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Raw video: Apartment fire in Merrillville, Indiana. Firefighter overcome after running out of air.

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Another video from Ed Malik. This one was today in at 320 W. 59th Avenue in Merrillville, Indiana. One firefighter, who apparently ran out of air, was treated by EMS.

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  • firefighthero

    OFFICER: "Whats up man"?
    FIREFIGHTER: "Ran out of air"
    OFFICER: "Oh"
    Cheez…thanks for being concerned. WTF

  • Matt

    Did anybody else notice that the Officer (chief?) didn't seem very concerned about the firefighter that ran out of air and was visibly in discomfort?  I know the officer has a lot going on as he is in command, but shouldn't he have at least delegated another person to look after him, start him on oxygen and get him out of his gear?  Instead he says "oh" and walks away….while the firefighter is puking and coughing.  
    The officer could have done a much better job in my opinion.  Not sure if anyone else picked up on this….

  • OyBoy

    AS HE'S ALSO HACKING UP HIS LUNGS……..and then leave him laying in the smoke……thanks for the help…..geez

  • Anonymous

    Ridiculous that no one even tried to help or check on their buddy who's obviously not doing that great. Not sure I would want to be on a shift with those guys.

  • Fire21

    Yeah the neglect was painfully obvious.  Nobody else paid him any attention either…nice teamwork!  Don't worry, no-one's got your back!!

  • Anonymous

    He's fine, just taking a blow. Nothing to see here people.

  • david

    where is the rehab team???

  • fyrecapt

    Out of air?? You can hear the air blowing freely from his mask and the FF turning off his regulator…If he was out of air, then there shouldnt be a hissing sound coming from the face piece. just saying.
    Maybe he just became exhausted from working hard and needed to come out and take a break.
    And as for the cops, yea they seemed more concerned about getting a medal for holding the ladder during the rescue

    • http://msn retiredin sc

      Good call FYRECAPT I missed that. Had to go back and look and listen ,he still had air. Or did he panick and ripe off his mask ??   As for the Officer in charge ?  WTF you take care of your own , the fire for the most part was out.So there is NO reason not to stay with him till EMS got there or put another person with the down FF and get so O2 on him ,and get him out of the smoke.

  • Anonymous

    Total FAILURE of the Officer to take care of his own!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Those are not rescues they assisted people down a ladder! Yeah way to look out for there brother that ran out of air

  • http://msn retiredin sc

    You know we are talking about the Officer in charge , what about his fellow FF and the police officers not taking any care of the " OUT OF AIR FF " ????  BROTHER HOOD ???

  • Anonymous

    I like the (lack of) hustle of the EMS crew as well.  Regardless of what the reason, no air, smoke, tired, or just sick, you have a FF down for petes sake!!   SOMEBODY at least pretend to care a little, eh? 

  • E1LT

    TAKE OFF THE SAFETY VESTS. If your not at a car accident, TAKE THEM OFF.  It will look really cool when they're melted to you.  They have a guy climbing up the ladder with a vest on and a pack over it.  Next this will become an NFPA requirement…. 

  • SFC

    How about wearing your S.C.B.A. during overhaul in 1st floor apartment.  Nothing like breathing in that toxic smoke.

  • Truckie 104

    AIR MANAGEMENT FOR THE FIRE SERVICE!   This video is llike the poster boy for this book.  READ IT! 

  • mark

    Well, the lack of giving a crap seems to have been covered. You'd think the cops would have at least pulled him out of the smoke. Or not, apparently.
    I'm with SFC, they have one guy hacking up his lungs, then these idiots are standing around doing overhaul not wearing masks, with a LOT of smoke still present. From about the 6:00 mark on.
    Maybe sucking down carcinogens is an initiation ritual there?

  • chris

    Pathetic excuse for “Brotherhood”……. Nice to know that my guys on my dept. really do have my back and won’t leave me laying in a yard hacking my lungs up!!!!

    And take those stupid vests off!!!!!!

  • Stoney

    We’re they going to put it out today or tomorrow????

  • fyrecapt

    retiredin sc: I agree with you. I watched this video several times and by the looks of it, it appears he panicked, riped his mask off and sucked in some smoke on his way out.
    If you were truley out of air, there would not be any residual air coming out-period!
    And from the previous poster, yes guys need to start reading about

  • ladderman

    Am i the only one that noticed the guy wearing a saftey traffic vest under his scba?  

  • http://yahoo Wind Storm

    I didn't hear his vibra(pak) alert indicating he was low on air. I did hear the purge valve. Maybe his face piece got knocked off. With that being said, it is obvious that he is distressed and no one seemed concern. A safety officer or EMT should have assisted him.

  • jack coleman

    Really, he ran out of air. I do not think this was the case. When you run out of air you will not hear air blowing out of your facepiece. Brotherhood, you must be joking. Did I miss the rescue on this video, I saw two people climbing down a ladder, I am sorry but that is not a rescue. This was a small fire, when did they get water on the fire?  Thanks for the video Dave. Stay safe.

  • hoosier

    You could see the concern about their fellow firefighter and the fire itself in the way they were "aggressively" walking around the scene aimlessly, I am with stoney, somebody pull another line and put that 1st floor fire out already, all the way not just half-ass.  Merrillville is a decent sized paid department, looks like some post incident hands on training is in order, like pulling hoselines and putting water on the fire.

  • pete mitchell

    nice safety vest, nice pat tag on the back of the ff helmet at 3:50 as he exits the building. a lot of good that does hanging back there. but then agian the white helmet has one back there as well. way to help out the ff that coughing up a lung. lets just ignore him. brotherhood?!?