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UPDATE: Fairfax County Search & Rescue team dog missing from Bowie, Maryland has been found.

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UPDATE: PGFD's Mark Brady reported early Sunday morning that Vito has been found and more details would be coming from Fairfax County.

From PGFD's Mark Brady:

A Fairfax County Urban Search and Rescue dog is the subject of a search that has been ongoing since Thursday, when he disappeared during a training exercise in Bowie, Prince George's County.

Vito, a three-year-old German Shepherd, was being trained to replace his father, Czaro, who had been deployed all over the world as part of Fairfax County's Urban Search and Rescue team. According to Sonja Heritage, Vito's FEMA trainer, the dog was very close to certification when he disappeared.

Vito is described as a large and friendly black German Shepherd who was last seen on Thursday near the intersection of Routes 301 and 450 in Bowie, close to the Shell gas station. Anyone who sees Vito is asked to call (301) 655-7643.

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  • Anonymous

    You gotta admit, its kinda funny when the rescue dog gets lost…..

    • Anonymous

      I don't see anythning funny about it.

  • Jennifer

    I pray for his safe return and that he is not in danger. 

  • ukfbbuff

    Hope they find Vito. But since he was a new dog in training maybe they should have put a GPS device on his collar or some other type of tracking "App"?  20/20 Hindsight.

  • K-9 FOUND!!

    He has been found alive and well!!!! Thank you everyone for your help!!

  • Sharppointy1

    So glad he was found alive and well.  I love happy endings : ) 
    Wondering what the rest of the story is – was he stolen or did he run off?

    • dave statter

      Ran off during training. Man who works at local car business or service station saw the dog and brought it home. When he saw the flyer he contacted the number and returned the dog. My news gut told me that someone seeing a dog like that wandering was going to take it in. Just glad it was someone with good intentions and there was a happy ending.

    • Fox and hound

      Oh man, I love a good happy ending myself, : ) 


    Vito Maggiolo here. I think I understand the dog's motivations, since we share the same name. He is large, friendly, and likes to chase foxes (SNL, circa 70's)

  • Fox and hound

    note to self; proof off wild animals, introduce a recall, consider buying a shock collar , next time buy a lab.
     Perhaps dog would better serve the hunting community, bet it be a awesome coon hunting dog.
    It looked pretty happy as a junk yard dog.