UPDATE – Must see video plus fireground audio: Wall collapses on firefighters at Momper Insulation Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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(Special thanks to reader Aaron Krontz for alerting us to this incident.)

INCnow.com reports this is video shot by videographer Aaron Dohring of a wall collapse during a fire at the Momper Insulation Company at 2431 W. Main Street. The fire was reported around 11:30 this morning. Two firefighters caught in the collapse were quickly pulled free and are reported in good condition. One refused treatment and the other was taken to a local hospital.

Above is a frame just as the first debris falls. Three firefighters are seen here with the fourth in front of them operating a line into the bay door. The stream is visible above and to the left side of the head of the firefighter on the left. The firefighter on the right (the officer?) points and moves forward as the wall collapses. That firefighter and the one on the line are in the middle of it as the wall comes completely down, less than two seconds after this frame.

From The Journal Gazette:

The fire escalated and firefighters were pulled out, Willis said. After firefighters were out of the building a side wall of the building collapsed and a firefighter who was on the perimeter of the building was injured, Willis said.

It is unknown how serious the firefighter's injuries are.

In the fireground audio below from firefighterdispatch on YouTube the evacuation occurs around 9:30. The collapse is reported at 23:15.

Besides multiple collapses, another issue has been the concern about hazardous materials and toxic runoff. Below is video from a press briefing about the fire.