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Raw video: House fire in Washburn, Illinois. Guns and hoses in action.

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A house fire from February 9 handled by the Washburn Fire Department in Marshall County, Illinois, with assistance from the Varna Fire Department and the Lacon-Sparland Fire Department. I don't know if he is also a firefighter, but it sure looks like a police officer pitching in to help extinguish this fire.

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  • East of I-57

    I am sure there will be the armchair QB's out there spreading their wisdom. Hell, I am one myself. A few thoughts. Looks like this fire was out in the middle of nowhere. Mutual aid coming from a long way and consisting of tankers/tenders. I have no problem with the attack on this fire from the outside. The important thing is they got water on this fire and actually did not burn the house down. In a perfect world, there would be enough manpower to properly ventilate and all of the other things. I will say they did what they could and the fire went out. Sometimes thats all we can do.

  • Barney Fife

    Maybe he is the County Fire Marshall, Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, and Cop.

    • dave statter

      Could be. Could be the homeowner for all I know.

  • Anonymous

    Take notice to the mailbox at this residence. Def the home of a Brother firefighter.

  • CLT FF

    To put the fire out, they need to go inside and extinguish it. Perhpas they lack in serious man power –  but the effective way is to go in and get it.

    • WFD49

      I agree with CLT FF!!! Get the F INSIDE!!!

      • WFD49

        You have packs for a reason. To allow you to get inside and get it. Burn your gear up

  • CLT FF

    Anyone else notice that the mailbox on the house is a ladder truck? 3:18 in the video

  • Sharppointy1

    Lots of thoughts:  I too noticed the mailbox and feel badly for the firefighter whose home has been damaged.
    I liked the teamwork of the woman in a safety coat backing up the police officer.  In rural areas, looks like everyone pitches in and helps – and gets the job done. 
    I, as a buff only, was impressed with the ability of these few people with trucked in water to attack the fire and do what looks to me like a pretty good job given their location and resources.
    Finally, I was struck by the stark beauty of the area.  I could live there!

  • Seasoned Vet

    Even if you only have 3 to fight the fire, 2 could take a line in and 1 could open the roof. At least try.

    • A Real Seasoned Vet…

      Yea. And God forbid something happens and there is no one for 20 minutes to assist in a Firefighter Rescue. Then you get to have a line of duty death funeral because they went in to save a total loss structure. You may be a Seasoned Vet but your not acting like one. Great Job by the people on scene to save what they could. Risk a lot to save a lot Risk a little to save a little. I would put a paycheck on you not being able to do so much with so few.

  • CaptHoCo

    Back to basics does it again. Put water on the fire anyway you can. It will go out. I love how these rural volunteer companies continue to do the job despite 1st, 2nd, 3rd arriving instruction manuals, RIC, command from the car, task force, multiple radio channels, etc… Our fire service needs to get back to basics. It happens like this all over the country everyday.

  • East of I-57

    Wshburn is in the middle of nowhere. To those who suggest that THREE people could effectively mount an interior attack in this house, I must respectively disagree. I work in fairly busy part of America and have been a fireman for a long time. I have seen videos on Dave's site of paid crews who have done less with more resources…and yes I am a proud IAFF member and not a volunteer.

    • 8truck

      I bet you can say you've seen three guys do better.

      • East of I-57

        I bet I could too. However, if you rarely run a fire and have differing levels of experience and capabilities, you do what you can. I am sure daytime volunteer response is very sketchy in most places. Overall, they did a good job.


    If that guy at the very beginning needs that much help getting his SCBA on, he probbaly shouldn't be wearing it in the first place.

  • scba272

    Did notice they attacked with a large line and monitor my hat is off, be proud of your efforts guys you did a great job.

  • wacshack

    Many are correct,this happens everyday in our GREAT COUNTY–USA. My heart goes out to the family. We are truly sliding to the KU way of doing business.
    Ponder me this ! Follow the money and you will find who is starting to control the US fire service–FEDS. I agree that we in the metro area do business in our own wayhowever,we as well would need to adjust our thoughts and ops if we did not have some degree.
    One point struck me–If you need help getting dressed/SCBA on perhaps you should not be wearing an SCBA. This is how folks get hurt.
    More $ from big brother = doing it brother's way. Look what is going on in SC,OSHA fine a dept for fireground ops and paperwork when a person was trapped–my understanding.
    I am not faulting the folks they were trying. Again,we in this area are blessed in resources and outstanding FF/PM's
    God Bless All & DCFD

  • gil

    East of I-57 so why dont you like volunteers? Or is it you are too good to do it for free?

  • Scooter

    Hats off to their water shuttle operation….. looks like they can move a lot of water quickly.  Rigs are set up right, tankers look like they are pretty good (other than side  dump had to be put on by hand and did not see a fast fill connecion on the rear)  however they could move water…. NOW GET INSIDE AND PUT THE FIRE OUT AND OPEN THE ROOF>>>>> Strike Da Box!  K

  • East of I-57

    Yo Gil, i think you better RE READ WHAT I POSTED. NO WHERE in either one says anything against volunteers. I am DEFENDING the firefighters in the video. Dont start trouble where there is none.

