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Raw video: PGFD house fire in Upper Marlboro. Switch to defensive operations.

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This is video posted yesterday of a December 23 fire in Upper Marlboro, Maryland (Prince George's County). Here is information on the fire from Marlboro VFD's website:

At 2350 Units from 20 and 45 were dispatched for an outlet sparking while enroute the call was upgraded to a box. Engine 202 arrived on the scene with fire showing from the rear of a two story single family.Whie making an aggressive attack on the fire command sounded the evacuation tone after recieving a report of a collapse. Chief 33 advised command that fire was through the roof but there ws no collapse. Engine 202s crew and Tower 33 reentered and were able to knock the fire and take care of any hot spots.

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  • Noth Chief

    Just wondering in the narrative of this fire it states they made an "aggressive interior attack". Can someone tell me if there is a difference between an "aggressive interior attack" and a regular one? Seems to me to be just a macho chest beating term. You hear plenty of departments described as aggressive interior departments. Does that make the others not as aggressive?. I have been in plenty of interior attacks and some went very fast and smooth, others seemed slow to do to conditions, layout of the building, obstructions etc. Doesn't mean we weren't aggressive, but we didn't have to use adjectives to make us sound better than the next company. I know these departments see plenty of fire and I admire the job they do, just wonder why that term is used, seems deragatory to everyone else. Not picking on PGFD, I hear this used in many other places also.

  • Mike

    What aggressive attack? Looks to me like the fire burned unheeded until they opened up the deck gun and don't truck companies do exterior ventilation anymore?

  • Anonymous

    Not impressed. Thank you for showing us that PG is no better than anyone else. Argue it if you like but the video makes obvious.

  • Anonymous

    If you're gonna go to all the trouble of positioning your apparatus for the dash cam, don't stand in front of it.  Otherwise, do some of that fireman stuff.

  • There

    This fire was a poor display of any interior fire attack….. No matter what you want to call it. And, I'm not speaking from opinion, I was there to witness it. It was also a poor display of Company Officers communicating proper size-up information to the Incident Commander. It wasn't until Chief 33 (traveling over 14 miles to reach the incident) arrived on the scene that a proper size-up from the rear was completed. After that he requested units return to the interior and the remaining fire was extinguished. Having to reorginaize a circus upon arrival. This video pretty much represents the time frame prior to that. On an additional note,  this video shouldn't (and does not) represent the entire Prince George's County Fire Department, Career or Volunteer. Just as every video from DC or the FDNY doesn't represent them 100% either. Every fire department in the world has their "bad" companies.

  • Average Firefighter

    Yeh, those MD guys aren't on this one telling everybody how they run  into real fire, no fear, if you can read this grab my hydrant, Bestest nozzleman in the whole wide universe and other machismo self bravado.
    You guys suck as much as the next guy. You are no different, in fact I think you are no more than average. Anyone who says they're better than anyone else is a poser.

  • Oh Lord

    Aggressive…….maybe after 833 got there, exterior ventilation??? vertical vent was done by the fire itself but we need to take out those windows fellas and yes..the wagon opetator if your going to film a video for all of us please stay behind the camera not in front of it, thanks.
    Stay safe out there.

  • fyrecapt

    I think There Says summoned it all up nicely!
    My measly two cents: We are all firefighters, whether career or vollie. We all have good and bad crews/companies in EVERY DEPT nationwide!!
    The only difference between us, is the dept name!!

  • Anonymous

    Again the 1.75" attack line gets beat!!!!!!!! If you got that much fire, the smoke isn't getting white, and the building is still burning down; CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!!!!!! Four (4) guys standing around in front of this house. What are they doing? They are waiting to help pull out the beaten down 1.75" attack line because they aren't grabbing the 2.5" line that would make a difference. How about the guy at the pump getting on the radio and saying "there is heavy fire venting out the roof, back out and let me hit it with the deck gun" This house will be a total loss so why not use the deck gun, some big lines, and float the couch out the back door? The American fire service is failing. We can watch it right here every day. Paid, volunteer, part paid, combination, or whatever they call it; they are failing to get it done.

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  • Anonymous

    The photos clearly point out there some what of a problem in Fire Ground Strategy,Tactics, Resource Deployment both personnel/Apparatus. The fact that Chief 833 responded some 14 miles away and was able to immediately conduct an interior attack. Why this hadnot been done sooner only the Command officers who were there can provide a True response. Whatever happened is something that everyone can use to improve their knowledge/skills. One can only believe Chief Marc Bashoor will mandate an after action review. The cricticism and words with sarcasim and  predjudice against those who were there, was/is totally wrong. Yes there needs to be some "Agressive" In service Training both Career and Volunteer. There are valuable Resource locations for Training PGFIRE and EMS Training Academy, and MFRI. Ok the fire was extinguished, no injuries. Move on people. There is enough work to do in Training to better the Professionalism of the desired. Come on People,get it together now.
    Thank You

  • Steve in NJ

    Its tough to tell whats happening here since its a one dimensional view of the incident. What I do know is that this bi-level type construction was very popular in the 1970s and more than likely the home is built with dimensional lumber and NOT light weight trusses so the likelyhood of a collapse is much less.This gives us much more time to conduct an interior operation.  Also, it appears (from the one dimensional view) that it is an attic fire but its tough to tell. Most of these type homes have attic hatches or pull down stairs and the attics are used for storage. That being said, its possible that there was plywood laid down in the attic which makes it extremely difficult (or impossible) to pull ceilings to get to the fire. The key here is to find the attic access and get up there with a line. One thing I didn't understand from our 1 dimensional view was why the guy on the lawn with all the hose over his shoulder was just standing there and not getting inside to back up the first line?  Knowing the type of homes, how they are built and general layouts and features is key to an effective fire attack.  Be safe and havee a great day.

  • Not your Daddy’s PGFD!

    Oh Kentland…choke…Oh Kentland…gagslurp. It wasn't until…slurp…Kentland got there…choke…that the fire…slurp…went out. Chief 833 had…gag…to get things…slurp…organized after driving 14…slurp…miles…choke…blah blah blah!
    Looks like every other video of any other fire I've seen in PG County since about 1996. Bad tactics, bad strategy, plenty of lawn firemen. The current PGFD is a shameful representation of what it once was. The guys who made this department into a class organization in the 60's, 70's and 80's are shaking their heads laughing at it today! 
    All you "so called" PG Fireman of today couldn't hold the jock of the guys who built this dept. Anybody who has been in the PGFD from the mid 90's on should seek out the "Old Guys" and apologize to them for pretending to be a "PG Fireman".
    It's not your Daddy's PGFD and you are definately NOT your Daddy!

  • Be Careful

    While we may have our commentary about how this fire was handled, I know the family and just in case you were concerned, they are all safe. 

  • The Mechanic

    Anybody who wastes their time commenting on this post to express their feelings about how things should have been handled, or what they think should have been done obviously needs to get a life. I only found this entire post because my friend googled ” Marlboro VFD sucks”. Guess what showed up… A bunch of whiney boys trying to beat their chest about a task that literally millions of other people in the world could handle better and actually do on a regular basis. Without complaining… Without boasting… Without celebrating the fact that somebody’s house burned down and the fact that they got to play with it.