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Must see video: Detroit ambulance breaks down in the middle of New Year's gunfire.

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WJBK-TV's Charlie LeDuff is starting 2012 with an interesting bit of video from an EMS crew in Detroit. The Detroit Fire Department ambulance they were in broke down and they were stranded as the new year was being celebrated with gunfire. Sitting in the ambulance waiting, they pulled out their cameras and provided a little narration.

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  • Mike

    Gotta love the "Happy New Year Medic 9" over the radio while they are surrounded by gunfire.



  • firefighthero

    I'm surprised Wisam still has a job.  Must be the higher up's are afraid to touch him. Way to tell it like it is Wisam.  Gotta love Charlie LeDuff.  We need more reporters like him.  

    • Joe

      Statter-LeDuff 2012!!!!

  • oldhead

    Umm, National Guard?  Martial Law for Detroit?  Might be time…

  • Fire21

    My sympathies and best wishes to Detroit Emergency Services.  My disgust and strongest criticisms to the civic "leaders" who allow this to happen.  Leaders my eye…those people are just hiding behind titles and city hall doors.  Kudos to the guys who videoed themselves and released it to the world.  Yeah, happy new year, Medic 9.

    • Get it together DC

      Come election time hopefully people will remember this and the sad shape that Detroit is in as well as the leadership that leads them!!! Sad, very sad!! No excuses MAYOR!!!

  • cappy

    Detroit council members should do some ride alongs with theses guys to get some perspective on an out of conrtol city. The norm there has beome unacceptable in most parts of this country.

  • Rom Duckworth

    Kudos for Charlie LeDuff for being straight to the point. I was waiting for the medics to say something that would make me cringe in terms of their representing Emergency Services, but their composue and/or editing kept that straight to the point also.
    From what I understand, solutions in Detroit won't be easy to come by, but the first step in getting to them is the public understaning what the problem is, and I think that this news spot is a start.

  • mark

    To be fair, if that sound right at the beginning was an actual recording of the Ford 6.0 POS trying to start, it is not DFD's fault, it is Ford Motor Company's fault. These engines are the biggest disaster that FoMoCo (International) ever produced and scammed the public with. I happen to have the dissatisfaction of owning 3 of them and they cost me more money to keep operating than the rest of my trucks combined.
    Should they have sat for an hour? Are there tons of problems in the big D? Not denying that, but these engines are notorious for running one second and dyingnot starting the next second.

  • Motor City Madman

    Welcome to my hometown.  Well, sort of…  My daddy was born there.  Me?  Just a suburb punk.  My fire district is 2 miles outside of Detroit.  What we see is only the tip of the iceberg.  Detroit Fire and Detroit EMS are the baddest of bad.  Hats off to them. 
    This has been going on for decades in Detroit and just getting worse.  Sadly, this administration is one of the better ones.  100 pink slips issued to PD this morning.  Emergency Financial Manager on the door steps.  Hide your wife.  Hide your kids.  Happy New Year Medic 9.  GREAT VID.  It's time the world sees what you deal with every night.

  • Mr618

    As I recall, Wisam is the head of the paramedic bargaining unit in Detroit (last year's LeDuff report about "dumbed down" medical care by EMTs due to a lack of medics also featured an interview with him). Having lived in Ann Arbor for five years, I can tell you Detroit is sliding down the razor blade to failure, mostly because of corrupt politicians (Kwame Kilpatrick, anyone?) and corrupt businessmen plundering the city; the economy tanking (Detroit has a huge unemployment rate); declining population (there's a plan afoot to raze abandoned buildings and convert the lots for "urban farming"), and so on.  I hate to say it, but I think Detroit is like Gary, IN, and a few other cities… CTD and beyond hope of recovery.

  • Mr618

    Come to think of it, the "dumbed down" report may have been on WDIV, the NBC affiliate…


    There's probably a 24 hour shooting range nearby or slim was testing out his new piece….Charlie needs to come to DC or DC needs a Charlie….To many reporters just want to report what was told to them and probably don't have the green light Charlie does to give their 3 cents or do they…..

    • Motor CIty Madman

      Hook, I don't doubt that DC is bad and needs a Charlie…but trust me, what you saw is real.  The shots themselves, not every night on every street…There has been an awful tradition of gunfire in the D on NYE for years…with many shot.  GSW's in D are daily–heck, hourly–occurances.  Drive up to ER doors, kick shot guys on ground, drive away.  Every day.  They will kill you for your shoes in the D.  Don't doubt that for a minute. 
      And an awful lack of resources that do prevent PD from standing by with an EMS unit with shots fired.  In Detroit's suburbs…if the shots were fired, you'd have a full-on PD response.  But in Detroit, there not enough resources, and frankly, they are too used to it.

  • AB Medic

    I appreciate that they are willing to speak out and try and make change happen.  There are many cities around the world that are struggling with similar issues and it helps to start a movement and a change of perception that we can make a difference by just speaking up and getting our voices heard.  Thank you to the staff who are not given enough credit for the jobs they do and thanks to the media for not ignoring the problem. I hope you guys get more than just promises. 

