme see…drop children to strangers, or burn/smoke inhale to death.  My, what a decision!  Natural selection to me says LIVE!!

  • Dickey

    Yup, I would do the same thing too. What other choice do you have? Good thinking by mom to use the rope, and NOT around the kids neck even!! Good Job!