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Quick Takes: February 13, 2012.

Jackson, Mississippi house fire: No details on when or exactly where this one occurred.

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BREAKING NEWS – Virginia firefighter killed in crash: From The Secret List -

We regret to advise you that a Firefighter with Gore (Frederick County, VA near Winchester) Volunteer Fire & Rescue was killed in the Line of Duty early this morning. Initial reports are that they were responding to a mutual fire in nearby West Virginia. One FF lost his life and another transported for evaluation.

The crash involved the tanker from Gore shuttling water to a Hampshire County, West Virginia house fire.

A Winchester TV station says the fire occurred at 4:00 AM.

More details as they become available.

Arrangements for Paramedic Joshua Weissman: Click here for the details for Thursday's funeral for the Alexandria Fire Department medic killed after falling off a bridge during a car fire. looks at the impact Josh Weissman had beyond his own department.

Pennsylvania ski lodge burns: The Mystic Mountain Ski Lodge at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington (Fayette County) was destroyed in a fire that began last night. Here's the story and here's some video.

First three hydrants dead: Cold weather delayed Milwaukee firefighters on a house fire Saturday with the closest working hydrant found by trial and error. Watch the raw video as the fire progresses.

No units sent on smoke investigation results in house fire found 90 minutes later: What is the policy of your department? When someone calls at 5:30 in the morning saying they smell what seems to be a house burning in their neighborhood, do you dispatch firefighters to check it out? See what happened when no one was sent to such a report in Denver last week.

Radio show features DC fire chief and union president: Click here for the latest round in the ongoing controversies in the DC Fire & EMS Department. The comments section brings up some interesting questions. The mayor and chief seem to agree that the spokesman's charge of racism by protesting firefighters was not appropriate. So is five days off with pay an appropriate punishment? Also, if Chief Ellerbe wasn't behind the directive that warned firefighters about protesting at  Mayor Vincent Gray's speech, shouldn't there be an investigation into exactly how that message ended up being transmitted to on-duty firefighters?

Volunteers in PG walk away from the bargaining table: Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker withdrew legislation in October to overhaul the Fire Commission so that its members would include private citizens and career firefighters. All would have to be county residents. Baker wanted to give the volunteers time to negotiate a compromise. But the Washington Examiner reports that the talks aren't going too well.

Firefighters will no longer drive ambulances: Glenn Usdin's tells us the Honolulu Fire Department, worried about staffing of fire companies, is about to start a new policy that will prohibit firefighters from getting behind the wheel of ambulances when both crew members are needed for patient care. A closed hospital, meaning longer down time for fire companies, is one factor that fueled this decision. Read and watch the story.

Man intentionally rams ambulance: Firegeezer Bill Schumm has this unusual story from Redding, California.

Bucking the trend, Muncie, Indiana reopens two fire stations: I guess it can help to have a mayor who is a former firefighter. Over the weekend, two fire stations reopened. One had been closed in 2009 for budget cuts and the other was closed for a year because of damage due to flooding. Here's more.

Chief says arrested Albuquerque firefighter should never have been hired: Chief James Breen tells reporters that former firefighter Steve Chavez had enough in his past that the department's previous administration should not have hired him. Chavez was fired after being charged with being part of a drug cartel. Here's the latest.

Report released into deaths of two San Francisco firefighters: So far I have only seen a summary of the San Francisco Fire Department report into the LODDs of Lt. Vincent Perez and FF/PM Anthony Valerio. Click here. If a link to the actual report shows up, I will post it.

Firefighters reject contract and mayor rejects federal aid: In Danbury, Connecticut after firefighters rejected a contract that called for big changes in pensions and benefits, the mayor, citing legacy costs under the old contract, said no to a federal grant that would have allowed the city to hire 14 firefighters. Read the story.

Early video from New Jersey house fire: This one is from Berlin Boro in Camden County.

Cop saves the day: One of our readers sends along a story of a police officer in Edmonds, Washington who awoke residents of a burning apartment building. Click here.

A road trip with THE Fire Critic: Somehow I ended up on the same bill with THE Fire Critic at the Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation's 2012 Leadership Conference and we are going to car-pool it. Who knows if we will even be acknowledging each other's existence by the time we make it to Newark, Ohio for May 23 & 24? Finding that answer alone may be worth the price of admission. Click here to sign up.

In Pennsylvania, at the South Central Task Force Homeland Security Conference 2012, I won't have the excess baggage. It is March 6 to March 9. Come see me. Click here.

Andy Fredericks Training Days: This three day lecture series focusing on fundamental fireground operations is in its fourth year in Alexandria, Virginia. It is being held May 7 to May 9. Here are the details and registration information.

NVFC has some awards to give out: The National Volunteer Fire Council is still accepting nominations for the NVFC Lifetime Achievement Award and the Fire Prevention Award. Click here for details.

