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Early video: House fire in Stockton, California.

Backstep Firefighter beat me to this close up video of firefighters making the initial attack at a house fire in Stockton, California.


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  • Craig

    Awesome Job Stockton! Two Lines inservice quick! Security reenforced door taken out with minimal effort (got to the locking mechanism)! Ground Ladder being thrown early! Complete window removal! Appears to have adequate staffing on rigs and onscene early! To the roof with vertical ventilation (I don't mind the firefighter riding the stick, It's a trust/ communication thing between the firefighter and operator)! Awesome, Awesome Job!!! If I'm a Stockton Training Officer I'm using this video in my next recruit class to tell my Probies that this is what we do and we are going to train you to get to that level!!!

  • fedup

    Right On!!!! One of the best videos ive seen on this site in a long time! I just developed a new found respect for Left coast firefighting.  I am very impressed!!!!  Thank you Dave finally a video I can agree with.  Theres nothing more to say, every dept in the us should be trying to become as squared away as the stockton fd! Great job fellas

  • http://msn retiredinsc

    YES !!!!! It was so good to see Firerfighters that know what to do when they get on loc. of a fire.  No dicking around, got in there and put the fire out. Love to see more of clips like this.  What is this like 1 out of 20 where the crew knows what to do on loc.  Get Job Guys Real Firefighter

  • Seasoned Vet

    Now that's how you fight a residence fire. Aggressive interior attack. Stick to the roof. Wetting down the burnt outside without throwing water into the windows onto the interior crews. A back line to the attack line. SCBA's on WHEN READY to enter, not out in the yard while getting lines and ladders in place. Good job!

  • Chucky cheese

    Yep–These firemen get it. Guy doin forcible entry isn't afraid of a little flame comin his way. Nozzleman getting into it quick, back up line stretched quickly and even helps advance the 1st line. Ventilation and laddering done in short order. OVM on porch roof doesn't just drop stuff down on his brothers, he takes 1 second to throw the stuff off to the side. This department gets an "A:" from me.
    Can someone give me the color combos for each type of company in that department. I'll assume red/white is ladder co, I saw all red also….give me the colors for engine, ladder, rescue etc. Kinda different but seems highly recognizable on the fire ground.

    • joe

      Red is captain, red/white is truckman, black is hoseman.

  • FMCH

    Wow! Approx. 6:35 from entry until overhaul. That's some great work there!

  • Former Chief

    WOW, do you think these guys have done this before ?!  Awesome job.  Stockton FD = Combat Ready. 

  • Anonymous

    awesome job guys

  • mdff

    The basics done right, done quickly and effientently. That's a beautiful thing brothers.

  • Clark Lamping

    Great video.  The tax paying citizens need to see this kind of stuff and we as firefighters need to tell them that this is the kind of service they can expect when a fire department is properly staffed, equiped and trained.  Thank you Stockton FD for your hard work and dedication!

  • Anonymous

    Thank God they did not take head of the recent article by the National Fire Academy staffer that says we need to get away from interior firefighting. That guy would have wet his pants watching these guys.  
    This was an outstanding example of how things should work at a fire. They are obviously well trained, experienced and get it.
    Well done Stockton – you guys are pro's!!

  • dadman

    How dey do dat? Made fire disappear.
    Did I see a breif brief mule kick?      
    What does the red and whie helmets signify?
    Good job.                                                                         

  • E1LT

    Excellent Job.  You department  should be proud as should the entire fire service. That is what aggressive, smart firefighting looks like. The fire was knocked down within 2 1/2 minutes.  Well done.

  • Fire21

    30 seconds from start of video for cooling water to be applied; 1 minute to force door; initial entry at 1:10; backup line in at 1:20; aerial in place at 3:40.  Most impressive attack!!  You other guys have mentioned all the other details.  This ought to be a training film!!

  • TL111HOOK

    BRAVO ZULU BOYS!! Good agressive attack, force entry, attack line, back up line…………. Other than, the truck not in front of bldg. and ladderman on the stick going up……… great job!!!
    STAY SAFE!!!


