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Arrival video: Thanksgiving Day house fire in Freehold, New Jersey.

Video shot yesterday at 30 Institute Street in Freehold Borough, New Jersey. No injuries were reported. Below is a Freehold Fire Department photo showing Side D. Click here for more pictures. Read more about the fire.



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  • Scooter

    Think I see steam conversion between 40 seconds and a minuet of the Engine arriving.  There may have been another Engine up the block.  But either way looks like they kicked some ass.  Heavy smoke conditions and it was quickly changed to steam.  Truck needs ground ladders thrown a little quicker but over all looked like it was headed in the right direction.  Good Job and of course…. Strike the Box!  K

    • CHAOS

      If that was all steam that quickly, what was the tower piping several minutes later??

  • mdff

    Where was the Boss?

  • Truckie15

    This video makes me PROUD to say I'm a member. Although I couldnt be there, from all my sources, It was a good solid job on the knock down. No injuries to civilians or firefighters. Knowing the layout of the proximity of the D-side exposure and wind conditions, the companies did an excellent job of protection. EXCELLENT WORK brothers.

  • Oh Lord

    Liked to seen more of this video. Whatever happened to the urgency of this job? 30 Firefighters on the scene and 1 ladder was thrown. There may have been more ladders thrown after this video had stopped but this was also a 7 minute video. If we have firemen inside we to assure that they have a way out, 7 minutes to throw a few ladders is unacceptable. Is it protocol for this company once the Ladder Truck gets there to give it a supply line because “we” might burn this mother to the ground? Now I’m all for being proactive and being prepared for defensive but as one sided as this video shows this “looked” like a bread n butter fire, and eventually when the tower got in reach they used they’re master stream??? Accountability….where was it, a lot of guys hanging out on that Alpha-Delta side and yeah there was some steam conversion happening….3 ½ minutes into it. As in most of these videos the intent is good but let’s get our basic stuff right and the fire will go out as I’m sure it did in this case. Good job for all of those that were working hard to make a positive outcome. Be safe out there.

  • Mike

    It looked like quite a few people standing around well a few did work, and the typical come show up and bring your turnout gear, an accountability nightmare.  I wonder what the average age of half those guys standing around is?  In the state of NJ you have to retire by the age of 65 from being a career firefighter, why is it acceptable to volunteer into your 70's?

  • Jimmy

    Here's a thought! How bout we stretch a couple lines and get in the house and put the fire out from the inside out. I don't understand all the standing around, flowing a ladder pipe and hose streams down the alley between the houses. They have classes for fireground tactics, maybe we should find a few.

  • observer

    I was glad to see Carl Edwards' pit crew arrive towards the end of the video.  Lose the racing stripes!

  • Craig Moyer

    @Mike, When I was 20 everyone over 40 was old and should retire. Now that I'm 48 I can see people in some cases going into thier 60's and early 70's. It depends on their own physical condition.

  • BCR

    @ Mike the problem is that the 20 yr olds aren't stepping up anymore and that leaves us old guys to try and to the job.

  • Mike

    The key word is "try".  And I'm in my late 30's I just have a problem with the fact the State says out at 65, but if it's your hobby there are no rules.

  • John P

    Sadly as a Monmouth county volunteer i know that probably 90% of the fires out here never have ladders thrown to the window. Also in this area if you have a ladder truck it will be putting out most of the fires as an interior attack is unheard of. Would have like to have seen more agressing with advancing the line and throwing ladders but when you run at most 12 fires a year its hard to get good at it.