  • FF

    Sounds like when I was in Iraq……. but it is Detroit….

  • Elwood Bluez

    I cringe every time another video of Detroit pops up. Stay safe out there guys.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one to whom it seems strange that when he moves his head a little, you can see people standing in the background of what appears to be a 2 level parking garage?  People that aren't ducking, running, or hiding? 

  • brickcity

    I got news for you Anonymous people get so use to it after a while; I work in Newark N.J where we hear gunfire all the time outside our quarters, outside some hospitals, outside our jobs while we are inside treating patients nothing new. My pairs go out to all my brothers and sisters who deal with this crap every day. Oh yea and happy new year,, LoL like they said help is not coming so hunker down and do what we do..

    • brickcity

      Prayers not Pairs dang auto correct


    No doubt Motor City….

  • RN

    Glad Wisam is still hanging in there….I know it has not been easy for him and Yes, I, too, am suprised he still has a job…..knowing that he turns over so many rocks. and comes across so controversial.  But I told him once before, he has got guts and unlike some seem to think, I do not see it being "self serving", if anything it is the opposite.  I would like to think that I would have had the guts to still be fighting for what is right, when everything seems to be against you.  Thank God Wisam has not reached 'his' limit yet!

  • s

    Ummm, those people are not leaders, theyre hacks collecting a check while it lasts. Good luck Detroit, its entirely up to you voters to do something about it.

  • random

    Pretty sure this wasn't real………….look at the second news anchor and listen to the way he speaks…….im pretty sure this was produced and not an actual news story.

  • Matthew

    Actually the sound of gunfire like that was common place whether or not it was a holiday, and ambulances breaking down ain't nothing new either. It's all about money, always has been. Fire and EMS services for some reason the public isn't really convinced they should even have to pay for. Wake up people, politicians out there right now like Paul, Gingritch, Santorum, are out there right now calling for you the public to cut back on fire services, slashing their budgets, taking units out of service, like ambulances, shutting down fire stations, working very hard to eliminate their pensions and benefits, we need to start supporting America, putting America back to work, buying American, bringing American jobs back to America, so on and so forth or more American cities will continue to decline!

  • mike

    random, your pretty sure….hmmmmm

  • AteUP

    Nothing fake about this, those medics in Detroit most likely hear gunfire every night.  New Years Eve traditions just take it to a higher level.  The city that I work in is boasting some all time lows in recent years for homicides and it sounded like a war movie over here on NYE.  I have asked around and this seems to be a tradition in more than a few cities. 

  • P. Wertanen

    January 1st 1973.  New Years Eve. I was the senior man in my pct  (less than a year) We were taking runs into other pcts. and guarding firetrucks sent to extinquish arson fires. Many bullet  holes in the trucks.  Who the hell are these peoiple? 

  • m9e8d1c

    Pretty sad that maybe Detroit Fire Dept. shouldn't buy American (Ford) anymore.  Obviously they are building an inferior product that can't be relied on.  Kudos to the crew for keeping composure and documenting the fact that they were being surrounded by gunfire. 

  • DB

    Yes the lack of responders and maintenance is the politicians' fault, on the surface.  But who elected those politicians, and why?  It comes back to people have to educate themselves and make good choices and if they don't they get these consequences.  Kids, pay attention in school to learn how the world works.  Adults, pay attention to ALL the facts, not just what the TV mafia feeds you.  Always, always, always think critically about what you see and hear.  Decide how you want the world to work and do everything you can think of to make that a reality.  Band together – there's strength in numbers.  If you can't find a politician to do it the way the people need it done, get yourself elected and do things the way people need them done.  "We" are the problem.  "They" are just the symptom.

  • m9e8d1c

    The sad thing about politicians (in general, no one specific) is that they will SAY ANYTHING to get elected!  Then they will do whatever the person(s) with the most re-election money thrown at them want them to do.  They are just out to further their own careers, not to really work for what is in the best interests of the public.

  • Chip

    Detroit City. The city that the UAW KILLED!!!!

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  • Saneeqa

    Charlieeeeeeee said " surrounded by automatic gun fire".  Charlie wanted to spice up his reporting and replacing semi-auto and making it seem like he was reporting on Iran.

  • Paul Pace

    Put a fence around it, cut off all water and other utilities, and let the savages go back to their roots. Cannibal ones, that is!

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  • Phil

    They were video recording themselves breaking down. Either this was a set up, or the officers knew that this was going to happen.

  • ukfbbuff

    Once again Excellent  reporting by Charlie le Duff.
    For those of you who are really interested in what is happening in  Detroit here are two You Tube Videos'.
    1. "Detroit on Fire" (Not "Burn") 50mins.
    2. "Detroit-Murder City"-
    These two videos both Excellent, but leave one asking "How in the USA Could a City Get so Bad"?

  • mary lawson

    Detroit will not change except for worse..the leaders are all corrupted