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Helmet-cam videos: Two from rural areas in the South – Flippin, Arkansas & Florala, Alabama.

Sometimes we concentrate too much on the big cities or the more urban areas in the videos we show on this site. Today, I came across a pair of recently posted helmet-cam videos from some smaller communities in the South.

Above is a house fire shot by a member of the Flippin Fire Department on a mutual aid run. There is no indication when the fire occurred. It is labeled "Summit Fire". Flippin, Arkansas, population 1357 (2000 Census), is in Marion County in the Ozarks. Here's a description of Flippin FD from the department website.

The department is currently a volunteer department with a Full Time Paid Fire Chief. Department personnel currently consists of 16 personnel, which include men and women trained in Fire, EMS, Rescue, and  Haz-Mat. The personnel of the department not only respond to emergency calls but also assist with community events and public services.

The video below is from a shed fire on Saturday handled by the Florala Fire Department. Florala, Alabama is in Covington County and, according to the 2000 Census, has a population of 1964. I didn't find a website, but Florala FD is on Facebook where I found this description:

The Florala Fire Department is a fully volunteer fire department in extreme south Alabama. We have 24 active volunteers and run out of one station. We have two engines (Engine 5: 2010 Crimson Rescue Pumper and Engine 2: 1988 FMC/Ford Pumper), one mini-pumper (Truck 4: 1991 E-One/Ford Mini Rescue Pumper), and one chief's car (2004 Chevrolet Impala). We have around 2500 people that we protect in our district, which is approximately 81 square miles. We average around 100-150 calls per year.

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  • Scooter

    OMG!  please have this company watch the Alaska video that was on here a week ago or so!  Enough said….. Strike da Box!  K

  • tom

    2 Things! 1) Whos the girl in the jump seat in the back with no gear? the girlfriend or the chiefs daughter whos driving the truck! Guess we let anyone ride the fire trucks now. 2) Is the a real reason why they only took have the windows out instead of taking the whole window, just a guess here but maybe you'll have more working room. Guess they thought they where helping the owner by only having to replace half a window.

  • captain D

    OH MY here we go again, yet another fire call where fireighter's and captain's not wearing proper PPE, on one line you have 2 firefighters wearing full PPE and the guy on the nossle is in a turnout jacket and helmet, and other line you have another guy wearing shorts and a tee shirt. Can someone tell me is there no accountibilty on the fire ground and i don't wan't to hear the oh lack of trainig or equipment because at least some one has to have common sense and realize that this is how and why firefighters end up hurt or dead,,,,,,,,,,brothers and sisters out there lets help all of our fellow firefighters get home safe, it's way to close to christmas for a family to go threw unnessssary grief or pain.

  • Crowbar

    Looks like rural firefighting in the 1970's.

    • Big Mose

      Hey due, it's Arkansas.  You're luckey these people have shoes on.

  • SB

    Only watched the first few minutes, Yeah, who's the chick riding along?  Don't they have rules for that.  I hate helmet-cams.  Can't much for moving around all the time.  Also, the guy in the officer's seat was too busy jackin' around w/ the camera, he didn't put his SCBA on.  Was there not one in the officer's seat?  These guys don't know what position they put themselves and departments in when they video and post.

  • Mike

    The theme of both these videos is rural fire companies like fog patterns

  • Hooters


    • Big Mose

      Seatbelts. AMEN.  Exactly how many times do we have to preach safety to dumb bell FF's and they continue to exhibit a retention rate of a fire grader.  The sad part of this whole deal is that if they are injured or killed, they become "American Heros".  Heroic actions are driven by a lot of things but stupidity isn't one of them.

  • Chris

    I saw the woman in the back seat but did anyone notice neither she nor the driver had their seatbelts on? I can only assume the passenger did not either.  In these days of getting killed in rollovers and wrecks due to no seatbelts do they not listen.  I hope they didn't sign the seatbelt pledge.

  • Legeros

    Another Flippin video from Statter…

    • Legeros

      And I sure hope they don't have any firefighters with nicknames inspired by the tall, yellow, feathered character on SeStreet. 'Cause if they did, that person could be called… wait for it… Flippin the Bird.
      Thank you and good night.

  • dadman

    At 17:35, 18:15 and 21:45 what is going on with the FF's head injury? how did it happen? The sound and my hear isn't the greatest.

  • Sam

    I second the seatbelts!  They are there for a reason.

  • TN

    In the 2nd video, I love how the guy is in shorts and t-shirt by the fire talking to the ff in full ppe and scba.

  • Anonymous

    They didn't have any safety vests with rank or job description on the back either.  At least a couple of them were sucking wind from a tank while standing outside.    I didn't  understand the reasoning behind grabbing the hose away from the two guys putting out  the flames closest to the exposure and after getting it going all the way to the other end of the building and squirting water and starting overhaul while the exposure was still [ possibilty of with a good gust of wind maybe ] compromised ?