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Video & fireground audio: House burns twice in St. Mary's County, Maryland.

Brian Brown of ScanMD Fire/Rescue Videos & Photography was on the scene as firefighters reponded to the same house twice within nine hours in Great Mills, Maryland. The first fire was Saturday afternoon and the second response was very early Sunday morning. Here's an excerpt from Brian's description:  

At 1550 Hours Units From Bay District, 2nd District, Leonardtown VFD & Lexington Park VRS were dispatched to a reported working house fire on Ketch Court in Great Mills, MD. When units arrived they were meet with heavy smoke conditions and Fire Showing on the C/D Corner of the structure. Units made an aggresive interior attack and had the fire under control within a short amount of time. The Cause of the initial fire was a Child Playing with a lighter in the upstairs bedroom.

9 Hours later there was another fire reported in the strucure, Please look at my channel for this video if interested.

Audio From The Incident can be found at – My Media – Audio


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  • mdff

    Light weight wood frame construction burns damn good especially the second time. If it was a rekindle that was one hell of a free burning structure for a Saturday night. You would think someone in the neighborhood would have noticed something burning before it was this far gone. 
    Are their hydrants in this community? It was a good attempt to go heavy duty right away but it appears they ran out of water so I would question the water supply.

  • Fire21

    I always thought SCBAs had waist straps and masks for a reason……….

    • Anonymous69

      Whats the point of SCBAs when you go heavy duty?
      Waist straps are personal preference.

      • jw

        "personal preference"??
        Waist straps are a matter of safety. Having them hang loose are just 2 more things that can get you caught/trapped on something inside a building. Just common sense.

  • 30+ on the job

    A lot of Blue Jeans on the first video.  I wonder what risk management and the insurance company would say about that.
    I would love to know the cause of the second time around.  Is it posted and I missed it?

  • Jimmy

    Way to go fellas, stop trying to be like PG and DC and learn your job so maybe next time youre not going back for this. Dumb!

    • Craig Moyer

      If your department/company hasn't had a rekindle then you 1-haven't been in the fire service long enough to remember when it happened or B- you folks don't have enough working alarms in your district.
      Some are small rekindles some are 2 alarm rekindles. It happenes.

  • Gil

    I dont know what you were looking at but I didnt see any one who didnt have a mask on that needed one. Someone wanted that house to burn.

  • Notinmyhouse

    Wow, nice fire at the beginning looks like the initial crew put a good knock on it saving a lot of the house.  Good hustle by the truck company, ladders everywhere,  to bad the joint caught back on fire cause all of that hard work is now a mute point. One helluva rekindle…….
    Non hydrant system, light weight construction and a rekindle = a really bad day.   What really suxs is these guys are good aggresive firefighters who catch a fair share of fires.  This video and of course the obviuos re-kindle is a real  slap to the guys and girls who do the job, sadly enough there are some real bad safety issues that shouldn't go unnoticed.  I agree, there is no excuse for the lack of safety on or off the fireground.  Do these members get issued appropriate footwear for firefighting ?  If so why aren't they wearing it?  Turnout pants? Same question.  Have we trained to understand what a collapse zone is?   The do's and don'ts of SCBAs ?  Risk vs benefit ?  
    Since rescue is an obvious no go here so let's save the exposures with the little bit of water we have until we have esablished adequate water supply afterall this house is no doubt gone,  then knock it down with the guns.  
    A side from the little bit of nit picking I've done here I can pretty much say that house is history and  shortly afterwards so will the lessons learned.  We have all seen some pretty shabby firefighting, (Scottsdale, Az.)  but I hope this company will rewind these tapes and train and re-train to keep these mistakes from happening again.  I know for a fact they have recovered  from  accusations and hardship worse than this and longer lasting.

    • B plus

      There are hydrants in that neighborhood

  • Daz

    I guess we will wait on the investigation, but pretty damn embarassing if it was a re-kindle from the first effort!!

  • Anonymous

    Well, looks like someone needs a class on overhaul (You know, looking for hidden fire that multiple companies missed on this one). Does not look good for these companes at all.

  • BH

    Doesn't look like the bucket made it out of the bed on the first fire, was it even at the second?  Just found it odd is all. 

  • Kaptain Kameltoe

    To ALL of you Monday morning quarterbacks you have not a clue! This was NOT a rekindle, I repeat Not a rekindle, The truth will hopefully come out in the Maryland State Fire Marshal's investigation, As for the outside firefighters without turnout pants they are probies who are currenlty in MFRI FFI calls and are inhouse trained to help on the outside upon completion of the class. As for the ones not wearing the waist straps on the SCBA's its a fad in the DC metro area that the hot dogs do and BDVFD's leadership chooses not to inforce. The first fire was a simple room and content with plenty of overhaul. Like I stated and I will be vague as its still under further investigation, the second fire was NOT a rekindle.

  • Richard Rubbing

    Who is third arriving and reporting smoke in the area? Been to a fire before? I guess dunkirk has to be special called from here on out to put your fire out

    • Wheres my spoon

      The guy reporting smoke in the area was the chief from last year… real micro manager

  • 30+ on the job

    "As for the outside firefighters without turnout pants they are probies who are currenlty in MFRI FFI calls and are inhouse trained to help on the outside upon completion of the class"
    And we issue our probies White Helmets and several thousand dollar radios to wear???  Pretty progressive department.  Watch the video again.

    • Kaptain Kameltoe

      And the ones with the white helments and radios are not involved in firefighting activities! Go back to your station where you probably wear your safety vests in the bunkroom and showers!

