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Portland, Oregon firefighters use muscles instead of tools for extrication. Man trapped under car this morning.

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More photos from the scene

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From Tom Hallman Jr at The Oregonian:

Firefighters racing to save a man's life put on a display of brute strength this morning when they teamed up to lift a 3,200-pound car off pedestrian who was pinned to a Northeast Portland street.

"It was pretty impressive," said Tommy Schroder, a firefighter who was on his way to work and heard the call on his radio. "I had arrived just after the accident and watched these guys get around the car and lift it up."

From The Portland Tribune:

Firefighters with the city’s Heavy Rescue unit arrived and a paramedic crawled under the vehicle to begin treating the injured man. Because of the man’s serious injuries, firefighters realized they didn’t have much time to use equipment to free the victim. Eight firefighters lifted the 3,200-pound vehicle as two firefighters moved the pinned man to an awaiting ambulance.

“It wasn’t pretty, but it worked,” said firefighter Mick Held, a 16-year Portland Fire Bureau veteran.

From Michael Rollins at KGW-TV:

An arriving paramedic determined that the man had grave injuries. Firefighters made a quick decision to forego some safety procedures and simply lift the Chrysler PT Cruiser off the man, said 16-year veteran firefighter Mick Held.

"We were putting a plan together and realized how many of us were there," Held said. "We had two firefighters with the patient to help pull him out from beneath the car. And then eight of us lifted the car off of him. It wasn’t pretty but it worked."

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Gillian

    The best "tool" we have is our brain. Glad they were able to safely and efficently get the job done, hope there are no FF injuries resulting from this. Love to see people think outside the box, some crews may have been so set on procedure the obvious (and risky) idea to lift the car manually may not have occured to them. Good job brothers. 

  • JP

    NYPD ESU Hurst Tool lift vs. the Portland FD Dead Lift…….WINNER…. Portland!!!!!
    Way to go Brothers!

  • fyrecapt


  • Anonymous

    Please tell me they at least had step chocks or something to catch it if they slipped. I'd hate to see another situation like ESU rushing without cribbing in place and dropping the car on the patient. 

  • Chief

    Glad someone done the right thing to save a life.  Sometimes common sense is the best approach.  Good Job.

  • Bodymore

    Good Job Portland
    Now to the Safety TURDS who will most like start crying soon save it no one cares.  

  • Sharppointy1

    Portland, you improvised, using common sense and got the victim to medical treatment quickly.  
    Good Job.

  • fyrecapt

    OK, i am shocked that none of the safety police chimmed in on this one…… hhhmm, baffling!

  • Legeros

    I have never met Safety Sally personally, but I am intrigued by the above comments regarding what she'lll think of this incident.
    I'm guessing it's a difference between being results/outcome oriented and process/system oriented?