    Nice job, Stockton.   Firemen showing up and quickly doing fireman things without holding a committee meeting first…lookin' like they've done this before!!
    Good job dealing with the security devices, then getting in and knocking it down before some other outfts we've seen even have their line stretched.  Good nozzle control by the outside line, knowing what NOT to do with your stream.  Good cooperation between crews, too.

  • Anonymous

    I guess I'll be safety sally. Saw lack of gloves on the Engine Capt when he went in, a few waist straps undone, mainly by the VES crew. Kinda hard to keep your pack on diving through a window when it's unbuckled. Other than that, great attack.

    • Chucklin

      Your annonimity adds to my sense of, "Who Cares what you think". People like you never have to worry about loosing your pack diving thru the window because with your gloves firmly on, your waist strap securely tightened, your hood on and tucked in, your ear flaps down, your face shield down, every last zipper and snap secured, your collar up and closed….all while you stand safe and secure in the yard on air outside the collapse zone on a brush fire. Good job there Cap!!

      • Suomynona

        I guess it is just as easy to type a random, anonymous name on here. More street cred that way?
        Being safe(aka wearing your PPE properly) does not make anyone less of a firefighter. Attitudes like yours is what gets people hurt when they don't need to. I guess you are more badass when your face is blistered and you are spending time at the local burn center. It's cool to be on injury leave and putting a strain on your department. I guess it's also cool to make fellow firefighters work harder to drag you out by your pack when it's falling off.  It only takes a few seconds to make sure your gear is on right.

  • Midwest FF

    Dave, Thanks for finding a good one!  Well done Stockton, love the old school aggressive firefighting.  Good coordinated attack.

  • capthoco

    Oh my god! He squirted water in the front windows using s a narrow fog. The entire house should have burned down from the 'pushing' of fire. Not. 
    I can think of many videos where we see firefighters sitting on the porch waiting for entry looking cool with fire rolling over their heads.
    As most have pointed out. This was an excellent example of proper fireground tactics. 

  • wskrayen

    This fire happened a few months ago. This was after they removed 1 firefighter from each engine (from 4 to 3) and from the trucks (from 5 to 4). First in on the box, Engine 3 I believe, requested a 2nd alarm due to the heavy fire. If I remember correctly, the second alarm units were returned. Calling the second is pretty common now that they reduced the manpower and closed a truck and engine. They were also dealing with power lines down on the A/D corner. YOu can just hear Control 2 broadcasting the alert tones and the warning at about 1:10 into the video. The red helmets are not officers, IIRC they are auxillaries.
    All in all a typical house fire for the Stockton Fire. I will point out,  they have no problem going defensive on a fire. As you can tell I live in Stockton, and am very proud of the my city's fire department.

    • Jim Krone

      If I may…what is an auxuillary firefighter (red helmet)? Are they vollies, part time paid….I'm not sure I've ever heard that term. Thanks for the info on that call…sstay safe.

  • Jim

    Very nice, the organized (what appears to be, but isn't) choas of a properly staffed and well coordinated fire attack. Nice job to Stockton, nice seeing videos of firemen being firemen and not cowards. Keep em coming

  • Notinmyhouse

    Awesome Job!!  Firefighting re-defined to the way it should be. 

  • Scooter

    Missed this one and the video has been removed.  Anyone know of another link to get to it?  Strike Da Box!  K

  • bereal2us

    Red helmets are capt, black/eng & red & white truck.   SFD is a paid dept.   They went through major changes.  Rig staffing went from 5 & 4 to 4 & 3 & daily staffing went from 75 – 51.   Lost 1 eng & 1 truck.   All while serving CA 2nd most dangerous city where call volume is increasing & man power decreasing.   F'in politicians.

  • Mike Rusher

    I need this video for training. Does anybody know were I can get it?