  • mark

    Have to say, this one is hard to MMQB or KIC. Looks like some serious editing and not seeing the conditions on arrival. Looks like they were fairly setup by the time the camera guygal showed up.
    It does seem a tad frustrating that everything was done from the outside, but without better video, maybe they were just too limited on manpower andor water. It takes a while to setup a good shuttle, usually.
    How about a compromise, 3 guys cut a hole or two, then go interior. Being POC or volunteer can really suck, because you might have to do numerous tasks: engine company, truck, water supplyEO, search, etc. You do what you have to with what you have. My chief probably wouldn't agree, but I would have no problem with 1 guy cutting a hole while the other 2 went interior. From what we can see.
    This looks a lot more productive than a recent video of a career department that burned down a house, had a white hat running around losing his helmet from an explosion and all sorts of other mistakes, shall we say?

  • anonymous

    1st part of above fire engine on scene but tender oepration has not started

  • Rudedawg

    It's good to see that the guys without hydrants use the correct hose sizes and devices for what they encounter on arrival. It is amazing that the videos on here that show departments with good water supplies using small handlines. The department with NO water supply uses large diameter hoses with less people, and they even create a good water supply with those limited people. As  far as the "officer" using the hose, who cares? He isn't just standing there doing nothing. For what they have and where they are; Damn good work.

  • Anonymous

    Let's go waaay back in time.  We've all seen pictures of the bucket brigades and how every man, woman, and child pitched in at a fire.  In many parts of rural America, especially in farm country, that is still the way.  When a farmer is out plowing and sees smoke, he drops his plow and heads in that direction.  Many others do the same hoping that somebody is getting a pumper and a tanker enroute.  Many of the people in the video might not have any training at all but are just trying to help out.  I think they did a great job with what they had. 

  • Anonymous

    The FF that had to be helped into his SCBA should not be there if he can not don the necessary ppe without help. He becomes a distraction and safety hazard. Several of you talk about limited manpower as part of the issue which maybe true, however, if the FF's who were there were wearing their PPE (IE the 2 spectators in the green jackets, and the others without SCBA) then maybe, just maybe they could have mounted an offensive attack. Yes, there was plenty of water available with the multi tanker operation, however the application and use of that water was horriable. There is dualing hose streams from the "A" and "C" sides, and water being sprayed on smoke. regardless of how much water you have unless you get it to the seat of the fire an apply it correctly the end result will be just what happened here…. A TOTAL LOSS! I could not agree more with the comments about getting back to the basics, that time has come. As far as the comment/suggest of having one "cut a hole"… are you for serious? This kind of thinking is why the LODD will continue to happen. No one had any business being on that roof trying to perform ventilation under these conditions with the manpower present. None of these FF's came dressed for the party and were battle ready. We have to STOP using the excuses for why we dont wear full PPE and come off the truck with tools ready to go to work, regardless of what rank. As far as the police goes, someone should have kindly ask the officer to put down the hose and go stand on the curb and be a spectator. If the role was reversed you would not see a FF at a police event and take the cops gun and join in the shoot out. This was a great example of wasting water, freelancing, and becoming part of the problem instead of the solution. Stop the high fiving and pretending like you did something good on this fire, start with learning how to don all your PPE and get back to Basic Training

  • news hound

    Middle of NO where….3 FF's in gear. They did what they could. Great H20 supply though! What more could they have done except open that roof early!! Not bad IMO

  • Anon

    The location is only about 25 miles from Peoria. Peoria probably could have had 2 fully trained crews there in 30 minutes.

    • FireHawk189

      Yea, because the City of Peoria can really afford to travel 30 miles out of town to attempt to make a good stop on this fire… Don't ya think 30 minutes into the game is a little far for a mutual aid company from Peoria?? They did a great job with what they had to work with, hats off brothers, hats off.

  • Fire21

    No building is worth a firefighter's life.  3 people in PPE do not make a viable team for entry.  When you cannot guarantee safety for the crew, and the building is unoccupied, you do what you can with what you have.  Outside attack was appropriate, and these guys did as well as they could.  Just wish the camera guy would have held still for at least a few seconds…my stomach is still queasy!!


    Despite the soldier needing help tying his shoes and getting his shirt tucked in, I say they did what they had to with what they had…..And TRUST ME, there's plenty of suburban departments (CAREER&VOLUNTEER) around this country with overwhelming amounts of manpower and cowardness, put this home in the basement aka rural basement fire….Not a great job, but a job well done with what they had!

  • Michael

    Interesting video.  These things can get wicked.

  • Noah Jendrey

    I took this video. We only had two fire fighters in town at that time when the call went out. Eventually more fire fighters came and showed up with more fire apparatus