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Two must see videos: Burning truck runs into fire engine in Arizona & helicopter crash and rescue in New Zealand.

While I was quite busy yesterday gathering material for a very, very special Thanksgiving Day message that will soon be posted (in it I will reveal something that may shake the world of fire and EMS blogging) two of my blogging colleauges were actually finding dramatic must see videos.

Above is video from Anthem, Arizona that Firefighter Spot posted showing a burning box truck running into the fire engine that was working on extinguishing the flames.

Below is rather amazing video of a helicopter crash and rescue in New Zealand. It occurred as the chopper was putting into place a 70-foot tall fiber optic Christmas tree. Please make sure you check out Firegeezer for Bill's detailed account of this one.

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  • Scooter

    Thank you Anthem for giving us hope after seeing the Scottdale stretch….Another great stretch,  about 35 seconds (other than the officer needs to get some gear on and help out in some way).  Thanks for posting these Dave!  I have to teach a hose class next week and I plan on using the Kentland, Anthem vidoes showing how to make a good quick stretch and the Scottsdale and others on how not to make a good quick stretch, and showing them you never know when you will be on Youtube or Statter911.  Strike the Box!  K

  • Bob

    Great training video! Nice lessons learned…

  • Bingo Bob

    That’s why you chock the wheels.

  • Charles Werner

    Dave, thanks for your steadfast sharing of information from which all of the fire service can learn.  May you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season.

    • dave statter

      Thanks Chief. How kind. Hope you are well and a very happy
      Thanksgiving. Statter.

  • FMCH

    On a side note, don't park in front of a burning vehicle on a downward slope……

  • bozo the fire chief

    Ummmmmmmm apparatus placement anyone?

  • Legeros

    Dave, please compile the best citizen commentary videos of the year. The AZ video deserves a nomination.

  • Former Chief

    Great lessons learned video.  Let's all be honest, how many of our FD's would have done the same thing?  You can see the ethanol burining in the running spill fire.  Alcohol resistant foam probably would have been a good idea.  Any gasoline fueled fire almost requires that these days.  Thankfully the Firefighters weren't hurt.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe didn't need to stretch the line through the burning fuel on the ground.  (Yes he did.  Watch it again)

  • Brian

    As a company officer it drives me insane to see officers not put their gear on. He came close to getting burned while trying to move the handline. What if one of the firefighters needed help?  It just sets a poor example. We should be leading from the front, not standing across the street wearing a sweatshirt. Operational readiness is what we should preach from day 1!

  • Know Better

    I was told by a great officer a long time ago……  Auto fires. You position up wind and up hill if at all posible. You'll never have these problems.

  • Cosgrove

    Lets see how does it begin?? Oh Yes !!Dear Chief . Anyway Good lessons learned and I can only hope that these guys stretch a line this fast on a house fire. They got that other group from Arizona beat. Happy Thanksgiving

  • FireGears

    Years ago this happened to us at a fully involved car fire.
    Arrived and parked UPHILL on a slight grade.
    Perfect, right.???
    Burning wires somehow engaged the car’s
    starter-motor on this manual transmission vehicle
    and it slowly began to move directly toward the Engine.!!!
    The quick thinking Captain placed his helmet under the 
    rear wheel of the flaming car to stop it.
    Perfect, right.???
    It slowly ran over the helmet (LAFD-style) crushing it.
    But it slowed the car's progress while the FFs attacked the fire
    and allowed the Captain to place rocks under (3) wheels.
    The helmet, which gave it’s life for the good of the FD,
    went into our “trophy case”…


    Video proof that trucks & burning fuel spills, much like sh!t, do flow downhill.
    Wonder if the officer will be gearing up ALL the time after the Chief (and his co-workers) see this vid.
    I see someone returning to work and finding a nice, shiny engraved chock in front of his locker or gear rack.

  • JJ

    what would kentland do?.  I idolize them, not fdny nor boston.  Maybe even fdny can learn something from them.  They are so quick to stretch a line and knock down a fire.  Everyone can learn from them.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, maybe I'm not seeing this right. They pull up on a panel van fire. Is Who owns the van? Terrorist? Drug dealer? Painting Contractor? Local Propane company? You get the idea? No officer size up. Oh wait maybe "It's just a vehicle fire". The speed of the hose stretch makes absolutely no difference on ANY fire. A good size up, and a PROPER hose placement will benefit everyone everyday. Doing ANYTHING directly in front of or directly behind a vehicle is dangerous. Dave should develope a CD on tactics from his videos. Hope these posts help save some lives someday.

  • Gil

    Give them a brake it could be there first day being a fireman.

  • Gil

    No Cosgrove it starts this way…. What a had a happen was…

  • mark

    Since when do we park directly in front or behind vehicles on fire? I guess I was taught different, park offset to the involved vehicle as well as attacking from an angle. That whole gas charged strutbumper shock thing. No matter the type of vehicle.
    Nice stretch, could have used some ColdFire.

  • gene

    Is this Crew,   VOLUNTEERS ?  So sad!

  • John

    No this is a paid department outside of Phoenix metro.

  • SomeFireGuy

    Even though they didnt chock the vehicle… its almost a good thing the Engine was there… if it wouldnt have been. That box truck could have easily rolled down the road into a neighboring home… now… theres a size up for an offcer!!!… i would say LUCK played a big part in this. good job in the end, but precautions were looked over. Keepo your heads up boys. learn from it, kick it in the head next go round.

  • Dale

    Thats what I was going to say. Good structure save boys!

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