  • livindadream

    bereal2us has it right…Red helmets are Captains, Red/White are truckmen, black are hosemen. Thanks for the positive responses, we all try to do a good job and when your Brothers recognize it, you know you did something right. Great work fellas. BTW… Engine 9 on attack, Engine 2 on back up line, Truck 3 to the roof, Truck 2 VES and Engine 3 RIC. 

  • the dude

    the most work I've seen done in 5 min. in a long time

  • Steve in NJ

    We don't deal with bars on windows here where I work. Just curious, for Stockton and/or other areas where residential window bars are more common do they typically remove them when there is an interior attack going on to provide egress in case of a mayday situation? If so, who is responsible for that? Truck? Rescue? RIT? What is the preferred method for removal? Hand tools? Saw? Hydraulic tools? Thanks. 

    • joe

      Ideally, yes, you would like to have the bars removed during the early stages of a working fire, but that's not realistic due to severe staffing shortages. Truck companies are ones that are charged with removing bars. In particular, the truck company who is asssigned RIC responsibilities. As far as the method used, there are several. Many factors are taken into account, for example the type of exterior wall that the bars are mounted to. There are several web sites that show different methods such as

  • WillMega06

    Thats whats up! This is NORCAL firefighting at it's finest!

  • Anonymous

    can anyone tell me what caliber hose they are using 

  • Anonymous

    What caliber hose is being used here?

    • Joe

      1 1/2" and 1 3/4" delivering 150 and 190gpm respectively. We use 50psi nozzles instead of the standard 100psi nozzles on our crosslays.

  • Captain Daddy

    Nice job hitting it from the outside while forcible entry was being done.  We are starting to learn that this is a good tactic.  Looked agressive and smart.  In NY we call an extra truck for window bars.  Many different ways to get them off.  Size up just like everything else is key.  Sometimes you have some formidible bars held in by cheap screws where you can easily pry them off.  Other times striking the masonary with the mall gets out the screws.  One thing that rarely gets mentioned is the cordless rebar cutters.  Most guys don't use them for bars but they work good especially for cuts over your head or that need to be made from a ladder. 

  • mark

    I see several problems with this video.
    No evidence of an IAP being in place. Can you believe it? Those guys went in and did their jobs? What kind of garbage is that?
    Then there was another term with an acronym that was basically the same thing. Can't remember what it was now, obviously very important to me. Risk analysis or something along those lines. Apparently, by putting the fire out, the risk goes away.
    And finally, Stockton must use ColdFire, did anyone else see how fast the fire went out? There is just no way in this world that plain water could extinguish a fire that quickly, right FireGear?
    Seriously, use the Stevens vid for what NOT to do, and this one for what TO do.

    • CHAOS

      Mark, don't you know that water is a completely horrible, ineffective extinguishing agent??  That's why no one has been using it for years and years.
      And how can you even think about not holding a committee meeting first thing upon arrival?
      (Sarcasm switch now to OFF position.)
      Another fine example of the best way to manage risk…remove it.

  • livindadream

    Anon, I can get you specifics but its an 1 3/4" liveline with a TFT nozzle.
    Captain Daddy, We only have 3 trucks and that truck would take too long to get there but we will call an additional engine to provide manpower.

    • Koy Wilson

      Second due truck typically gets the bars. We only have 3 trucks, so it takes striking multiple alarms to get the 3rd there. It depends on the shift but typically the first truck gets forc entry/search and vent. And second truck "softens the building". Meaning ground ladders and bar removal, opening up the back and utilities. Stockton has been described as a rough town, so we usually have a lot of security measures to get through. I see I have a fellow brother on here(livindadream), so on behalf of all of us, thanks to all of you for the kind words. We have had a tough couple of years here (layed of several dozen brothers and lost staffing) and we love to Get Work.
      Be Good or Be Gone

  • Anonymous

    AWESOME the critics out there have not fought fire before. Thats really how its done. We know what to to do before we show up to work, Capts dont have to say anything its already done and was done with recently reduced staffing.

  • DD

    Why arent fire departments calling stockton every day to ask how to be like them! Just kidding, but seriously!