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Pre-green line arrival video: House fire in Alameda County, California.

A relatively calm resident arrives back at her Alameda County home to discover it on fire. She is able to get some help from neighbors who search for a nearby green line (in the video above) and then use it in defensive mode.

T-bone, the man on the pipe, without helmet cam (without even a helmet), made sure no good deed goes undocumented. We end up with a nice. steady point of view shot of the initial attack and even a quck closeup of the nozzleman.

Before we jump on T-bone for not taking the first line in the front door, protecting the means of egress and heading to the room on fire, or not getting close enough to the windows for the stream to be effective, we might want to see if they estimated the stretch properly to begin with or if the green line was played out to its maximum length.

Kudos to T-bone for explaining to the homeowner, who was apparently intitially upset that the firefighters pausing down the street ("Over here! Hello! Can't you see it!"), that the hydrant was near where the rig stopped.

It's great that either a police officer or firefighter immediately moved the homeowner and T-bone out of harm's way, but shouldn't they also be asking them right away if everyone is out of the house? Just a thought.

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  • Burns BCoFD

    I'm not a cop, fire marshall, fire investigator, and didn't stay at a holiday inn last night, but she was certinanly calm watching her house burn down, she might need more than some new windows. 

  • Scooter

    I wish T-Bone had another 50' for the green line….. he may have got the job…. kept it darkened down as the overhang starts to light off several times….. get T-Bone an application…. Strike da Box!  K  

  • mdff

    Medical marijuana makes everything seem ok, it is California.


    Is it just me being in awe of FireDiddy T-Bone, or did it take an awfully long time from when the FD stretched their line into the front yard until they finally got masked up and got around to flowing water?  They should have let the original green line keep flowing if they were going to take that long getting their own green line in service.

  • Former Chief

    That was a heck of a stream coming out of the green line.  At least the first due Engine laid in and pulled past the front of the house.  Not that, that helped much since the next two rigs were both Engines and they pulled in front of the house.  Where's the Truck Company, K?  Maybe someone from the left coast can explain.  One more thing and I'll go away, gotta practice your "porch drills", masked up and making entry in 30 seconds.

  • Legeros

    Good job t-bone!  Buy that man a steak!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I'm being a little too picky… but in many of these videos, I see the engine companies stretch their line perpendicular to and far from the point of entry.  Some even walk way down the street and back up to "flake" it out.  It makes for easier advancement if you stretch and flake the line close to the door and flake it back and forth "in line" to the point of entry…

  • ukfbbuff

    I'll agree, I was wishing for another 10 feet of "green line" to reach the window. "T-Bone" was doing a good job despit his limitations.
     I also agree the small line should have been kept  in operation a little longer and that the Nozzle FF shoud have been set to  go as he made is hose lay and then maked up.
    Finally, sorry to hear the home owner decribe the damage and take it calmly. Hope her insurance covered the loss.

  • Sharppointy1

    I was impressed at T Bone's calmness and ability to actually put the wet stuff on the red stuff.  Like ukfbbuff said, just a few more feet and he could have done even more. He should include this video in his application to become a FF.
    I was wondering what drug the woman was on that would keep her so mellow while she watches her house burn down….but mdff cleared that up for me.
    I also wondered why in the heck nobody helped the obviously disabled woman out of her driveway, but I'm guessing she could have floated away on her own from her chemicals.