  • Anonymous


  • 10%

    this fire looks like they really dont know what they r doing who would let them get that close first of all with a potential collapse.  If you see that hitting it from the outside with handlines isnt working why isnt the truck up there setting up ladder pipe operations.  You went there once already so you know how the water operation is going to work. I hope from this video you will learn that just cause your gear is dirty and you smell like fire dosent make you a fireman.  Way to make you county look bad

  • KeepOnTruckin

    Best part was audio at 1:38 "I got smoke in the area" with dispatch coming back "Uhhh, yea. It was reported as a house fire."   Give me a real report! Conditions, Rescue issues, exposures, hydrant locations.  If you're dispatched for a fire, plan for one.  We don't need reports of 'I got a column in the sky' or some other whacker nonsense.  We get it, there's a fire.  That's what we do.

  • Notinmyhouse

    "As for the outside firefighters without turnout pants they are probies who are currenlty in MFRI FFI calls and are inhouse trained to help on the outside upon completion of the class"
    I can assure you that NO MFRI Class in this state would support the kind of "in house" training you provide here, Sir.  MFRI prides itself on teaching safety over every aspect of firefighting, this includes weraing full PPE during training excercies.  
    What do think is going to happen when one of these cadets gets hurt,  your first report of injury you list Reebok tennis shoes as the footwear this rookie was wearing at time the glass went through the bottom of his foot?  Have you ever filled out one of those forms, you know that little box, Were all safety procedures in place and working at the time of the accident? If no list why.
    I don't mean to be going off on a rant but let's get a little deeper into this scenerio.  Cadet ends up cutting two tendons in his seventeen year old foot that requires surgery.  Needless to say Mom and Dad are a little "tiffed"  hire a lawyer and are now sueing the fire department for negligence.  Cadet requires extensive physical therapy, loses an opportunity from his high school for a scholarship in sports because of this disability he now has.  Sound a bit far fetched?  How about to the tune of $350,000.  That my friend is a lot of full sets of gear, brand new and in the box, footwear optional?

  • Gil

    I think notinmyhouse should join down there and become there safety officer. It sounds like you know it all.

  • Gil

    The local news says the second fire started in another location in the house.

  • capthoco

    In regards to waist straps. Lets put aside the who is cooler and what is safer points of view for a moment. The following is from Wikipedia regarding backpaks. The same applies to our SCBA.  Use it correctly and you will reduce shoulder and back injuries. And you will be able to work longer. Large backpacks, used to carry loads over 10 kg (22 lbs), usually offload the largest part (up to about 90%) of their weight onto padded hip belts, leaving the shoulder straps mainly for stabilising the load. This improves the potential to carry heavy loads, as the hips are stronger than the shoulders, and also increases agility and balance, since the load rides nearer the wearer's own centre of mass.

    • CHAOS

      Yeah…but…but…it looks sooooo cool to leave them hanging.  Until, of course, you're crawling thru a tight area and your ultra-cool dangling straps get caught up in debris, furniture, industrial equipment, etc.
      But, then again, burn centers and funerals are cool, too, right??

  • Amazed

    You know, I am amazed at the awesome critique that so many of you are able to provide.  Opinions are like..well never mind!  The first fire was handled extremely well in my opinion.  The new recruits are not usually tasked with anything on the fireground, they are there in an observer capacity only, in this particular case they were put to work.  Is it right?  Is it wrong?  Let that department make that decision please!
    The second fire cannot be a rekindle.  A rekindle is defined as a reoccurance of fire in a tenantable building within an hour period of departure of the last unit, which upon investigation is determined to be an extension of the original fire.  At least where I work that is what it is considered!
    Well, I don't know how many fires you guys have been to, but I can clearly tell that this was not an extension of fire from the second floor C/D corner!!  The bulk of this fire seems to be along Side A!!  Hmmmmm, a lot of it in the area of the front door!!  Now, I am not going to speculate here, I am just saying, if I were a betting man, I would lay everything I own on the line in saying this was not a rekindle.
    All of you will and can judge for yourself.  Most of you are big boys and girls, and some of you are good firemen.  However, there are a few that spend their time dreaming of runnning fires, and picking a part everyone elses fireground. 
    As with any incident there are things that can be improved upon.  There are ways to learn and to fix problems.  I am sure that is what BDVFD is going to do, just as I am sure that is what your department does. 
    Stay safe out there you guys!!!

  • Steve in NJ

    I could care less about the fire, or if it was a rekindle, a rearson or whatever.  What I love is the guys trying to justify the non-use of the SCBA waist straps as just "personal preference." I once saw a "cool" career fire lieutenant (who was an otherwise excellent company officer) whose "personal preference" was to leave his SCBA waist strap unbuckled.  Then remember pissing myself laughing when his unbuckled waist strap got sucked into a PPV fan during overhaul. He was also prone to back spasms if I can remember. I am sure leaving the wasit strap undone all those years had nothing to do with that either.

  • jw

    I never knew leaving the waist strap unbuckled was considered 'cool'. I always thought it was lazy, ignorant and unprofessional.

  • Crowbar

    Add to the list, immediate re-training for this department on what constitutes a collapse zone.

  • Tom Wood

    On rekindles…we require a minimum 6 hour fire watch to remain on scene if structural features have been damaged by fire.  Since we implemented this policy we have found many hot spots hours later, but no rekindle responses back to the scene.

  • SB

    Cadet, or no, proper PPE should be enforced and I don't think those in jeans w/ coat were all cadets.  Also, no excuse for not securing SCBA straps, that is common safety.  Quit trying to be Billy bad ass. 

  • Jordan

    Gil I agree with you, someone wanted this house to burn. It will come out in the fire marshall report. The 2nd time it burnt was in a different location than the 1st and I don't know if anyone payed attention to this but communications advised several people reported the house exploded on the 2nd time. 
    I think they did a decent job both times. To the clown that said straps are a prefrence your an idiot. When you get it caught on something in a fire you make it a problem for the rest of us when we have to come save your a$$.