Hero Rush: The obstacle race and experience created for firefighters and the general public. And you will be contributing to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation when you sign up. Click here to see when Hero Rush is coming to your town

Courage for Kyle: The Barnegat Fire Company in New Jersey is selling Courage for Kyle Bracelets. Kyle, the 11-year-old son of Firefighter Gene McGetrick, has been battling cancer for seven years. We first became aware of Kyle in December when there was an impromptu fire truck parade in front of his house. Firefighters from around the world have sent messages and patches to Kyle after Glenn Usdin's ran the story of the parade. Click here to buy a bracelet. The money goes to the Courage for Kyle Foundation.

Do you want to sell a rig? Click HERE to find out how with

Last day for applicants: A recruitment video for the Virginia Beach Fire Department. Today is the last day to apply.


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  • Scooter

    Started out Great! Grabbed a plug and laid out.  Nice job.  Glad to see no water flowing from the outside but what took so long to get into the attic?  Toung and grove? no attic ladder? Strike da Box ! K  

  • Anonymous

    good job boys! thats what happens when you put fire on water from the inside!

  • firefighthero

    I'd hate to see what would happen if the LD got hung up while laying it a full speed

  • 95%er

    that was friggin awesome. i can't believe how fast that pumper was laying that hose. that was amazing. give that driver a gold star. imagine how neat it would have been to have 2 engines come down the street from opposite ends and lay house together like that. they coulda met up in the middle and smacked into each other. totally awesome.
    THAT'S how you lay hose!

  • Fire21

    Yes, but that's not how I fight fire!!  While the PO hooks supply, the 2 FFs just wander around, not pulling attack line?  No hustle on the part of anyone except the PO.  Yeah, what took so long to get water from below?  Took FOREVER to finally open the garage and get at the fire there.  Nice pictures of their apparatus.  Now get some speed built into things other than laying hose!
    Without a cross-bar on the back of the hose bed, it's easier to lay hose a higher speed, because it won't hang up as easily.  I went to a class, the instructor said he laid 1000 feet of 5" at 30 mph!  Woof!!

  • 95%er

    well i'll betya that them boyz can lay 2,000 ft at 60 MPH and never stop once!


    Imagine how much faster the hose lay would have been if they didn't have to dig in a compartment for their hydrant bag.

  • Legeros

    Careful on that car pool. Might result in some cross-pollentation. I don't think we're ready for a blazing skull Statter logo just yet.

  • Ohio Voll

    Fires and trucks are things that attracts KIDS…don't lay in like that…imaginge trying to explain to some kids mother why you ran the little guy over.

    • Fire21

      Absolutely EXCELLENT point!  Safety is supposedly our first name.

  • MSFirenet

    The layout was good.  The guys you see in the yard were the truck guys… captain was IC and other was utilities. Truck Captain usually holds IC until the District Chief arrives.  They run 7 stations per district chief, no battalion chiefs, so sometimes it takes a little while for the white helmet. Pretty sure they run 4 man trucks but not sure what the other ones were doing… maybe the primary.  Rescue 17 was first in (it's a rescue pumper) I think the Rescues usually do the primary but they stretched since they were first in.  Not sure why it took so long hitting the attic.  One crew looked like they got the left side cut off pretty good real early but that garage side kept rollin.  They did have strong gusty winds that didn't help.  Once the second line finally made it in they made progress… If you notice the second line went in when the DC arrived… He might have made a little suggestion.

  • Dickey

    Damn…they don't screw around laying hose.
    Too fast for my taste.

  • Rudedawg

    Laying in hose is a good thing. Laying in hose at high speed is not. The couplings are taking a beating when hose is layed at that speed. Those couplings may fail under pressure at a later date from the beating they are taking. Driving fast may look good on the video, but driving with a purpose looks better. Again we see the 1.75" attack line getting beat early on. If we use a 2.5" attack line, we might use less effort to put out this amount of fire. Even if the 2.5" backed up the 1.75" it would be easier. Then again the fire service has beat the 1.75" crosslay into everybody's head, so we are the product of our own stupidity.

    • CHAOS

      There is a happy place laying line, especially LDH, of "floating" the hose & couplings down versus going so slow that the couplings drop like a drunk on ice from the top of the hose bed to the blacktop.   That hard drop isn't exactly easy on couplings either.  I'll take a bit of speed (20 mph or so) versus crawling down the road.
      Yeah, we have to watch out for pedestrians and spectators as we approach the scene, of course.  That risk varies with neighborhoods, width of roads, parked cars, etc.   No blanket approach speed that works for every situation.

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  • Mack Seagrave

    It's refreshing to see a department that knows how to get the job done quickly and correctly. Kudos to the Brothers depected in this video for a job well done!