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Raw video: Lehigh Acres, Florida house fire.

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This is from a video by IceFireGuy on YouTube taken during a fire on Friday afternoon at 2706 SW 13th Street in Lehigh Acres, Florida.


Firefighters say high winds made the fire burn faster.

"Since the fire was vented through the roof of the structure, in high wind days like today what that does is it actually pushes the fire through the attic space and it's exposed to the elements," said Battalion Chief John Wayne of the Lehigh Acres Fire Department. 

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Comments - Add Yours

  • capt

    Looks to me the only wind there is the wind from that fire pusher in the front door

  • Anonymous

    Wow that sucked…great tactics looks like it works real well!!!….FAIL

  • h dawg

    looks to me like a good positive pressure attack. i imagine minimal interior damage, aside from the obvious lack of a roof

  • 95%er

    Any chance of, now hear me out, this might be a stretch, but any chance of maybe, just maybe, going INSIDE and pulling some ceilings and maybe putting the water UP onto the fire and push it OUT of the dwelling instead of dumping it down INTO the dwelling.
    I know, I am such a dreamer.

  • Wagonpipe

    PPV at it's worst! Leave the fan on the truck and stop buying peoples houses down!


    Didn't Lehigh Acres take a turn in the barrel on here several months ago? Looks like not much has changed.  Gotta love the Batt Chief's name, though.  Maybe he should have a movie night for the boys.
    Bet they can handle an Automatic Fire Alarm with the best of them…lol

  • John Woods

    Watching bad firefighting is like watching bad football – It does not matter where the team is from or what league their in, its just irritates me when I see players blow the basics or can not execute a simple play or fail to make the right play because they are passive. Another similarity is that bad football teams and bad fire departments usually have bad coaches and play callers. Please do not misunderstand me – football is just a game and firefighting is a serious and sometimes a very dangerous profession, but what the two have in common is that the great teams / crews always practice the way they play (and to near perfection), they maintain disipline (even when things get tough), they put the right players in the right positions( and even weed out a few) and  good coaches prepare their players for not just the big game but for all the games!    – Sorry I rambled, guess it's time for another beer. 

  • Say what

    I don't really see the fan as the problem here, but rather just poor firefighting tactics. They needed to get in and get some ceiling opened up. But I do remember that this fire department has had a couple of pretty bad videos posted on here. I would suggest if your department keeps getting caught on video doing stupid stuff, maybe you should quit doing stupid stuff and start being firefighters instead of firewatchers.

  • Mack Seagrave

    Another home destroyed by improper firefighting procedures … BUT … At least they saved all of the window glass!

  • mark

    Dave, how is it you manage to find these types of videos just in time for MMQB sessions? Do you save them from the prior week and post them Sunday nightMonday AM?

  • Steve in NJ

    This guy has a lot of "Lehigh Acres" videos posted on his you tube site. Just a word of advice, if you suck at fighting fires, stop posting videos of your department.  When these guys don't have the wind to blame for their ineptitude, they bring their own portable gas powered wind.  Everyone cross Lehigh Acrres off your list of places to buy a winter home.