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Must see video: Sometimes the fire just gets away from you. Australia firefighters have to chase burning box truck.

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Two other runaway burning truck videos herehere

This happened last Monday in Nedlands in Perth, Australia.

From 9 News:

A blazing truck rolled into oncoming traffic on a busy Perth highway yesterday when the heat of the fire caused its brakes to fail.

The truck caught alight in a street off the Stirling Highway in the western suburb of Nedlands yesterday before the brakes stopped working and it rolled backwards into the oncoming highway traffic.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Fire21

    Sometimes you're the bug, sometimes you're the windshield.

  • Legeros

    From Perth, eh? Are they PEMS?
    Love the video.

    • dave statter

      That would be PFEMS Mikey.

      • Legeros


  • ukfbbuff

    "Situtional Awareness"
    Reminder when on a slope or incline, to safely chock the wheels or flatten the tires by pulling the valve stems.

    • MichiganFF

      That IS a good reminder.  thanks for posting that.

    • CHAOS

      Geez, the rigs were stopped a whole 5 seconds before the truck started to roll.  I can't imagine why they didn't get to that…
      "Chronological Awareness"

    • Fire21

      They didn't have time to set chocks.


    Imagine if they had been a few seconds slower getting there and the burning truck had rolled out and plunked one of the apparatus.   That would have really made things interesting.

  • Joe Paczkowski

    [airport announcer voice]
    The fire is now at gate 9… 10… 11… 12… 13… 14
    [/airport announcer voice]
    /Surely you can't be serious about chocking the wheels so quickly.

  • mark

    Come on guys, they should have thrown the chocks out the windows as they rolled by.
    No excuses!
    Even better if they had ColdFire downunder, the fire wouldn't even have dared to start!

    • Fire21


  • Daz

    We don't have wheel chocks down under, we just get crocodile dundee to throw his knife under the wheels

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