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Early video: House fire in Lyons, New York.

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Lyons Fire Department

Video from a fire on Canal Street in Lyons, New York on Saturday.


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  • E1LT

    Looks like they did a great job getting in there and getting a quick knock down.

    • Anonymous

      Great stop with a small crew! Hats off
      Good job!

  • Fire21

    OMG!!!..I saw a white hat helping string out a hose!!  He should be whipped!!  Pretty late getting a guy to the porch roof to vent the windows.  3 people to make the hydrant…really??  Nice avoidance of the electric lines by the truck operator…poor tree.  LOL.

  • Anonymous

    Grounds ladders and simple venting vs risking damaging equipment for this situation, good knock  on fire. 

  • SB

    Yeah, pretty good job.

  • Rudedawg

    Why drive past the hydrant? Why not spot the engine right on the main st across from the hydrant? Short supply line connection by the crew, and closer attack line placement. If it is blowing smoke out the windows, and you have to drive past the hydrant; why not drop the guy and lay out. Gravity (the hose falling off the truck) and horsepower ( the truck itself) should be doing the hose laying. The 3 man hydrant hookup is different, but I'm sure it is a new training thing. Otherwise a nice attack on a working fire. I'm not going to bash the 1.75" line because it WAS appropriate for the conditions on arrival. Next time hit the hydrant as you go past it.

  • Scooter

    Good job!  looks like a little slow getting the line charge but still not bad.  I would have placed the rig at the front not side and hand jacked to the plug.  Rig in front helps the crew stretching on the job.  Gitty up boys and keep up the good work,  1 3/4 proper choice for this which looked like a room and contents.  Strike da Box!  K

  • Sharppointy1

    OK my firefighter teachers: why did it take so long for the FF's to charge the line from the hydrant?  I get waiting til the ladder drove over the dry hose, but am left wondering what I'm missing?

    • Fire21

      Waiting to see if the engineer needed the water??  It's easier to pick up dry hose??

    • milobird

      why did it take so long to hook up to the hydrant … and it took 3 men??? there were to many firemen wondering around.

  • Mack Seagrave

    Great job by the two or three Firefighters who actually put on SCBA's, went inside and put out the fire. As for the rest of them … could they move any slower? It sure didn't look like anybody had the backs of the brave few who went in and did what needed to be done.

  • i know everything

    1. Rig placement allowed them to see 3 sides of structure. Pretty sure that’s called good size up

    2. Left plenty of room for additional responding units . Yep supposed to do that .
    3. All color helmets running to get setup. Not supposed to run on fireground but it worked out well for them. A+ for teamwork
    4. Many fd handle fires on tank first. Quicker attack less damage. Sounds good to me .
    5. Excellent response time and manpower for a volunteer company daytime call. Ummmmmmmm think they call that effective recruitment
    6. Wiping out a tree with the truck. Well you always need a good story for each fire. Still safer than gambling that the phone cable isn’t carrying stray current.
    7. Your fire is on Statter and not being totally ripped apart by the “experts”. Well, that just priceless

  • BackStep

    Sometimes many hands do not make light work. If its a one person job don't complicate things by 3 people trying to help. It took 3 people 3 minutes to hook it up rather than 1 person 1 minute to hook it up. Everything else looked good.